Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Watch Jay Z’s Horrified Reaction to Kanye Storming Grammy Stage (Video)

jay z kanye reaction

*There were several seconds when Jay Z thought Kanye West was really going to hijack Beck’s acceptance speech at the Grammys – and the look on his face is priceless.

After his wife Beyonce lost for “Album of the Year,” West made his way to the stage, walking past Beyonjay as they were applauding for Beck.

When Jay Z spots ‘Ye storming toward the stage, his face drops to the floor…like,”this fool.” Hov even shakes his head slightly before realizing seconds later that Kanye was joking.

Then, Jay Z cracks up.

Watch below:



  1. I respect those who think kanye has talent; I’m betting there are more who think the opposite, and I am one of them who never saw what all the noise over kanye’s so-called capabilities was about – now I’m just sick of hearing his name called for doing something brain-dead, and then I remember that he’s a raging alcoholic with antisocial/borderline tendencies who needs more attention than he’s worthy of …

  2. Alright. Who is this Beck guy? Does he have award winning talent? Was there there anyone else that could have gotten this award? Done in bad taste…. But does West have a point? People are suppose to WIN these. awards you know. They should not be just given away….

  3. From the view I saw (Im allowing for error) – Kanye didn’t even make it to the stage. In order for that (Jay’s) reaction that is pictured to be in reaction of Kanye headed to the stage – Jay would’ve had to be looking more toward his right or left because Kanye started heading for the stairs but turned around. Jay’s reaction is to something already on stage because he’s looking straight ahead.

  4. Kanye is an ass. Beck has been around for a long time, he deserved the award, just because you don’t listen to his type of music dooesn;t make him any less deserving, Beyonce does not have to win everythinig and her album sucked.


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