Friday, November 26, 2021

Russell Simmons: Geraldo Rivera is ‘Not Relevant’ (Watch)

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*Russell Simmons has responded to Geraldo Rivera.

During a “HuffPost Live” interview Tuesday, the Fox News correspondent blamed hip hop for keeping “black and brown people” under the thumb of racism.

“Hip-hop has done more damage to black and brown people than racism in the last 10 years,” Rivera said before naming Simmons directly. “I love Russell Simmons, he’s a dear friend of mine. I admire his business acumen. At some point, those guys have to cop to the fact that by encouraging this distinctive culture that is removed from the mainstream, they have encouraged people to be so different from the mainstream that they can’t participate other than, you know, the racks in the garment center and those entry-level jobs. And I lament it. I really do. I think that it has been very destructive culturally.”

Well, TMZ ambushed Simmons to get his reaction.

“He lost on ‘Apprentice.’ I can’t respect that,” he said, starting off. Among other things, he called Rivera “not relevant.”

Watch below…



  1. Geraldo was on the money! Very correct. I’m glad someone came out, and said it. Some people can’t handle the truth; Russell look in the mirror, your living proof! Money vs. Conscience! 🙁

    • No, if the ‘coconut’ had spoken ‘truth’ (as you see it) he wouldn’t be in denial like his white skinned brethren, who’d rather blame any and everything for Black folks woes, as opposed to fessing up to good ol’ racism. white folks are just as racially paranoid goes against your ‘white Jesus/savior complex’ fantasy that you’ve concocted for yourselves. The very idea that anyone knows that Like so many ‘people of color’ like himself, he wants acceptance from those who are more happy to use him as a mouthpiece, and then turn around and say ‘well, another person of color said it so it can’t be racism.’ I double dog dare his ratchet ass to go off on Bill O’Reily, Sean Hannity, or your master Rush Limbaugh, and see where he ends up. He won’t even think of going there because he knows the same white folks (Rupert and the good ol’ boys network Faux news) who put him up to say this crap will cut off his balls and drop kick him back to wherever he’s denying he came from. Do us all a favor and grow a pair and have a discussion on race and the reality of it in today’s society, as opposed to hiding behind your ‘religious liberty’ and ‘love for the constitution.’

  2. Way to grow a pair, Russ! .FK “him” & every OTHER irrelevant nosey asshole, trespassing ‘on this site, “THINKin” they’re penetrating & We:….GAF!!! TITMFB!

    • Unfortunately, due to your “English”, I’m truly unable to comprehend your stance? Are you in agreement with Russell, or Geraldo? You seem to be a product of this debate, my dear. Everyone is relevant, and truth is of major undeniable relevance! My community, my children, moral, ethics, my ancestors struggles, and my God! All relevant my dear. When my daughter graduates high school, she will not speak …..the way you speak, and write. Geraldo’s comments has only touched the surface. You really don’t want to initiate a controversial debate with me sir, as I will quickly eradicate your branded sense of brainwashing, and put you in a place of disparity!!! Quick a hurry.. Son!! Understand?

      • Ernie, you got it going on, and you get what’s going on – you will be heard above the noise; there are those of us (see yesterday’s post re: geraldo’s original statement calling Russell Simmons out for whatever reason) who get it like you do; you will see what we had to say and know who makes sense and who doesn’t and who gets it and who doesn’t – rap used to be delicious, couldn’t wait to hear who was next, but that was late’70’s – early ’90’s … then it went to southwest hell … kids today haven’t a clue … but they want to emulate what they see and repeat what they hear … and so many wind up locked up or shot up because they want to ’embrace’ the ‘culture’ … but you already know … preach on …

        • Absolutely, ! You get it too my friend! It’s a wonderful feeling to know that many of us have withstood the dillusion!! I’d rather be poor, and free, than rich & owned, with my riches on loan!

    • This is true, to a degree. Remember, influence is a major considering factor, in raising our children. We can instill positive ethic & moral into our youth; but often, global society is on guard, equipped to tear it down. A collective conscience and voice, is a thing of the past. One love.

  3. No more are the days of Queen Latifa’s Unity, Self Destruction, KRS ONE’S, AND MANY OTHER POSITIVE BROTHERS AND SISTERS, THAT INSTILLED A SENSE OF PRIDE AND PERSEVERANCE INTO MY 80’S-90’S GENERATION! Instead of “Who you calling a B****”, its…. I’m that B*”””!! I’m disgusted and outraged at the path our youth have been taken down, For the love of money. We were once a village, village of voices, who held “our” own accountable, by any means necessary!! Now…it’s eat or get eaten….by any means necessary!! Accountability and leadership is looked down upon; and considered a threat! Hands up for Geraldo, for recognizing and being frank, regarding the disparity of our people! Black & Brown people!!! I believe, he was not attacking the messenger, but rather the message!! Wake up!!—One!

    • Ernie, please keep preaching and teaching – I can only hope for absorption where it should go … and for the lesson in reality to be passed along, as it is so desperately needed – and unfortunately, not all followers of this post are familiar with Dr. West but they definitely need to be …

  4. I mean….dig that “fugitive” ‘on here tryin to “fish” in a pond winery there’s …no fkn WAWDAH!!!! So you knooooooow he ain’t …”GOT NO FKN FISH” ‘on his weakass “hook”. But hey…..”do yo thang”. Wah wah wah waaaaaah!

  5. Lol!! @Tau, precisely! 🙁 You have not a clue. Young person, self love is where it starts. Institutionalized self inflicted racism……is where it ends!!! One!! Study Dr. Cornel West, he’ll wake you up!

  6. The plan was for the black man to be subservient to the mainstream/white society. The ultimate goal to control his opportunities and his means of expressing himself.

    Hip hop affords the black man the opportunity to not be dependent on the mainstream and its controlling institutions. He can use it to express himself and forge his own economic independence. The influence of hip hop is everywhere, that’s why it’s so feared by the white man and his Uncle Tom. Geraldo refers to it as, “this distinctive culture that is removed from the mainstream”, but ironically, the mainstream seems to be the ones attracted to it. Here we are talking about Iggy Azalea and members of the mainstream who cannot get enough of hip hop, and use every opportunity to fleece off of it. Case in point, Fox, who Geraldo works for, now fleecing off of Hip Hop with its Empire series on TV.

    So what is the real aim of Geraldo’s criticism of Hip Hop?
    Is it the insecurity created by a culture which has the potential to spawn so many opportunities for the black man and the mainstream?

    • Technically, and historically speaking, Hip Hop rose to faim out of the many tenaments and ghettos of New York city (my home town); with many others to follow thereafter. Initially as a mechanism or tool, for urban, immigrant, and marginalized youth to voice their concerns; regarding racism, unequal educational opportunities, police brutality, dysfunctional family dispositions, political warfare, economic warfare, and chemical warfare in our communities (Drugs!!) What was once a great inspiring and uplifting tool, for, and to urban youth; has since turned into PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE, CREATING DILLUSIINAL SUICIDE!! THE MESSAGES OF ONE VILLAGE, ONE LOVE, POSITIVE PROSPERITY, AND PRIDE; HAS BEEN REPLACED BY GREED, MURDEROUS TACTICS, AND SELF HATRED PLOYS! In retrospect, the 70’s perpetrated a sense of pride, poverty was present, but cultural and moral appreciation was also prevalent, and not SACRAFICED!! HIP HOP, in a sense represented “musical therapy”; for the broken, who felt hopeless, and ignored.
      This once positive catalyst has now been infiltrated by the main stream; who now have evil intent of their own. Taking the most powerful tool, of marginalized peoples, and using it for their own negative promotions, and get rich schemes. Parallel to slavery, using the same divide and conquer techniques! Illusions of grandeur covered in blood!!
      Once the 90’s brought forth an increase in ethic, job prosperity, and ethnic pride, within our communities, we were awake! The mainstream considered our potential prosperity; as a threat to their overall scheme/mission. Rappers are now being paid top dollar to change their MESSAGES to self hate, riches by any means, suicide,…… And to sell their soul!! The trickle down effect, like any good business, is severely affecting our youth, the next generation. Even Stevie Wonder can see this! This was the plan. Lyrics and messages began changing in the late 90’s…….and overall…. So did our youth and communities. While we may have been marginalized, we had pride, and boundaries. They are no longer! Just like the slave catchers being paid, to catch and sell their own, same game, different technique! They are a tool being used, no more free than we are! They too are being blindly brainwashed! As I stated earlier don’t hate the messenger, hate the message! Always consider the tactics of the original source.– One! *****Remember old Peter Rabbit!!!!!*****

    • So glad to hear from a voice of reason. All this talk about how degrading hip hop is on our black youth is sickening. It reminds me of the black people that talked disparagingly about our gold medalist, Gabby (I’m not sure of her last name) when they went crazy over her hair. Like crabs in a barrel. The fact that the hip hop culture has actually liberated us in creating a universal language now used all over the world. The culture is world wide and is used in many TV sitcoms and commercials, all stemming from black men who decided to express themselves with rap. The culture has given voice to the black community.

      Of course there are black people who, like crabs in a barrel, continually bring us down because we don’t measure up to the standard set by white culture. When in fact the white community have embraced this phenomena, and ran with it. As you have stated, just look around, it’s everywhere. The black youth that are attracted to the negative aspect are trapped in their environment, and it’s not hip hop that has effected them as much as the system that keeps these young people trapped. Poorly educated, no parental guidance, and a environment designed for them to fell. It was refreshing to read your comment, and the only one that, to me, even began to touch on the value of such a phenomena for the black community.

  7. So could someone at least attempt to explain how hip-hop is “removed” from the mainstream and encourages people to be “different” from the mainstream, to the point that they are rendered incapable of participating in the mainstream, as Geraldo alluded to?

    The irony of the statement, is that all the evidence shows that the mainstream embraces hip-hop, in other words, the two are compatible, so hip-hop is most definitely not “removed” from the mainstream.
    So what is Geraldo talking about that makes any sense?

    If hip-hop was so “removed” from the mainstream, Geraldo’s parent network (Fox) would not be able to etch a television series which is breaking all types of rating records.

    Who do you think is watching Empire?
    Just black people?!

    If hip-hop was so “removed” from the mainstream, why would all these non black and non brown people like Iggy Azalea (and Vanilla Ice) be able to profit so handsomely off of it?

    If hip-hop was so “removed” from the mainstream, Russell Simmons and the likes of P Diddy, wouldn’t be able to become famous and wealthy off of hip-hop.
    Again, do you think that black dollars are the principal source of their wealth and fame?

    OK, so we have refuted Geraldo’s claim that hip-hop is removed from the mainstream and encourages people to be so different from the mainstream that they can’t participate.

    So again, some documented evidence to support this destructive effect of hip-hop on black and brown people.

    Any takers?

    Geraldo is the Hispanic equivalent of a Tom.
    Oh, someone needs the definition of a Tom?

    Tom: A black man who will do anything to stay in good standing with “the white man”.

    In case you didn’t noticed, Geraldo works for Fox, a white network whose news department is known for making unfounded and disparaging remarks about black people and our culture. Geraldo is just doing what he deems necessary to ensure his job security. He knows better.

    The question, do the black folks here agreeing with him knows any better, or are they allowing themselves to be hoodwinked by a known race peddler?

    • Reds, reading your last comment I feel that you must have read mind, it was in direct response to your first comment. I just forgot to address you by name. However, I’m so glad that you expressed you point so well, and completely inline with my statement. We, as black people, are our on worst enemy. If for some reason we don’t measure up to their standards, dictated by white culture, the something is wrong with our behavior. Sure there are those of us trapped in their environment, a system completely by design, to keep them from ever achieving. The few that make it out are accused of being dope dealers, are something that would diminish their intelligence. As in Bill O. Really, on Fake Fox News, accusing JZ of being a drug dealer and pimp. Which may be true. But just remember that this man came from an environment that was stacked against him and made it out, and became a millionaire. That to me says that this is a brilliant guy! Yet racist like Bill O Really choses to make him out to be a crook, instead of recognizing the obstacles he had to overcome to achieve success.

  8. The “truth” is…”again”….like I posted. Ppl who are attacking hip hop?, are either OLD ass detached boooooojee condesending disrespectful “nerds”, who wouldn’t/COULDN’T be “cool”, in a fkn …blizzard!!! Maliciously omitting the blatant systemic issues, b/c they were out of the fkn loop “back then”?, AND DEFinitely….now. And so they EMMULATE the ignorance of… “their lord & savior”…”jackass Geraldo”, & speak on WTF they simply don’t know OR care about. So again, “consider the fkn sources” of these disrespectful vicarious hating “POV’s”?, & remember…..either they are weakass self hating sambos, “stuck ‘on stupid AND Stockholm syndrome”!, or….”members of” the weakass threatened opposing BS agenda pushing side, only here to change the narrative & give the guilty that look like them….a scapegoat clause, in this FOS contract! Ps….just notice how muthafkahs like “them” NEVer include the “other parts/side” of the equation.SMH! Yo….anyone who stays away from something or someone?, is AFRAID “OF” that something/someone!! And in this scenario?, that something is…..the fkn “truth”. But then….what ELSE should we expect from such…..weakness? Ehh well….”cowards tadeh”. Wah wah wah waaaaah. DaFOH!

  9. And btw….the reason jackass Geraldo said what he said?, is b/c…it’s “code”, reverse psychology & transference. The REALITY is??….the “mainstream” is “changing” & IS…”HIP HOP”!!!!, less White, racist AND less ignorant!! Less ignorant to the history AND present day bigotry of ANYthang or anyone!!! (Not stating everyone would “pass their “S.A.T.’s”?, but…they know WTF is going ‘on!!) And so…GR’s labeling is actually a statement made & in need of …”reverse” interpretation. He & his “klan” are actually scared SHYTless, of the fast approaching future, where “they” are….the minority, & those who they have fkd over a this GD time?, out number & have power/control over “DEY” asses!!! Simply put…the mainstream ain’t “YT” no moe!!!! “BOOM” bytches!!! Ps….oh & just so we’re clear?, I don’t hate White ppl or any OTHER walks, creeds, POV’s or lifestyles! “I” hate…..anything or anyone maliciously avoiding the GD truth or who only looks at something from “one/their” side, simply b/c of “their” own weakass, selfish, advantageous goals, instead of discarding their spoiled immature ways, being a GD “adult”!!!!, “growing” & correcting the obvious errors of their narcisistic ways. In short, I hate…..racist, bigots, sexist, & all “other” weakass people, of ANY & EVERY fkn ethnicity. And FYI?…”YT” is my “code” for “systemic racist”, not “ALL” White ppl! Please understand dat dare!! TJBT!


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