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Geraldo Rivera Says Hip Hop is Worse for Blacks Than Racism; Blames Russell Simmons (Watch)


*Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera took aim at rap culture during a half-hour Q&A on his stint with NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice.”

“Hip-hop has done more damage to black and brown people than racism in the last 10 years,” Rivera said during a chat with HuffPost Live host Josh Zepps. “When you find the youngster — a Puerto Rican from the South Bronx or a black kid from Harlem who has succeeded in life other than being the one-tenth of one-tenth of one percent that make it in the music business — that’s been a success in life walking around with his pants around his ass and with visible tattoos…it is this whole ethos,” he said.

And with no prompting, Rivera then singled out Def Jam records co-founder Russell Simmons.

“I love Russell Simmons, he’s a dear friend of mine. I admire his business acumen,” Rivera noted. “At some point, those guys have to cop to the fact that by encouraging this distinctive culture that is removed from the mainstream, they have encouraged people to be so different from the mainstream that they can’t participate other than, you know, the racks in the garment center and those entry-level jobs. And I lament it. I really do. I think that it has been very destructive culturally.”

Rivera and Simmons have a bit of history. The long-time friends hit a rough patch in 2012 when Rivera declared on Fox News that the late Trayvon Martin had made himself a target by wearing a hooded sweatshirt and appearing “gangsta.” Rivera later apologized, but it wasn’t enough for Simmons, who responded, “Geraldo, your apology is bull—! Your apology is nothing but a defense of a racist, backward thing you already said.”

Watch Rivera’s latest hip hop comments below.



  1. The fallacy of African American assimilation is what is damaging to black and brown people.
    “All dressed up with no where to go”” is the reality of black and brown people attempting to fit into a hostile environment. Rap music, hip hop culture is self determination. Crime and immorality belongs to America as a whole. Rap and Hip Hop are convenient scapegoats for mainstream American immorality.

    Hip Hop Nation
    Cheryl L. Theriot

  2. Why do we (African Americans) have such a hard time accepting that what we do to ourselves result in what we see now! Geraldo hit the nail on the head on this subject: It hurts, but its the truth nevertheless. At some point we are going to have to stop blaming the “Master”, and go back to living like blacks did in the 60’s WITH PRIDE, even when they had nothing else, they kept it together, dressed well, combed their hair, didn’t call each other bitches and ho’s, or degrade the entire culture (like HIP HOP and RAP Music does!)

  3. Again with the…..guilty, BS transference of a malicious….racist. Never including in their FOS analysis, that “THE SYSTEM in which these hip hop artist “HAVE” to operate in?, FORCES THEM to make the negative music they do, to “get ‘on”! Otherwise?, they’re “shelved” for the duration of their contracts. And when they DO put “positive product” ‘on the corner?, the companies NEVER!!! PROMOTE that product, b/c it contradicts “their” destructive agenda!!! Add that to the systematic economic attack the neighborhoods of these artist come from, as “We The People” pay the SAME fkn taxes, but get far LESS for “Our” money, & end up “paying to be MURDERED” by the very muthafkahs who are “supposed to be “PROTECTING US”!!!??? STFU “Geraldo”!!!! And not all hip hop is bad, nor are the artist who make it!! CIP?….on another page on this very website “TODAY”!!!!!, Talib K. Is said to have given “100,000.00” of HIS OWN MONEY!!!!!, to the city of Ferguson Mo., by way of scholarships for the students in that city!. Now…..will “THIS” shyt hit the web/media n shyt like say…..what stupid ass shyt C. Breezy, Weezy or KANYE does!!??? HaaaaaaaayilFKNnaaaaaaaw!!!!! But!???, these “positive hip hop artist “DO” exist!!!! But ask yourself this….”WTF was the last time you heard a TK track, ‘on the air/in rotation!!?? GD right!!…..a LONG fkn time ago, “that’s” when!!!! And finally?…..WTF do we even “consider” the “opinion” of this or ANY flip floppin disrespectful racist asshole like “this” muthafkah, who couldn’t even respect “T.Martin” when he was killed, & basically BLAMED “TRAYVON”!!!, for getting killed, b/c he had a fkn “hoody” ‘on”!!??? PGTMFK!!!!!!OHWTBS!!!!! Plus….this BYTchass doesn’t even “listen” to hip hop, he’s just going by the stereotypes OF the genre, created by OTHER detached racist bytches like …him. So….FK GR & his “opinion”, & any OTHER DKWTFTTA asshole, who wants to “defend” GR’s BS….POV! “BOOM” bytches!!! DaFOH!

  4. Simply put…..”attacking ourselves” WASN’T/ISN’T “Our” idea, it’s the muthafkahs who are NEVER “Us”, but always proclaim to be “experts ‘ON….Us”!!! So they can EAD!!! And show me ONE fkn group of people put through more systemic racist BS!!!! You simply can NOT!!!! And any other group?, wouldn’t even STILL BE HERE!!!!! So again….FK GR & every OTHER racist, with a fkn “opinion” of….”Us”! All Day!!!

  5. Ps….& the ALSO goes for the ass lickin SAMBOS as well, who just cain’t WAIT!!!, to take a bullet fuh….massah!! FK you TOO, …”Wilona”!!! Chuuuuuuch!

  6. I take issue with Mr. Geraldo depiction of the hip hop culture. First of all, hip hop culture has been excepted world wide, and has given us a universal language. Unfortunately, white older men and some self-loathing blacks can’t see the forest for the trees. Thank goodness the younger generation has used it to communicate with the world, and united people of all colors. Yes, just look at TV commercials, and all the trendy shows, they use terms exclusive to the hip hop culture. No one is blaming the “Master” as Telitikitis tried to explain in her depiction of the hip hop culture. Nobody wants to go back to the 60’s either. The days of prime and proper blacks are gone, and good riddance. Unfortunately, people like Geraldo and Telitlikitis don’t understand the culture, and read into it from their old antiquated mindsets. The words that are used in rap music don’t mean the same thing as when we were young, yes, Geraldo and I are the same age. Like blacks have always tried to be manicured for the white man, as in the 60’s, and it got us nothing. That’s because the playing field has never been level, and that has nothing to do with the hip hop culture. In fact, as the culture has evolved, from twenty five to thirty years ago, things have changed for the black man, and for the better. If Geraldo and Telitlikitis haven’t noticed, black people are depicted on TV and in commercials as they are, and not like we had to be in the 60’s when black people had to adhered to a certain standard, prime and proper, to appease a white audience, always trying to fit in for approval. Well now, thanks to the hip hop culture blacks are excepted as they are.

    • Yo…..’on point as ALways, homie!! It STILL just BMFM, how these idiots go unchallenged, UNvetted, Unchecked & UN “COUNTERED”!! But then….how else/WHAT else should we expect from …the guilty, the dumb & the STUpid!?? They cheat?, & STILL don’t/CAN’T!!……”pass the dam test”.

  7. I can’t say I agree that rap does more damage than racism; what I can say that the rap culture shifted, it worsened with the introduction of ‘gangsta’ rap – it’s unfortunate that it appeals mostly to impressionable youth who in most cases do not have appropriate parental guidance – some youth who listen to today’s rap do not necessarily fall into the image projected in the videos; not all of them wear grills or their pants below their butts, which is stupidity, but those who do fall into that image, unfortunately, give white America exactly what they’re looking for, to stereotype – lack of parental guidance is largely to blame; we have to raise our children to live as leaders instead of leaving them to abandon to become followers – it’s progressed to a point where, sadly, it’s easy to label them as a lost generation because of the laçk of morality present in today’s rap culture – I wish I had a solution for a turnaround; I say it’s parental guidance and positive role models that are necessary to shape our youth into functional and productive members of society and I wouldn’t expect them to get very much of that from today’s rap culture …

    • rj, sorry but you are buying into the white stereo type that you believe is causing our youth to be who they are. Well, no, it’s the playing field…it has never been level and as a result our youth have been subject to the unfair standard that has been placed upon them. Unfortunately for you, as in many other blacks, who holds the white man’s standard on high, forget the reason our youth are in the predicament their in. It has nothing to do with gangster rip, or the hip hop culture, but everything to do with the imbalance of a system geared against us. As I stated before the hip hop culture has done wonders for the black community. Including voting in our first black president. Just think back to when the hip hop culture started, approximately twenty to thirty years ago. Kids and young adults, between the ages of twelve and twenty embraced rap music, the hip hop culture. Well those kids and young adults, some twenty five years later, they are the people that voted for our first black president. There’s a universal language that did not exist before the hip hop culture.

      • It’s the negative connotations within the music that is a CONTRIBUTING factor to what is happening within our culture as we see and know it today. I agree with Rivera but NOT wholeheartedly as there are many other contributing factors relating to the demise of black people.

        I work with Jail & Prison ministries (and professional, in the legal industry) as well as outreach ministries in a major city with a very high murder crime and an extremely large black jail and prison population. In conversing with young men and even some older who are incarcerated or “just chillin’ in the streets with nothing to do and no where to go”, they convey that they want to be like “those” people in the hip-hop and rap world…not because of their their intellect, education, business sense or any other possible positive attribute that they “may” have but rather, these young men gravitate to the negative aspects of hip-hop and rap….b*tches and hos, guns, killing, fast money and ultimately death to which, we try to get to them before death.

      • Mr. Cook, go back and read my post again, carefully this time … then read both posts by Dee … then read both posts by NYCsoul … Larry Buford and ladyelle both get it also- you will notice a running theme, very similar – young people are very impressional, and without proper guidance, some of them wind up in some pretty negative circumstances because they do emulate what they see, and if they don’t have balance, then you get what we have now, too many of our young Black men locked up or dead at the hands of another young Black man – I respect an individual’s right to opinion, but I gotta tell you there is nothing white about the world I live in, nor will it ever be; I am a direct descendent of people who represented the original Civil Rights struggle, the real one – my parents grew up on either side of The Rev. Shuttlesworth; my parents and grandparents marched on either side of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., meaning, my DNA will not allow anything white into my world, and this is not about me, but I will always be Black, never was colored, never will be African American – I was raised to be an educated person and not to dumb down to fit in, so you will not get a ‘ dis, dat, deese an’ dose’ out of my mouth, ever, because that’s what white America wants us to sound like – try not to get caught up in some of the flaming ‘rhetoric’ you see on a lot of these posts; it’s so easy to talk real loud and say nothing – also respect that everyone is entitled to opinion, and accept it or not but there is validity in the comment from tellitlikeitis – we know how the system is set up in this country; Black people were never supposed to see a million dollar balance; now we have Black billionaires – our children still don’t have the better educational tools offered to white children, and don’t get me started about how much your beloved hip-hop gangsta rappers from today are off the mark in what they could be doing to put the right kind of message out there, as they know a lot of our youth emulate them, know and recite their every word – as I said before, some can listen to it and still keep their heads on straight, but so many of them do not and the statistics cannot be refuted; the rap culture today is not what it once was, and it takes maturity in order to discern, too many of our youth buy into it for the wrong reasons, and again, without proper guidance, statistics show the end result ain’t pretty – and I don’t give a tinker’s damn about Geraldo or what he has to say; he speaks nothing over my life or the experience of any other Black person … read those aforementioned posts again; start with mine, and when you’re done you will have more clarity; I and those I mentioned spoke the truth, that’s the running theme …

  8. I’m sorry… isn’t this the same piece of sh*t that said blacks should not wear hoodies? WTH?

    How would Geraldo Rivera know ANYTHING about the uplifting or downfall of blacks?

    Why would anyone of color care what Geraldo thinks?

  9. That’s right.. Taurisingr… Why the hell are we listening to a white man regarding HipHop anyway~ What the hell does he know.. And not all hiphop and rap are bad.. and MUSIC does not influence a person to do anything! That’s like saying books, movies… influence.. (however they do seem to have influenced some stupid azz crazy white person) but u cant blame entertainment on ones actions. And whats soo funny is.. .these MFers are always putting our music down.. but look at these whites ,Asians and Mexican peeps lovin it~ AND THE ONLY PEEPS THAT CAUSED RACISM IS THOSE MF ing crackers!
    Please EURWEB… I know u need to add articles but leave the white opinion, criticizing shtzz off… Let TMZ or racist azz FOX report that shtzzz! Not to mention that MFer GR is racist.. I wonder who made him that way… American ME… Enrique Iglesias! Stupid AZZ!

    • Hey C…..”yuh know?…..yuh KNOW!!!???? (Said like Cuba in “J. Mc”!) Good lookin ‘on the co-sign, man! SSMDH!

  10. Lastly…/notice the BS of this too!!…..when hip hop “was” positive/educating the masses etc…?, these SAME muthafkahs had “issue” with it then, TOO!!! So…the reeeeeeal “issue” is?…..they’re FOS & didn’t, ….don’t!?…..& NEVER WILL GAF about Us or….the music We listen to. And..hip hop is no different or no “more” moessagenistic, than any OTHER form of..entertainment. YT just “conveniently” cherry picks it out, to attempt to cover up “YT’s” guilt, actions of CREATING the negative shyt, they know sooner or later, they a WILL…..”pay for”!!! TITMFB!!

  11. I’m sayin…we should just cover this bytch’s head with a “HOODY”!!, & beat the SHYT outta him, with erry fkn bat in the….NBL!!! StrrrrrRAIGHT up!!!

  12. Hispanic Catholic….”JEW”!!?? SMDH! This mofo don’t even know which way HIS “OWN” wind blows!!! Fkn….MUTT!!!

  13. I’m sorry but….I can’t …..I can’t!!!!! But for though?…..observe the “arrogance IN the detachment” from Our culture!!!! Niether Josh OR this maggot midget are AA’s OR “fans” of hip hop!! And yet!!!, they SIT there discussing “Our” shyt, WITHOUT “ONE”!!! of “Us” there to counter/correct/set these dizzy muthafkahs straight!!! Like…”FK “Us”, “We”ll answer forrrrrrr yall/”We” know yall better than YALL know yourSELVES!! Sigh! But…”that’s” only b/c they reeeeally “DON’T” want “the truth of the matter”, they want (as always!!)…”HIStory”, not..”Our’s” or anyone ELSE’s!! And see…’s blatant insensitive condescending racist BS like this?, that rejuvenates & perpetuates!!!, the very thang, they “saaaaaaaay” …their “not” guilty of &…”doesn’t” exist. “The Ultimate Insult To Our Intelligence”!! “Experts” my ASS!!!, Unless the “expertise” is…..denial & “BS”!!!! TJBT!

  14. Dee that’s dumb.. how about blaming their circumstance.. instead of blaming certain rap songs or rappers.. I have two boyz.. they hear, they see the videos- internet and TV.. but I instill values and let them know about street life and where they will end up if they attempt to emulate that life style. Both of my boyz are on honor rolls. And they still listen to rap..I still feel u cannot blame an act of entertainment as a reason for the demise (as you put it) of black men. How about we teach our young men and young women to stay and raise their boyz with morals and consequences.. ..instead of placing the blame on an HipHop or Rap artist. Lets teach them success and the values of being a man or women all while listening to rap! I hate that our own agrees w/ racist whites. Music is not the problem!

    • Most of the men I deal with DON’T or DIDN’T have a father figure in their. Kudos to you and your “boyz”. Our people don’t even speak “English” when trying to go get a job. Admittedly, there is SOME good rap and hip hop music out three (albeit far few and in between). I didn’t say that it’s about “blaming” rappers and/or their songs but they have to be accountable for their actions just as well as the person whose in a gang and picks up a gun and shoots in retaliation or for whatever reason it may be that eventually sets them before judge and jury, and ultimately in jail. There are consequences to our actions and it cannot be denied the rap and hip hop is a contributing factor to the demise of our people and communities. My statement is the end result of getting it from the horses mouth (and that is the brothers on streets and the ones incarcerated). I don’t think one can do much better than that when explaining the end results of such vulgar negativity.

      • Dee, thank you for speaking on this. Unfortunately, we have lost the creed of ‘that it takes a village to raise a child’ somewhere in decades of mainstream assimiliation. It’s all about the individual and our children are poorer for it.

  15. I have no love for Geraldo Rivera and saying Rap is worse than racism is totally inflammatory. However, I’m glad he brought up the fact that some aspects of this music and lifestyle DOES influence our young. To try to deny that is detrimental to our people (that some of us CLAIM to love) and hinders any progress that we are trying to make.

    Not all young people have stable homes or close knit families. A lot of these young kids do look up these rappers and aspire to be like them. Why can’t there be an honest discourse about this without it degenerating to name calling? We need to be critical thinkers and some of us find it much easier to regurgitate the same spiel that this ‘just entertainment’. That’s what the actors in black exploitation movie genre said back in the 70s yet, most of these ‘gangsta’ rappers idolized and often quote from these same movies. We need to understand that the social lives of black people are connected to the music, whether we want to admit or not. If look through the decades of black history, clearly the music has always played a big part in social as well as the political (the late 60s and early 70s) in black lives.

    If all of this was just ‘entertainment’, why do other people still have the same derogatory and denigrating ideas about blacks? Where do they get their ideas from? People think that hip hop culture is the totality of what blacks are about in this country and that does us a terrible disservice. Especially our children. That’s not fair to our children that if they chose to speak ‘properly’ or get good grades in school, that they are automatically trying to be ‘white’. It’s like saying that there is something wrong with being intelligent. Since when does being from the street make a person ‘blacker’ than someone who is not? What makes a black person ‘self-hating’ because they don’t like rap/hip hop or have criticisms about the genre? I use to listen to rap music until the last 20 plus years. It’s hard to support the music that seems to have gone backwards, with the constant barrage of b’s, h’s and n’s, bragging about drug slinging and all other negative things. As much of these rappers tote about ‘keeping it real’, they themselves are trying to aspire to live the so-called ‘glamorous life’, just like yt, apart from their supporters. But I notice rappers don’t get attacked for being ‘less than black’ for their money aspirations but others, like myself, who see the blatant contradictions and hypocrisy are accused of being self-hating. SMDH.

    We need to be able to distinguish constructive criticism from inflammatory rhetoric. Until we do that, we will continue to muddled by people like Geraldo Rivera, who throw out a lot of provocative and unsubstantiated comments to get attention and ratings.

    • @NYCsoul: You have raised several good points! It pisses me off that other races can categorize Blacks! They typically use a broad brush…

      Not all blacks like Hip Hop. To some the use of derogatory language, offensive terms, etc. is a deal breaker! Whites have hard rock! Whites who listen to hard rock are not used to condemn the entire race. It is accepted that SOME like it! No broad brush used for them!

      Question you asked: why do other people still have the same derogatory and denigrating ideas about blacks?

      Answer: BECAUSE THEY CAN!!! This country has allowed ANYBODY who wants… to disrespect our President (NEVER in history has this happened)! What does that tell you?

      You had some very interesting points!

      Critical thinking would allow for blacks to strategize and play the political game like a chess match!

  16. Music is a matter of preference. When you think of some of the old R&B artists whose lives were destroyed by drugs or some form of violence, and the Hip-Hop culture of today, there really isn’t much difference except that it is more glamorized in this generation. Guns and drugs are more accessible. Does the end justify the means? In anything we do when we think too highly of ourselves than we really are, we are setting ourselves up for failure. There’s too much emphasis on ‘entertainment’ whether it be on a ball court or at a concert, we crave amusement. Just like when a new tech product is released…people line up all day and night just to be the first ones to have the latest new thing. There’s no moderation. Our culture clamors for instant gratification. Children learn more by watching what their parents do. As long as there is a demand for drugs, guns and ‘trashy music’ someone will supply it. Has anyone mentored a child lately? There are many mentoring programs out there that are truly making a difference in young peoples’ lives. Proverbs says, the way of a man may seem right, but the end thereof is death (physically or spiritually).

    • @Larry: Deep! I appreciate your comments! My hubby mentors young men! I work with young ladies! It is very challenging for our youth today!!!

    • Larry, yes, a lot of old school artists lives were destroyed by drugs and violence but their lives served as a lesson as of what not to become. There was more a balance back then. You had the black stone rangers, for instance, but then there was Martin, Malcolm, NAACP and the Black . There was a balance in our communities despite the oppression and racism that we suffered. That’s not what’s happening here. We have a mainstream culture that dumb itself down and it has trickled down into our community. Parents now have to compete with all those tech products and social media. Not to mention, they are restricted in how they discipline their children. It is not easy raising a child in this era. So I credit the parents because there is only so much they can do when the culture is against parenting.

  17. What’s really sad is…..people just don’t realize the power of….”conditioning”. And would rather CONTINUE!!! to attack their own, rather than admit or even considerrrrrrrr!!!, the systemic BS their own people are out through, ‘on a regular DAILY!!, fkn basis. Now….in NO way am I excusing the “cultural termites” of Our pol, ok!?? But….”this” shyt???, is BS!!!!, & GR ain’t eeeeeevn the one to talk about ANYthang, let alone….”Us”!!! And…:it’s EQUUALLY as sad?, that some mofos can’t separate their personally feelings about something/someone/their own, from the subject at hand, & actually “AID the enemies of their own ppl”!!!, with their detached, bigoted condescending IGniorance of…..”their own ppl”. But hey…..”do yo thang”.

  18. there is not one Black person in existence on the planet Earth who can afford to think ignorance, to speak ignorance, to emulate ignorance, lest we play into the white man’s hands – we don’t have to wonder what Dr. King or Malcolm X or Medgar Evers would have to say about today’s rap/hip-hop culture, you already know; you know what they stood for …

  19. And …”true ignorance”?, is to be in denial or oblivious to the systemic conditioning that not only creates the contamination of this art, but simultaneously makes Us attack each other “aBOUT”….it! And so….we blame each other, while the actual guilty party?, LTFAO & remains blameLESS & gets away with ….clean hands. SMDH! Again….the “snowball” is a “maliciously designed creation”!!!,pushed ‘ON Us, to keep Us dizzy & addicted to the contamination, & “chasing Our OWN tails” instead of the muthafkahs who are “pushin the agenda of Our…..demise. Yes….it is a GD shame “some” of Us are so self destructive. But again!!!, when blind, uneducated AND “unconsciously intoxicated”!???, WTH do some ppl expect ppl to reflect…”sobriety”!!?? SSMDH! Look…the shyt is NOT an excuse or “paranoid figment of one”s imagination”, it’s a real fkn attack!!! & ‘on “auto pilot” now. And will remain as such, until we “drink some strong fkn coffee”, WTF up & pass a fresh pot down to the …termites! Anyone void of understanding this is simply a stupid sambo “allergic TO coffee/the truth”, or a member of the opposing …. “guilty snowball pushing team”. Either fkn way?, the shyt is real, & after all the smoke clears, & weighing the pros against the cons?…the way we’ve survived “throuuuuugh” this BS?, is a sign of STRENGTH!!!!, & nothing more. Not “condoning” ANY negative thing, ok!?? But simply acknowledging the “full” scope/reality of the situation, rather than runnin over to the condesending self hating …”ignorant” side. Deuces.

  20. inconsistency … irrelevance … ignorance … teach your children well so that it doesn’t matter if they listen to those clownish grill-in-the-mouth-so-you-don’t-know-what-they-said gangsta rappers … because teaching them well means they’re not going to want to wear their pants wrapped around their thighs … because they will know what that really means … they won’t be afraid to go to school, to excel, to speak correctly instead of dumbing down … because they won’t have to carry all the pressure of thug life spent on a corner day and night, dodging bullets … because they’ll have real careers paying out more than the knot in ol’ d-mayn’s pocket … so much for the ‘culture’. kinda hard to defend Young Thug … C Murder … death row records … talk about self-hating … conditioning … stay down … white man got you right where he wants you … down on your own kind who happen to be doing it right … keep disgracing your Black women with the names you call them … continue to embrace that good ol’ gangsta rap/hip-hop nation … self-hate is right … suicidal … get it right …

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