Sunday, September 19, 2021

Ledisi Fans Upset Beyonce was Tapped to Sing ‘Precious Lord’ at Grammys

ledisi & beyonce
Ledisi & Beyonce

*As the saying goes, something is not quite right in the milk.

By that we and a lot of folks, especially fans of singer Ledisiare asking WHY Beyonce performed “Precious Lord Take My Hand” (from “Selma”) at the Grammy Awards Sunday night instead of Ledisi who sang it in the film?

After all, Golden Globe winners Common and John Legend did their “Selma” song, “Glory” at the awards show. So why was Ledisi told to take a seat? That is an interesting question, to say the least.

“No one is saying Beyonce shouldn’t perform at #GRAMMYs. What we’re saying is it should be Ledisi performing the song for #Selma perf,” one fan tweeted.

“Ledisi sung it in the Selma film, so they should have asked her,” another tweet reads. “Beyonce doesn’t have the chops for that one. She’ll over do it.”

The short and simple answer is Beyonce is Beyonce and Ledisi isn’t.



  1. With all due respect YOU and WHOEVER else must be deaf, blind, dumb or crazy!! You really don’t know why? WHY NOT? Ledesi is fabulous!! But….. She’s not Bey!!! Regardless to your taste or point of view (dull point of view) they wanted A STAR even though Ledesi is an incredible singer!! Beyoncé is hot & what’s happening. They thought hard about it….as they do everything else. Why do YOU have to create a battle? NIGGA SHIT!!! Getting sick of this feeding the fools for thought gossip crap…

        • Unfortunately it’s not nonsense when a person who is a good singer “asks’ to sing another good singer’s song at the Grammys. Whether you agree with Ledisi’s fans or not, they have a valid point! If Beyonce was asked to sing the song it would be understandable for her to agree. BUT if what John Legend said in his interview is the truth and she asked to sing the song, she is DEAD wrong for that! Nobody sang the songs she sang in Dreamgirls at the Oscars but her! We as women, and especially black women get enough grief in this country, we don’t need to do anything underhanded to each other. That is the point Ledisi fans are making.

    • No Beyonce approached them ( day prior) that she wanted to sing the intro to glory, the intro to glory was precious lord.Beyonce didn’t need that exposure, her rendition was horrible and soulless.

      • Beyonce’s performance was not only horrible, it had no feeling! It was just a pitiful performance! But that’s what happens when you under-cut someone as she did Ledisi….

    • To be clear John Legend was asked via Entertainment Tonight and HE said Beyonce ASKED to do the song. So all of you with wrong information calm down. This wasn’t a decision by higher ups this was Beyonce. Oh and he was also quoted as saying When Beyonce asks you don’t say no. So she wanted the moment for herself regardless if it was her song or not.

    • Grammys didn’t think hard about $#!+.GRAMMY’S is about The WEAKEST LINKS. ALWAYS does this to BLACK preformers, to show how the House Slave & the Field Slave STILL ALIVE & WELL. In America Especially HOLLYWOOD.
      I don’t know why a watch the Grammy hoping they will prove me wrong. What those redneck white supremacist inbedded hatred for black have yet to do that

    • Your statement that Beyoncé is hot and what’s happening is why the so-called ;music industry’ is putting out shitty assed ‘music’ by people who gave no talent whatsoever. This is not to say she’s not talented, but she’s not what one would call a powerhouse vocalist who can carry true soul and gospel music. The so-called ‘music executives’ are basing their decisions on who gets to do what solely on physical appearance. 10, 15, 20 years from now, there will be no pool of good classics to pull from because someone made the decision to ‘allow’ those who have no talent to lend themselves to props and publicity in order to hide their true pitifulness, and then we’re left with what? The Grammy’s, like all the other award shows, are nothing more than ‘favors’ that have nothing to do with ‘music’ and ‘talent’ because those two requirements have been replaced by MARKETABILITY.

    • I agree… and Beyonce’s rendition of Precious Lord was horrible… Ledisi, Jennifer Hudson and Mary J. should’ve been shaking their heads.

  2. I don’t care who Bey is. They should allow the ORIGNAL Person to sing their Song. If Ledisi was Good enough for the Movie Selma, then she have been able to sing it for the Grammys. Right is Right!!!

    • Beyonce’s looks have conquered the white world and she is going to make sure it stay’s that way. She is not a good representation of black people because she has totally removed herself from that role. This media whore sold out when she left destiny child.

  3. I don’t care if Beyonce is a star or not. Then why not ask Rhianna to sing it? She’s a bigger star if you look at her record sales. Beyonce can only do rips. If they wanted a real singer, they should have asked Ledisi and I don’t blame her fans for voicing their opinions.

  4. I like Ledisi she is a very good vocalist and she has hte pipes but the Grammy committee wanted a big name sure it is not fair but that is the industry for you, all of the whining and complaining is not going ot change a thing. Beyonce did a good job and it is over now so Let’s move on PLEASE!!!

    • Bouncy, as usual, overdid the song with all that warbling and rendered an almost unrecognizable version of this gospel classic. But at least, she did with her legs closed. Why does Bouncy and Joe Camel get to push people out of the way just so she can hog the stage? The person who sung the song in the movie should have sang it on stage. At least we would have heard how it’s supposed to be sung.

      • Beyonce is Beyonce?….And shit stinks…so does she!! Nuff said. Who the hell is she? She may think she rules the world, but she doesn’t! This young lady needs a serious reality check. I’m disgusted. Ledisi WL shine! God sees all!! She’s #1, soulful heartfelt singer! Who doesn’t shake her behind to raise record sales! Beyonce broad take a break!

  5. This is horrible! Ledisi has a beautiful soulful voice. Ledisi sang the song in the movie. This is a huge slap in the face to Ledisi. Beyonce should be ashamed of herself for participating in such an injustice. She knows she didn’t sing the song in the movie. Why would she agree to perform the song even worse, ask to perform the song. She’s a horrible person!

  6. We all know by now that talent is not paramount in the music biz nowadays, image and looks is pushed so forth, Rihanna is a prime example of style if you will over real substance, she cannot sing a lick IMO!!! Ledisi is a vocal beast BUT she is not eye candy to put it bluntly sad but true!! Ledisi would hav done it justice true but Beyonce did good, both ladies have talent, they are two different singers.

  7. Maybe, Leisis can sing it @ the Oscars??? and her fans and anyone else can stop the complaining!!! what’s done is done YES Ledisi can SANG!! but she was not selected. People need to STOP believing all of htese rumors about whom asked Beyonce or how she came about to sing a 100 year old song ( which millions of people have sung) We do not know what transpired Whatever!!! it is not that serious! in the grand scheme of things

      • You get a standing ovation for that!!!! It’s ridiculous!! I’m a fan of both…. But more so I’m not stupid enough to believe the hype. Only those who are inferior feel the need to whine about it. Because someone is lighter, thinner, or more wealthy. Hair too long not nappy enough, always something!!! Sickening.,, they would find another reason if it was another darker skin sister with dreds.

  8. This only goes to show that it’s not about talent but how ‘big’ somebody is. Beyonce is over exposured as it is. Give somebody else some shine. She could’ve gracefully say ‘no’ and allow Ledisi to do it. But then again, we live in a time where being ‘classy’ is considered corny and being rude, crude and ignorant is the way to go.

  9. I remember Ledisi stating in an interview how she had to fight to get signed to a label because hte label execs straight out told her she was ” not pretty” to be in the music biz or to be a big star” WOW!!! talk about cruel/heartless I felt for her at that pont and I have some of her CD’s I LOVE her voice along with Maysa and Leela James and a few others. Wome are judged so harshly on their physical appearance.

  10. To be honest the song is neither Beyonce’s or Ledisi”s regardless that Ledis sung it in Selma was she even considered from the jump to sing @ the grammys??? if so then Bey was wrong but if, they were not even thinking about having hte song included then, whomever sings it was up for grabs. IMO!!

  11. Most of you may not be old enough to remember the Wiz but great singer by the name of Steffanie Mills sang the song on broadway for years but when the movie came out they gave the role to Diana Ross. Steffanie was bitter for years but Diana Ross carried a bigger following. Beyonce is “privileged” and what she wants she gets.Too bad that she had to WANT that moment in the spotlight. Would anyone be allowed to sing Crazy in love at the grammys while Beyonce was sitting in the audience??? I don’t think so.

    • Yes, I vaguely remembered the Stephanie Mills/Diana Ross/ The Wiz controversy. Yeah, Ross had the bigger following but the movie flopped because Ross was too old for the role and people wanted to see someone younger like Mills. Plus, Berry Gordy bogarted the role for Ross because she pestered BG to get her in the role. Now, Mills was not exactly ‘attractive’ but she could sing rings around Ross. So sometimes, just because somebody is ‘popular’ does not make it a better fit. Alot of it is just plain ego and attention hogging. Much like what Beyonce is doing now.


  12. Beyonce doesn’t have the pipes for gospel. John Legend & Common wrote a different song for the movie Selma – so why do they get to choose who sings Precious Lord? Makes no sense. I would think if anyone would get to choose would be the director or producers of the movie. Slightly reminicent of the Etta James/ Obama Inauguration situation…here we go again.

  13. What is really going on? Have Beyonce lost her mind?? Or someone needs help! Asking folks can I sing? And I need to be seen, and I need to shine!!! This is funny!!!

  14. I agree… and Beyonce’s rendition of Precious Lord was horrible… Ledisi, Jennifer Hudson and Mary J. should’ve been shaking their heads.

    • Shaking their heads???!! They need to be shaking their protest signs. Beyonce is great entertainment especially if you in the club, wanna scrutinize your man, or be an overly liberated woman. Beyonce needs to stay in her lane, PLEASE listen to Ledisi sing this song, by the third bar- third word- ENOUGH SAID!!!
      There was no soul – emotion involved in Beyonces rendition – and when we sing for the Lord… can you not FEEL his presence – his greatness, his love, bottom line I was not moved….

  15. Given the song, the movie, and the overall intent, this just should not have happened. Someone should have put their foot down on this one. You just do talk about injustice and condone it all for the public to see. No one with take it seriously regardless of the reason. And Ledisi would have gone far better job with a glory lead in because that’s how the movie flowed. Beyonce version is the after thought that should have not manifested. Real talk.

  16. I think Beyonce was totally out of line!!! From the way she was dressed to the way she begged for the spotlight!!!! Ledisi is way more powerful and she sings with truth!!! Love you Ledisi, keep on doing you, God sees ALL.

    • BWAHAHAHA!! Out of line? For being beautiful? It was a brilliant performance. Ledesi would have also made a brilliant performance. They chose Beyoncé over her that’s life! Be proud she’s in the movie and on the soundtrack of that movie. Is given her a big push in the spotlight to international acclaim because of all the market magazine gossip. Beyoncé has pushed her more in the spotlight. Because of this controversy those that wouldn’t know her, know her now.

  17. This was the first time I heard precious lord and not cry or be moved or have goose bumps run up my arm…Bey, It was not good. I wish the fans were honest. She is not a gospel singer nor can she handle such a big song. When sung right, this song can wake the dead.

  18. I listened to both versions of this song and Ledisi, I do not even have the words to describe how she made me feel by her presentation of this song. She paid a great tribute to the late Mahalia Jackson, and I feel that she should have be allowed to sing the song in front of the world. Fame, fortune should not play a part in this situation. It should be a matter of who sang the song better, and in my opinion it was Ledisi

  19. Ppl seem to kissing the simple issue of….if it was all about “the biggest star/Bey being a more recognizable artist”?, then…WTH not have her sing “HER OWN SHYT”, & NOT …SOMEONE ELSE’s”!!!??? Yo….any way you look at this BS?, it’s…..BS!!!, narcissistic greedy back stabbing, grand standing, BLATANT…..BS. And Bey’s excuse/reason for singing the song?, is one of THE “biggest” piles of BS yet. Ppl are making this shyt deeper than it is….Bey is a talented performer?, but also a…self centered attention whore, with NO sense of scruples, integrity or….shame. TJBT!


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