Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Obama Brings the Funny in New Health Care Sign Up Video (Watch!)

Obama selfie2

*You’ve got to give it to our president, he will stop at nothing to get a deed done. Even if it means getting out of his comfort zone and gettin’ jiggy with it by posing for a selfie.

Barack Obama‘s  signature health care law at healthcare.gov has a sign up deadline approaching and the president did something way out of character to promote it.

He got together with BuzzFeed’s Andrew Ilnyckyj and went on camera wielding his selfie stick and dropping a “YOLO, man” in a video for BuzzFeed Motion Pictures with the goal of getting Americans to sign up. 

The video published on Thursday features Obama and Ilnyckyj doing “things everybody does but doesn’t talk about.”

Read more and see the video at EURThisNthat.

obama - mirror - tongue out



  1. This is very clever & once again!!!!, this POTUS has pulled off aNOTHER one! Hopefully….ppl will take notice, think about what “THEY” need, & not what their reps “DON’T WANT”!!, & look out for their own best interests! Now “sidebar”? Umm….do we realize how HI!!!!, this man, “this” POTUS has set the bar of the the Oval Office!!?? GD!!!, he’s a tough act to follow!!, & especially when…..he’s not “acting”!!, THIS IS “HIM”!! From his intelligence, integrity, swag, character, talent, sense of humor, compassion, foresight/strategies, objectivity & most of all!!!!…..”SELF CONTROL/STRENGTH”!!!!, in the face of all the racist, unproductive, disrespectful BS hurled at him & his family ….all these GD years!!!! We ALL are going to “got through seeeeeeerious withdrawals”!!, when we get…..”the next string in the game”. It’s going to be like…..”B-ball b4 Jordan”…..harrrrrrrrd to imagine & go back to, when you’ve seen it at such a…..higher/better level. Now….I just knoooooooow!!!!, the resident Obie haters are gonna POUNCE ‘on this post, sighting aaaaaaaaaall POTUS’s short comings n all?, but guess what?, that STILL won’t diminish OR change a GD thang, of what I posted. He ain’t “perfect” & NO ONE IS!!! But still?, pound for pound, crisis to crisis, BS for BS, malicious racist adversity & STILL standing clean AND “successful”!!!??? Yo “he” IS simply….”The BEST”! TITMFB!

  2. funny – my only regret is that he cannot run for a third term like FDR – we don’t have a functional enough person to take his place and regardless of whomever takes administration next, if we’re struggling now, then the next POTUS will take us to hell … and it won’t be Obama’s fault … those who criticized him for whatever reason are going to sorely miss him …


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