Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Bobbi Kristina’s Best Friend Died of Heroin OD; Drug Ring Tie?


*Since Bobbi Kristina Brown was found near death in a bathtub more than two weeks ago, new details have emerged about her alleged drug habit, reports Radar Online.

The website says the 21-year-old’s friends may be linked to a drug ring in the Atlanta area, as three men have been charged with the heroin overdose death of one of her closest friends.

According to local reports, Brown’s close friend, Chelsea Bennett, died last March at the age of 20 after Cory Ben-Hanania allegedly injected her with a lethal dose of extra pure heroin. When she passed out, reports claim, she was left unconscious for 10 hours before anyone called 911.

In an unprecedented court case, set to begin in two weeks, Ben-Hanania and Kevin McCaffrey — the alleged drug dealer — have been charged with her murder, while another alleged witness, Sebastian Andrade, has been charged with concealing her death.

Despite Bennett’s drug death, any drug use on Brown’s part wasn’t widely known to those outside her inner circle.

“Chelsea never spoke of Bobbi Kristina in regards to drug use, but if she knew of something like that with Krissy, she would probably have kept that a secret,” a family friend told Radar.

After Bennet’s death, Brown “was broken by the loss [of her friend] and I absolutely think it did affect her.”

Meanwhile, a man who admitted to using heroin and crack with Bobbi Kristina spoke to The National Enquirer about her rapid downward spiral.

“Whether heroin or crack — or other drugs — played a role in what happened to her will be determined. But I know how bad off she was in the months before this happened,” said the man, whose name was withheld.

The whistleblower was a former classmate of Bobbi Kristina’s and claims she started using drugs at 17 and it only escalated to harder drugs in the months after her mom’s death in 2012.

“She told me her mother’s death ‘gutted her.’ Those were her exact words,” he said.

In an effort to help solve what really happened to Bobby Brown’s daughter in the hours before she was found unresponsive on Jan. 31 in the townhome she shared with co-called husband Nick Gordon, the source said Bobbi Kristina concealed the drugs in a “secret vault-like chamber” hidden in her home: “That’s where Krissy keeps her drug stash and cash, and also where Nick keeps his guns,” the man claimed.

Even though a lawyer for her famous father denied that the 21-year-old had used either heroin or crack, the witness confirmed that he had used drugs multiple times with the reality star and claimed her dealers go by the names “Steve-O” and “G.”



  1. I don’t know what drug ring garbage this is talking about, but the drug use part is correct. I used to hangout and drive around with Stevo and he had me drive to her place in 2012 so he could sell heroin to her.


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