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Pastor David Bullock Ready for ‘Pastors of Detroit’ on Oxygen Network

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*As the world premiere of “Preachers of Detroit” draws closer to its Friday, February 20 debut (at 8/7c) on television’s Oxygen Network, Pastor David Alexander Bullock, remains cool, calm, but excited about his feature role on the new reality show about Motor City ministers.

Joining Bullock as other featured cast members are Bishop Charles H. Ellis III, Bishop Corletta Vaughn, Bishop-Elect Clarence Langston, Pastor Don William Shelby Jr., evangelist and gospel recording artist Dorinda Clark- Cole, and Pastor Tim Alden.

According to Bullock, Preachers of Detroit, which he prefers to describe as a “docu-drama” versus a reality show, is in the franchise family of Preachers of L.A.  Unlike “Preachers of L.A.,” where the city of Los Angeles wasn’t prominently featured, per se, viewers of the Detroit franchise, said Bullock, will see a lot of the Motor City, up close and personal.

“The city of Detroit is highlighted; it’s a cast member,” said Bullock.  “The series will show the good and the bad.  I’m happy, however, that viewers will see a number of African American-owned restaurants and other types of Black-owned businesses in Detroit.   Viewers will also see our churches which are in the city.  Viewers will witness what the people of Detroit are battling every day, and how the Preachers of Detroit tackle our own lives, as well as tackle important issues to uplift our people and our city across many spectrums.”

Bullock was asked about drama or confrontational moments on the upcoming program, similar to what happens on most reality shows.

“I think that there will be tense moments, and maybe moments of confrontation because you can’t have reality of life without sometimes having tense and confrontational moments,” Bullock said.  “But regardless of what happens on Preachers of Detroit, ultimately, those moments will create an opportunity for the gospel and for great conversation, dialogue, and positive messages to shine through.”

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At 37 years old, Bullock is the youngest cast members, but those who know his work as an activist and change agent in Detroit and Highland Park, Mich., caution not to let his young age fool you.   As senior pastor of the Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church in Highland Park, an enclave with a population of 16,000 that’s almost surrounded by Detroit, the small city has gone through many tough times, even though it once was home to the world headquarters of Chrysler Corporation.

“My church is probably in the most depressed area when compared to the other ministers’ churches that will be a part of the series,” said Bullock.   “I serve a very, very poor community in Highland Park.  But, I’m social engaged and socially conscious.  I continue to pastor and preach in the Dr. King civil rights, social justice tradition.  Therefore, my ministry is both in the sanctuary and in the streets.  I’m in the pulpit and on the pavement of Highland Park and Detroit seeking change, demanding justice for my people.”

Over the past decade, Bullock has been seen with the bible in one hand and a bullhorn in the other, as he has led countless protests against poverty and injustice in metro Detroit.  He is the founder and national spokesperson for The Change Agent Consortium, a national coalition of individuals and organizations that seek civil rights and social justice for middle-to-low income people.

In Detroit, Bullock, over the past few years, has been an outspoken, action-driven leader that has confronted such issues as the takeover of Detroit by an emergency manager, the attempt to suppress black voting rights in the city, the comeback of Detroit that seems not to include African Americans in many sectors, and more.  He has been interviewed by MSNBC’s Ed Shultz and Rachel Maddow, respectively.

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Born in Boston, raised in Detroit, Bullock has always known pastors that could preach, but also had social platforms to help elevate the black church and black community.  His father is the Rev. Dr.  Samuel H. Bullock, Jr., longtime senior pastor of Bethany Baptist Church on Detroit’s west side.   Additionally, both of David Bullock’s grandfathers were pastors, as well as a nephew, and younger brother.

According to Bullock, he (David Bullock) was called to preach at the age of 14.  When he was 16, he was a freshman at the storied Morehouse College, where he graduated at the age of 19 with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy.  He went on to earn a master’s degree in philosophy from Wayne State University in Detroit.  He was an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago and was working on a Ph.D. when he answered the call in 2005 to preach and serve as senior pastor of Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church.

On what he wants viewers to take away from Preachers of Detroit.  ”Fundamentally, I want viewers to enjoy Preachers of Detroit, because it will be entertaining,” said Bullock, who is single.  “I want viewers to connect with us, but the show is not a bible study.  I want people to think, be impacted and ask questions about their own Christian walk of faith with God.  I want people to laugh with us and cry with us.  Pick a side and tweak about the show, because there is diversity among the ministers that will include two females and a white minister.”

Bullock concluded.  “This will be one of the better examples of good, clean entertainment for the entire family to watch together,” he said.  “I want viewers to see us as real humans, complete with our flaws, but still love God and compelled to do ministry in the streets of Detroit.”


Pastor David Bullock Ready for ‘Pastors of Detroit’ on Oxygen Network



  1. Pastor Bullock I love your passion for ministry. God Bless you and continue to shower you with Hos Wisdom. Love you much

  2. I believe pastor bullock proved he’s all talk, a preacher who knows the camera is on him and uses it to try and belittle other preachers, So pastor bullock why don’t you just forget about the TV show go out on your own and save Detroit and let see how well you do by yourself. Take off the gold jacket and let’s see what you got mouth.

  3. He’s right. Pastors speaking from behind their mansion walls to prople who have no idea where their next meal will come from. Nowhere in the bible does it say that your 10% has to be in currency. When the bible was written money didn’t even exist. People traded goods and services to get the things they needed. What if I can’t afford to give 10% of my earnings? Why cant my 10% be volunteering 10% of my time to those who are less fortunate than I am? We are told if you we don’t think, act, or believe the same as everybody else then we are some how not the norm, and truth be told I am ok with that.

    • Now that’s REAL talk. Such an excellent point. He is arrogant and condescending but he is out in the streets and front lines (more so then any others thus far that I seen). Your right, the bible talks about prosperity, but doesn’t have to be prospering in money. There can have wealth and prosperity and many different ways. That’s what the bible is talking about. Not tithing 10%

  4. Out of all the preachers on both shows, i believe that pastor bullock is the only one with the tenacity to walk the walk. The heck with him being in a cigar bar. I have a problem in 2015 with african american woman who by the way make up almost 80% of churches talk about they would not vote for a woman president or that they are okay with being a hand maiden or servant. Duh…. those statements take us back over 100 years. does not matter what church you are affiliated with, God says beloved above all things be in good health and prosper. How in the heck are you going to prosper being a handmaiden or servant. Now back to Bullock, he may be a bit loud and over bearing but at least he is doing the lords work feeding the hunger and advocating for the disadvantaged.
    How many people could be feed, clothed and housed by those bentlys? how many people could be feed, clothed and housed by those fancy houses? Yes, it says that Jesus’ jailers casted lots for his clothing so he may have had on his sunday best. But you preachers have on your sunday best every day and dont mind flaunting it in the very people’s faces you are supposed to be shepherding. All of you have some explaining to do on judgment day. I am not judging but in a bankrupt city how dare you think it is okay to drive a bently when one of you own was walking 21 miles a day just to get to a 10 dollar and hour job. How was it that none of you all knew of this man walking?
    Every man and woman of God in the country has work to do. some of you couldn’t pray your way out of paper bag. AND FORGET ABOUT HEALING. but as the old sentiment goes if you cant dazzle them with brilliance you baffle them with the BS

  5. Pastor Bullock, you are my hero. I am in full agreement with your questioning the pastor about purchasing Bentleys, Escalades and mansions while “preaching” to people who are hungry, homeless and jobless. Too, many of the people in Detroit can’t afford to purchase life dependent medications. Yet, these bling-bling counterfeit preachers think it is okay to live their lives in luxury at the expense of congregations full of people living in misery.

  6. I am tired of it just being about the “black” church “black” community. God doesnt see color and neither should his message carriers….

  7. So I just began watching the series and Pastor Bullock I have to say I am impressed keep calling them out if I remember correctly Jesus rode into Jersulem on an Ass not in an Aston Martin

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