Thursday, September 29, 2022

Amber Rose Mocks Kanye’s ‘30 Showers’ with Shot at Kim Kardashian


*Another shot has just been fired in the Amber Rose / Kanye West / Kim Kardashian / Khloe Kardashian drama.

Rose just addressed Kanye earlier comments against her by bringing up a certain moment that took place in his infamous wife’s sex tape with Ray J.

To recap, West went on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club this morning and said he had to clean himself of Rose, his ex-girlfriend, before Kim K would get intimate, saying, “I had to take 30 showers before I got with Kim.”

Well, Amber just clapped back. She tweeted: “Wait 30 Showers? But Kim let Ray J nut on her …. Never Mind.”

Amber followed that up with some look-what-she-made-me-do tweets:



  1. He shouldn’t have said anything about her, but Amber had better focus on these people trying to get custody of her son. She doesn’t need to provide the bullet, via her behavior in public, instagram and twitter.

  2. Kanye has a lot of dawn nerve. Kim is a walking CDC. To bad they don’t make vaccines for Kim’s T.H.O.T(itis). I just wish they would all disappear.

  3. Yo…..this bytch LOST!!!, & now?, is just in the…”bitter B” line. Chick should just STFU & go…..find another “sponsor”. Or better yet?, get a fkn JOB!!!!! TITMFB!

  4. Kanye will be used and disposed of by the Kartrashians!

    30 showers???? If anything he needed to seek medical help prior to sleeping with his wife!

    Kim has f*cked a HUGE number of men in sports, entertainment, and other industries!

    Kanye married a woman with waaaaaaaaaaaaay more mileage than Amber!

  5. All of them need to STFU. They have children, and this is the legacy they’re going to give them? Social media has made weaklings and fools out of anybody who uses it to go back and forth about plenty of nothing.

  6. Why are some of you mad at Amber? I would have came back at that nut too. He’s married to a hoe that showed her yeast infected spoiled fruit basket to the world. She also got pissed on and been ran thru like Bolt run thru ribbons. Only a black man with money would create a baby with someone like Kimhoe.

  7. I can’t breed this type of attention “but” what a great news and how did I get here owe now I have it I am simply lost so non important issue and I read it does this make me a dork, dweeb or dwab ? “uhm” nevermind I’m outta here !

  8. What does Amber do..I do know that she embraces moreso the black african side of her DNA, the lesser percentage of her dna..

    I don’t get it what is Amber Rose famous for?

    Kim is stank, just as stank as supra head, who says she’s not black..but from the US virgin islands, I know her family, she’s black all day long, especially in the US virgin islands..just becuz you wear blue contacts and bleach blond your hair don’t Change one’s DNA..

    Who was going to marry kim or kanye?..Nobody!!!! Both deserve each other as fame whores..

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