Thursday, September 29, 2022

Kandi Burruss, Todd Tucker Give Valentine’s Day and Sex Advice


*No need to worry, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker can teach couples how to spice up their sex lives — just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Tucker is the executive producer of Burruss’ popular web series, “Kandi Koated Knights,” which includes playing with toys from her line, “Bedroom Kandi.”

The couple shared advice on how others can get their freak on in the bedroom, sex toys and the stigma of sex in the Black community, according to The Huffington Post.

Kandi and Todd started off talking about the holiday. They gave men and women advice on the do’s and don’ts for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

“I would say the first don’t is, don’t forget it. Don’t forget that it’s Valentine’s Day. A lot of guys will be like, “Oh, I forgot. I didn’t realize it was coming up.” Like, no!” Burruss said.

She added,”at least make it a point to show your significant other that you care by at least remembering. Let your significant other be the first person you call that day. Or if you’re like we are, we obviously wake up to each other. So wake me up with a “Happy Valentine’s Day, babe,” something. Breakfast in bed … something to make me feel special as soon as I wake up.

You might be right with the “don’t forget.” Because I think with the brothers, for us it’s kind of like, “Man, Valentine’s Day … You really want to celebrate that?” Don’t downplay it. You gotta play it up. This holiday means a lot for the ladies, so we gotta put our best foot forward,” Tucker said.

He added, “you gotta go all out. And I think the biggest do is surprising her. Doing something that’s outside of the box and making it fun. I think we gotta stop seeing it as a female’s holiday, and see it as, “Man, we get a little something out of this to if we make her happy.” Don’t fight it, just be a part of it.”

Burruss shared her top three reasons why women should own a sex toy, and Tucker gave men advice on their partners wanting to introduce these toys in the bedroom.

“Well, first of all, for a woman, a lot of women can’t really tell their man … ‘cause women always wanna go, “Oh, he’s this.” Or, “He knows what he’s doing.” But a lot of times women don’t know their own bodies and they don’t know how to let someone know exactly what they want or what they like in the bedroom,” she said. “So I always feel like a woman should have some type of toy, just so she can explore her own body and find her own triggers and then she could share that with whoever her significant other is.”

She added, “it’s hard for some women to have an orgasm. A lot of people don’t know that a majority of women haven’t experienced an orgasm just from penetration … so it’s just about adding spice to the bedroom and doing something different. Because I think a lot of people, when they’ve been in a relationship for so long, they get so used to the same routine, so if you could just throw something different in there every now and then, I think it’s always better.”

“I hear guys say a lot of times, “I don’t do that toy thing.” It’s just like, man, it’s fun, it’s stimulating your lady. It’s about her happiness as well as yours, cause you know we gonna get ours regardless. So it’s kind of like, just be open-minded and enjoy it,” he said.

He added, “and know that you’re pleasing your lady. And it’ll be fun… But I think the ladies gotta take their time with it, too. You can’t just come in the bedroom with four toys and be like, “Hey, let’s try something different.” Especially if you know your dude isn’t that open to it. Start off with something that’s not so crazy. ‘Cause I think in some of our communities sex toys are kind of taboo, and “you don’t really do that,” and it’s like, nah, this is what it’s about. Exploring and making your mate happy.”

Tucker and Burruss also opened up about the stigma of sex talk in the black community. Read more at The Huffington Post.



  1. People take advice from anyone these days. If “Kandi” was giving advice on business and finance, I’d listen. If “Todd” was given advice on how to hook the woman of your dreams while her mom is trying to verbally kill you, people would listen. This advance, though, can be thrown out with the bathwater.

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