Thursday, October 21, 2021

Clavell Jackson: Four Reasons Why Elizabeth Warren Won’t Run in 2016

elizabeth warren

*I am getting tired of seeing polls and articles urging Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) to run for president. Her populist tones and criticism of Wall Street have caught the attention of progressives, who see her as a viable alternative to Hillary Clinton. But liberals need to get off the draft Warren band wagon. Warren is not running and people on the left are better off putting their time and energy into backing a candidate who actually has a chance of winning the White House.

Here are four reasons why Warren won’t be the Democratic presidential nominee in 2016.

  • She lacks political experience. Although Warren has an impressive background as a bankruptcy professor at Harvard and working with the Toxic Asset Relief Program (TARP) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, she has little experience in elected politics. The Senate seat was the first political race she has ever run. She barely has one term in Congress’s upper chamber, and I don’t how well she would fare in the pressure cooker of a presidential race.
  • She lacks foreign policy experience. There is no doubting Warren’s experience in finance, but what does she know about international affairs? Most of her public comments have been about how the economy and political system are stacked against working Americans. That’s sounds good to most Americans, but I haven’t heard her talk about terrorism, ISIS or the myriad of other foreign policy issues facing the country. Even now, she serves on committees that deal with domestic issues. I think it would be safe to say international relations are not her forte.
  • She doesn’t want to run. Warren has repeatedly said she is not interested in running for president and I’m taking her at her word. Until she turns around and announces her campaign, all talk of her running is conjecture and can’t be taken seriously.
  • She has important work to do in the Senate. If Warren were to launch a campaign, could she also focus on the important issues she is talking about, such as student loan rates and banking reforms? The only other senator who has talked about issues affecting working families is Sen. Bernie Sanders, and he is also being mentioned as a potential candidate, although he is even more of an outside choice. Warren needs to be in the Senate fighting for American families. Although, I don’t know how much legislation she could get passed in a Republican-controlled Congress.


I like Elizabeth Warren and I think she might be a great candidate — sometime in the future. But until she throws her hat in the ring, I prefer to work within the system with a candidate who supports my issues. If Hillary is the eventual candidate, I will campaign for her and try to force her to address issues that progressive feel are important. Warren might seem like the perfect liberal candidate, but if she isn’t actually running, it’s all pie in the sky.

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  1. Sorry, this article is short the main reason: The Democratic party bosses decided long ago, it would be Clinton in 2016; just as the Republicans decided on Jeb Bush…it’s to be a War of Brand Names instead of issues.


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