Friday, October 22, 2021

Taraji P. Refutes Wendy’s Producer’s Claim She Enhanced Her Butt

taraji p. henson*Taraji P. Henson’s backside is all-natural, no enhancement needed.

That was the “Empire” star’s reaction to a producer on “The Wendy Williams Show,” claimed Henson had her butt enhanced after he saw Wednesday’s episode of the hit series. In the episode, Henson’s character, Cookie wore nothing but lingerie underneath a sable coat in response to a rose she received from her ex-husband Lucious.

As it turned out, Cookie’s efforts were for nothing as Lucious announced that he is engaged to his new girl Anika (aka, “Boo Boo Kitty”). Needless to say, Cookie was not pleased and made it known as she threw her coat to the side to reveal and show off her noticeable booty.

“This is an ass!” Cookie told Anika before smacking her butt and leaving the scene.

Williams’ producer’s claim about Henson enhancing her posterior was echoed by Williams, who mentioned it during her “Hot Topics” segment with the audience on her daytime talk show.

Apparently, Henson was tuned in to the show that day and heard Wendy’s commentary. In response, the actress took it upon herself to set the record straight about her backside, via the following Instagram post:

HA! Thank you for the love @wendyshow! And tell your producer guy that those #CookieCakes are ALL ME baby!!! EVERYBODY AIN’T GETTING ASS SHOTS!!! I don’t need them! Also let him/her know TV adds a lil weight so RELAX!



  1. I agree that wendy williams looks like a man, everything I have ever seen her wear is busted (never saw the show, not once), and I am still trying to figure out what made her so-called famous, she is nails-on-the-blackboard aggravating – Taraji P. is a talented actress, and why is wendy looking at a woman’s butt anyway, other than all that testosterone working …

  2. Sasquatch needs to keep it’s big foot, horse hair wearing, mule mouth, spanxed-within-an-inch-of it’s life, big, bug-eyed, ass in it’s own lane. Taraji is waaaaaay out of his league.

  3. Wendy has her head up kenya Moore ass who has.the real fake ass. As well as others. Wendy needs to get an ass and stop coming down on black people.


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