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The Pulse of Entertainment: Disney’s ‘McFarland, USA’ Starring Kevin Costner is Profoundly Inspiring

Disney’s McFarland, USA starring Kevin Costner is profoundly inspiring

Academy, Golden Globe and Emmy Award winner Kevin Costner stars in the Disney presentation of McFarland, USA.
Academy, Golden Globe and Emmy Award winner Kevin Costner stars in the Disney presentation of McFarland, USA.

*Academy Award winner Kevin Costner (The Bodyguard) takes on the real-life role of Coach Jim White in the Walt Disney presentation of McFarland, USA. White (Costner) is a former football coach who, after being fired from a former school, was hired by a predominantly Latino high school in a remote location in McFarland, California. The profoundly inspiring sports drama follows White as he sees cross-country racing potential in students who ran to school, then after school ran to the fields to work and then ran home – everyday. McFarland, USA is Rated PG and arrives in theaters February 20, 2015

“I read this story sometime ago. I was taken with the story,” Emmy Award winning Costner (Dancing with Wolves) said about why he took the role of a man who inspired and trained a group of young men to race their way to the State Championship for 24 years straight. “The movie came up… Niki Caro (director) asked me did I want to be in it – to play Jim. He is the best of the best. He let them know it was possible.”

McFarland, USA is based on a book of the experiences of Jim White written by Bettina Gilois and Christopher Cleveland, which took place in 1987. The Walt Disney/Mayheim Picture production is produced by Mark Ciardi and Gordon Gray, with screenplay by Gilois, Christopher Cleveland and Grant Thompson.

“He gave them goals,” Golden Globe Award winner Kevin Costner emphasized about how White inspired the young minds to believe that they could. “I was proud to play the essence of Jim White.”

“It’s very realistic,” Jim White said about the film based on his life. “I’m thrilled it happened, and who played me.”

Costner did an outstanding job with the role too. Along with Kevin (Waterworld) the cast of the cross country high school team included Carlos Pratts as Thomas Valles; Hector Duran as Johnny Sameniego; Sergio Avelar as Victor Puentes; Johnny Ortiz as Jose Cardenas, and the Diaz brothers Rafael Martinez as David Diaz, Rodrigo Ramirez as Danny Diaz and Michael Aguero as Damacio Diaz. McFarland, USA is executive produced by Mario Iscovich and Mary Martin, and directed by Niki Caro.

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The Bergman’s 7th Annual Valentine Romance Oscar Style Party was debonair as always

Chris McDonald ("Beware the Batman") is interviewed by The Pulse of Entertainment at the Bergman's Valentine Romance Oscar Style Party. (Photo credit: Eunice Moseley)atman") is interviewed by
Chris McDonald (“Beware the Batman”) is interviewed by The Pulse of Entertainment at the Bergman’s Valentine Romance Oscar Style Party. (Photo credit: Eunice Moseley)atman”) is interviewed by

*I was invited to Bergman Public Relation’s 7th Annual Valentine Romance Oscar Style Lounge & Party event at the renowned Fig & Olive restaurant on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood where her sponsors provided a day long stream of food, open bar, and vendors providing complementary items such as dresses, gowns, tuxedos, jewelry, shoes, watches, skin and hair care products, and hats. Former Oscar winners, nominees and other celebrity personalities came to enjoy it all. The event was debonair as always with Doris Bergman as an excellent and attentive host.

I had a chance to talk to Najee De-Tiege known for his role on Nickelodeon’s “Power Rangers: Super Samurai” as Blue Ranger. I asked him about upcoming projects, “I just got done with a movie, ‘Actor for Hire,’” he said to me. “It’s going to be coming out pretty soon…it’s a comedy.”

MDSUN was the major sponsor with Pura D’or as the event’s presenter. Its list of sponsors that provided the free items is almost endless, but some include Whirl A-Style, Suewong,  Hint Water Made Easy, GUESS, Offenbacher, Nitro Cream, Spongelle, Color Wow, and Tanus Designs.

“I got a big one, Zipper, that got picked up by Sundance. It’s about sex addiction,” said Chris McDonalds (“Beware the Batman,” “Boardwalk Empire”) when I questioned him about his upcoming projects. “Then The Squeeze a golf movie coming out in April about golf and gambling, and I have Texas Rising a great big mini-series movie that comes out in May.”

While at the Bergman’s 7th Annual Valentine Romance Oscar Style Lounge & Party event I also saw in attendance Elise Robertson from American Sniper, Celebrity Stylist George Blodwell (Eva Longoria, Bill Maher), and Emmy Award winner Eric Moltsof of “Days of Our Lives.”

(Syndicated Columnist: Eunice Moseley, has an estimated weekly readership of over ¼ million with The Pulse of Entertainment. She is also a Public Relations/Business consult at Freelance Associates, and Promotions Director (at-large) for The Baltimore Times. Her Event/”Uplifting Minds II”: The 16th annual “Uplifting Minds II” free entertainment conference Sat. April 18, 2015,  sponsored in part by Security Square Mall. Media sponsored are The Baltimore Times and,

Dr. Eunice Moseley
Eunice Moseley is a syndicated columnist of The Pulse of Entertainment, which has an estimated syndicated readership of 1/4 million a week. She is also a PR/Media & Promotions consultant at her firm Freelance Associates ( located in Baltimroe and Los Angeles, is the founder and coordiantor of the 'Uplifting Minds II' Entertainment Conference ( held annually in Baltimroe and Los Angeles, as well as, the Promotions Director (at-large) at The Baltimore Times.




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