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Was Kanye Just Joking with Beck? Backstage He Goes Off! (Watch)

beck & kanye on stage

Well damn, he did it again. Sorta.

By now you’re aware of Kanye West stepping to the stage Sunday night at the Grammy Awards when Beck won Album of the Year over Beyonce and kinda freaked the winner out. But he didn’t do a full Taylor Swift and left the stage. After all, he was just funnin’. Or was he?

We ask because backstage it didn’t seem as if his trip to the stage was a joke after all because he took the opportunity to go in on the man who won over Beyonce and the Grammys themselves for overlooking her … all in the name of “artistry.”

“Beck needs to respect artistry, he should’ve given his award to Beyonce,” said Kanye in an interview with E! Online. He added: “I just know that the Grammys, if they want real artists to keep coming back, they need to stop playing with us. We ain’t gonna play with them no more,” he said. “We tired of it. When you keep on diminishing art and not respecting the craft, and slapping people in the face after they deliver monumental feats of music – you’re disrespectful to inspiration.”

Kanye explained that he didn’t say anything on the show because he did not want to put his family or “clothing line” at risk, but added: “I’m going to fight for creativity.”

Watch the video:

Watch Kanye’s trip to the stage and back when Beck won. Also watch the reactions from Jay Z and Beyonce:



  1. REALLY KANYE??? you were possibly going to that stunt again??? Kanye ranting is getting old and tired now Let it go!!! I like Beyonce but I am sorry this last CD was not her best IMO!! and I did not buy it and So What she did not win Album of the year she won 3 other grammys to add to her collection, the Cd was not worthy of a grammy win Kanye rides so hard for Beyonce!! Dang!!

  2. I haven’t watched the Grammys in years because to me, music has gotten boring and repetitive. Kanye’s classless act is another reason not to watch stupidity. Really??? He knows it wasn’t about any damn ‘art’ but more about him, himself and he.

  3. NYCSoul, I totally agree, I haven’t watched in decades. The man-child is right, he,, jz and beyondme DO inspire me. . . . .when I hear their voices, I am inspired to leap up and over anything in my way, to turn them OFF!!! I never really grasped the “nails-on-the-chalkboard” feeling, until they hit the airwaves.

    • thank you and NYCsoul for having the clarity … I think kanye has proven for years that he is psychologically disturbed … a monumental feat of music … right … we know better than that … all the true vocalists out there who have never won anything … I haven’t seen the grammys in years because of their shift to fan club recognition, not best vocals – kanye is delusional and if any of the people whose feel he’s licking really cared about him they’d tell him it wasn’t even cool the first time … or funny … now looks like the people behind the rings he’s kissing are laughing at him … sick of him and his fake, talent-lacking cohorts; they should just be glad people who wasted their money glorifying them have made them rich for nothing in return and just be quiet …

      • Nightshift and rj: I just listen to the classic soul school and all is right with the world. Real singing. Real passion. Real Desire. Intelligent lyrics. Everything that black music used to be is not that way now. I’m not saying that there wasn’t music that didn’t suck but hell, the good stuff outweighed the bad stuff. There was balance. Now, because the big labels like Columbia, BMI, etc. took over the distribution of black music in 70s and 80s, it drove out independent record labels out of business. What constitutes as ‘independent’ nowadays is tied to the big record label and lot of them are at the mercy of these labels to sell an image (not music). That’s the reason why today’s artists are successful: dumb down culture + music equals mediocre pop culture and music.

        • all true – I enjoy the crackle and pop of my original vinyl from the glory days, some on cassette, the rest I have found remastered for CD, cost me a pretty penny to be such a music lover and replace everything I wanted to hear without distortion because what’s out nowadays just does not measure up – sad how nowadays it is more like you said, the labels are about sales before talent, we’re looking at the dumb-down version, kanye is their poster child, and he needs to be quiet and wait until one of his buddies does some grammy-worthy stuff that didn’t get awards; so far it’s the other way around, they show up and grab a bunch of grammys, ain’t done jack … and if there’s a case, who wants to listen to him, he’s a nut …I’ll stay with my ol skool forever …

  4. You know….as KRA as he presents his argument?, he “does” have a GOOD argument. What they do in music, is the saaaaame BS they do in…”film” i.e…””Selma/boycott/disrespect Black artist”! I just wish dude would grow up & calmly…rationally….respectfully articulate this POV/position that does need to be addressed! The shyt IS rigged & errybawdy knoooooooows it! And even though some may not care for “the way” it’s addressed?, doesn’t mean that what’s “being” addressed is….BS. What “We” have to do is….SGAF about getting “YT’s” approval, & VALUE OUR OWN….more! And….get/make these so called “leaders” address the fact that, the contracts given TO Bladks are NEVer the same hook up “White” artist get! Bottom line….”racism” is all across the fkn board!!! And as long as mofos pretend they don’t see it?, the shyt will continue to show UP…..all across the fkn board, in EVERY game there is! TJBT!

    • I got to agree with you. Racism is alive and well. A lot of these Black Artist has seen it. So there is two sides to every story. You see the young lady who sang Precious Lord in Selma film did not sing it at the Grammy. They had Beyonce sing it. and the young lady was there. But two of the people that sang track on Selma film did sing. Kanye had a right to speak out. And keep speaking out for RIGHT.

      • let me see if I got this right: the lady who sang ‘Precious Lord’ in ‘Selma’ was there at the grammys and, instead of giving it to her to sing, they gave it to who? – okay, maybe the lady was really under the weather and it involved her vocal cords AND Jennifer Hudson was not there to sing it, or refused – nothing else would make sense – I know not to bother with the grammys, doing stupid stuff like that …

    • But problem here is that this has been going on since the Grammys were created in 1959. Black people suffer from amnesia and forget history. What Kanye saying is nothing new but the way he delivers the message makes him look like a total ass. Instead of him using his leverage to help other people out, he’s too busy whining about why his ‘friends’ didn’t get yt’s awards. With all the money that he, bey and Jay Z have, they are more interested in ‘self’ than doing anything for black folk. His point would be valid if he was actually supporting organizations like the R&B Foundation or something like that. Better yet, why DOES he go the Grammys if it bothers him how black singers are treated? All that talking is just that: talk.

      • Yo…..I am THE 1st to call a sambo a sambo, no matter WTH it is, ok!?? But I ask… we know K-man “ISN’T” contributing/supporting orgs. like you mentioned!?? And also…just b/c these people he defends “are” his friends?, doesn’t mean that his defense is “without”….merit!! Now hey hey hey haaaaaaaay!!!, I know this negro is “crazy as cat shyt”!, ahiiiiiiight!? But isn’t interesting that NON of the so called “sane” are NOT saying a GD thaaaaaaang!!?? And so?…..the shyt continues. SMGDHATBS!

  5. I think it was funny as I believed it was in good fun, he laughed and walked off stage. Heard the rant thereafter, a little sickening. There are so many talented singers and artists – the Grammys acknowledges that- it’s not a fan based vote. Will admit they do go hard with 1 -2 artists but ok. I am a huge Kanye fan, but do I think HE should win everything NO – do I feel he should be given passes ABSOLUTELY NOT, and with that said, Bey, Jay, and Kim is only beloved in such a way only by Kayne –
    I’d rather eat my own eyes before I see anyone win because everyone is scared to go against them or be truthful and say your song / album/ real talk, talent/ vocals, just didn’t stand up to…… — Kanye stop it- they will play you every chance given – watch reaction to ur stunts- all on Internet

    • Well….I agree with most of your post BUT!!! ..unfortunately reality reflects that….it “IS” a “popularity contest”, b/c apparently?, it’s about…which “WHITE” artist is the most popular in a category (instead of “the BEST” artist, no matter WHAT ethnicity!!) among the…”majority WHITE” academy, that votes for the winners of this award! And that racism/favoritism is as blatant as…”the sky is blue on a clear day”!! And also?, it seems that “Black” art isn’t appreciated unless it’s a “watered down weak version OF it, being performed by a “WHITE” artist! So…when the smoke clears?, it’s a “White co-opt/popularity” contest, instead of the “respect for the art” award. The antithesis of diversion & respect for art AND people….other than “Caucasians”. Sheeeeeeit ….the should just stop BStn?, & announce….”and now, the most favorite Caucasian in this category is”?????? C/z beit movies OR music, that’s all the fk it comes down to. “BOOM”! TJBT!

  6. There are more fools here than Kanye. It was obviously a joke. How STUPID can you be? And Oh!! I agree with him about Bey’s cd. It’s sad that “insecure” women (and men) have been on a mission to shoot her down. The grill is flawless and she can sing and she did her thing……

    • Ps….Buuuuuut just to be clear?, the majority of posts were regarding his rant in one of the video clips in which he WASN’T “joking”, about the disrespect “Our” artist receive. So….check dat out?, & bring it back a lil. Chuuuuuch!

  7. This brother needs to sit his arse down! He should have been upset with that horrible album that he released a few years ago… Sheezus! Like the singer from the band, Garbage stated – Beyonce can handle her OWN situations and don’t need him to make a debacle out of anything. This guys is so blessed to have millions of dollars and live a lavished lifestyle – yet he is constantly crying and whining about things that aren’t remotely important! Instead of complaining about Beck – he should have been touting about why his wife decides to do such a sleazy ad campaign while being a new mother to their child. Their kid is the one that is going to be traumatized when she grows up over her mom’s sex tape with Ray J. and her fathers childish antics at several award shows! Grow up man and enjoy your fame and money and leave the antics for Madonna and The Kardashian clan!!!!


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