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WE tv Rolls Out New Series ‘Match Made in Heaven’ and Original Episode of ‘SWV Reunited’ Wednesday, Feb 11 (Watch)

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WETV features an original episode of ‘SWV Reunited’ on Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2015

*Tune in-Reminder for Week of February 9 

Virgin TerritoryWednesday, February 11 at 8 PM ET/PT
Match Made in Heaven: The girls get competitive and catty when faced with the opportunity to win a date with Shawn.

In clip 1 we see Victoria and Jamie coming together against the house as a “United Nations”

In clip 2 we see the girls preparing to build a home to help Habitat for Humanity

 In clip 3 we see Nes crushing on Alexandria and her womanly curves

 In clip 4 we see the preacher choosing one lady to save from elimination


Series Description: In each of the eight hour-long episodes, the bevy of beauties will face temptation at every turn. From the sweet girl next door to the smoking hot vixen; the polished career women to the innocent virgin; no one is immune to temptation.

In this proverbial Garden of Eden, the ladies are constantly met with the opportunity to make a choice between good and evil in their quest for Shawn’s love.

Should they undermine their fellow housemates to win him over? Or take the high road and trust in their connection with him?  Does “do unto others” have an alternate meaning? Will Shawn be tempted to take a bite of the forbidden fruit these women have to offer? Or will Pastor Ken and Mama Bullard be able to guide Shawn into the light so he can pick the right girl to spend the rest of his life with?

SWV Reunited

“Out of Sync” Wednesday, February 11 at 11 PM ET/PT
Taj lip syncs at an SWV show on a luxury cruise liner, Lelee’s personal life is turned completely upside down. Cory’s actions enrage the girls and they make a bold move.

Series Description: SWV works on a new album, but the group’s future is at risk with explosive fights, career endangering health issues, and volatile management drama that threatens to tear the group apart.

Love Thy Sister

“Not Just a Charade” Thursday, February 12 at 10 PM ET/PT

Ione has a major secret she tries to keep when Bakari reveals he’s going to propose to Ellen.  Never one to be shy about putting in her two cents, Ruby voices her objections about Bakari loud and clear.   But she takes things a step too far when she tries to set Ellen up with a new man, igniting a blowout fight between them. But after Bakari’s sweet proposal in front of their entire family, will Ruby have a change of heart and learn to support her sister and fiancé?  Meanwhile,  Ione organizes a fashion show for their family’s scholarship fund but whether or not she’ll be able to pull it off on her own remains to be seen.

120Series Description: Love Thy Sister follows three modern African American sisters – Ruby, Ellen and Ione – who are the heirs to one of the oldest and most prominent southern families in the Carolinas.  Started by their father, Douglas Rucker, an award-winning dentist, the family dynasty now owns and operates just about every business in Lancaster, South Carolina.  At the top of southern high society and while entertaining celebrity friends and attending glamorous soirees, the sisters are also each in a stage of dramatic transition. Ruby is struggling to hide and overcome her financial struggles; Ellen, already divorced, is hesitant to commit to her politician boyfriend; and Ione is balancing raising her three children as she starts to date again after divorcing her college sweetheart.

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

“Lust or Bust” Friday, February 13 at 9 PM ET/PT
A sex tape exposes the reality stars; Aviva is humiliated. A game of spin the bottle reveals intimate confessions. Tyson proves to be selfish in and out of the bedroom; Rachel is over it and breaks down.

In the clip below we see Syleena and Kiawne Johnson use puppets to reenact their love life.

Series Description: The Marriage Boot Camp is run by husband and wife, Jim and Elizabeth Caroll. Joined by their co-directors, Ilsa and David, they will push these reality celebrities to their limits, physically and mentally.

There will be NO special treatment for them. They will be forced to face demons from their past that are still affecting them now and in turn ruining their relationships. Tough love tactics will peel back the layers of what makes these celebrities tick, as well as what is driving their marriage to the brink.

Each episode delves deeper into the minefields of what is destroying their marriages using exercises like: forcing couples to say good-bye to their “dying” spouse in a terrible car wreck, to show them what life would really be like without them. In the end, the couples will answer the ultimate question: Is their marriage worth saving or are they better off apart?

David Tutera’s Celebrations

Friday, February 13 at 10 PM ET/PT
When “Real Housewives of New York” alum Jill Zarin turned the Big 5-0 she was “in a funk” so her milestone birthday came and went without fanfare. Now that the fog has cleared, Jill’s ready to celebrate in style and turns to party planner extraordinaire David Tutera to put together a fabulous 50th birthday redo in Los Angeles that will wow her hard-to-impress friends.

But with the party just two days away Jill wants to pull the plug when her husband has to miss the event for a business trip. After a heart-to-heart talk with David revealing a family secret that sheds light on her earlier depression, she ultimately decides to move forward with the party.  When Jill arrives at the venue she finds out David isn’t there due to a major travel snafu and her Real Housewife wrath bubbles to the surface.  If he’s a no-show will Jill make him redo her birthday redo?  Tune in Friday, February 13th at 10 pm ET/PT on WE tv to find out!

Click here to see a clip with Jill Zarin providing David with an extensive list of demands for her event. David resists and determines that “Jill didn’t miss out on having a 50th, she just doesn’t want to get any older.”


Series Description: David Tutera orchestrates high profile events for Hollywood elite including Holly Robinson Peete, bad boy of basketball Dennis Rodman, and reality star Jill Zarin, no two over the top events are the same.




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