Thursday, May 19, 2022

What…Rosa Parks Wasn’t the First Black Woman Who Refused to Give Up Her Seat? Do Tell! (Watch)

Claudette Colvin younger
Claudette Colvin

*And that’s exactly what we’re doing…tellin‘. We’ve all heard about the courageous act of Rosa Parks on that hot summer day in 1955, after getting off work, dog-tired, and when the white man told her to get up out of her sear so a white woman could sit down, she pretty much told him to go screw himself.

Well, not to take nothing at all from Miss Parks, because her history is safe with us, she is said to not have actually been the first.

Claudette Colvin was. And you can hear the story directly from her mouth (Scroll down for video).

Article and video continues at EURThisNthat.



  1. I think the main reason her valiant stand was not used was because she was an unwed mother which was frowned upon by both the white and black community back in the day. Regardless of this she was the first and should be recognized in history for it.

  2. Read up on Ida B. Wells who refused to give up her seat on train at least 50 years before Rosa Parks. She then sued the railroad company.

  3. Skin color, status plus the fact she was unwed was the reason NAACP decided not to support her. As Greg C. said, being unwed mother was not celebrated as it is today. Plus, if I’m not mistaken, she got pregnant at 15 and uneducated. Black people in those days, were very image conscious because of negative imagery presented of Blacks by mainstream America.

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