Tuesday, May 24, 2022

50 Cent Believes Beck Deserved his Grammy Win over Queen Bey (Watch)

50 cent feeding america*The BeyHive and Kanye West blasted the Grammys for giving “Album of the Year” to Beck over Beyonce, but 50 Cent sided with the win.

“He produce the record, wrote the record, it’s eleven producers on Beyoncé’s album. Kanye being a producer and a writer should see that,” 50 Cent said.

It sounds as though 50 is not shading anyone (this time) in his statement, but is praising Beck’s talent and work.

“I don’t think people care about those establishments anymore,” he added about the Grammys. “My reasons for going to awards shows is my peers being there to acknowledge the work… if it means that we get to choose ourselves, who deserves what award, then why would I show up for them to tell me?”

He continued with, “I felt like I deserved best new artist for my first album, which was the largest debut in rap back then. With 13 million records sold, when was the last time have you seen Evanescence? Crickets, crickets, crickets.”

Watch the People Now interview below:



  1. Yo….dig this irrelevant mumblin ass rappah stand over thurr! What a weakass feminine acting, hate’en, self defecating sore LOSEn BYTchass. Yo….”the winners” should say nothing?, sit back, & watch this lil attention beggin asshole, scramble for yet another attempt at gettin WTF he wants & neeeeeeds so fkn bad. SMFHATBAN!

  2. He’s absolutely right re Beck. I know how to eat the meat and throw away the bones. I’ve never had a problem admitting when someone is telling the truth, even if I don’t care for them.

  3. The grammys are over now, all of thsi debating back and forth is a non issue. Who hte heck cares about any of those nominees.or Fifty Cent for that matter.

  4. Ps…..so now, “this” nig is an…”art critic”!!?? Muthafkah cain’t even SPELL “Beck”!!! Maaaaaaan GTFOH office! SSMHATBAN!

    • I can’t stop laughing at the bouncy part – lotta folks are sick of her and her buddy conye – they have conned so many people to put them on those imaginary pedestals for real cash …

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