Thursday, August 18, 2022

Ava DuVernay, Kevin Hart Prove Black Films Do Well Overseas (Watch)

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*Ava DuVernay, “Selma” stars and Kevin Hart made their way to Berlin’s  Berlinale Festival and Ireland — proving Black films can be successful overseas.

Hollywood has a history of not even giving black films a chance to do well overseas.  Also, “12 Years a Slave” changed its promotion to feature the supporting White actors as leads instead of its actual lead Black actors.

But DuVernay, David Oyelowo and Colman Domingo recently took the Berlin Film Festival by storm — receiving a standing ovation. DuVernay posted a statement on her Facebook page, which is also below:

“‘Black films can’t travel overseas.’ That same old tired lie was proven wrong yet again tonight. We enjoyed a gorgeous gala premiere of ‘Selma’ at the Berlin Film Festival, complete with sold-out crowd and standing ovations. Over a thousand moviegoers gathered in that German venue, all focused on the work of unapologetic black artists. I’m jus’ sayin’. Onward! ‪#‎berlinale15″

Also, Kevin Hart garnered success while promoting “The Wedding Ringer” overseas. He posted a few pics of himself in Dublin, Ireland and Berlin. Also, he shared a Instavideo of the film’s premiere and success.

Watch it below:



  1. Of COURSE they do! And whyyyyyy??, b/c the only place “racist systemic discrimination” by way of…limited screening & promotion of “Black” films, only resides, is in the “factory OF racism”, & “that” is?….the GOOD ole “U.S.A.”! And the notion of Blacks films “not” doing well over there?, was a false/BS statement to begin with, b/c…..everywhere OTHER THAN “America”?, they luuuuuuuv the SHYT outta Black culture!!!!! Now let me rephrase that….America does too?, but will never ADMIT it! “America”?, will just RIP IT TF OFF!!! & then try to RELABEL “OUR” shyt, as a “NON” Black origin/act or affair. And anyway….this ain’t no fkn charity, tax write off or “consciousness of fairness”!!! Yo…if our movies “didn’t” make “money”?, they wouldn’t make OR “send” them shyts….ANYWHERE!!!!! So….GTFOH&STFBS!!! TJBT!

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