Monday, May 23, 2022

Report: Bobby Brown Family Members Got into Brawl at His Birthday Party


*To say Bobby Brown is dealing with a lot these days is an understatement.

Well, now you add family brawl to the list. According to TMZ, several family members got into a bloody, bottle-smashing, all out melee during his birthday dinner Thursday night in Atlanta:

After Bobby left Bobbi Kristina’s hospital bedside, he went to have dinner with his wife, siblings and cousins at their hotel restaurant …where people got wasted, and things blew up. Family sources tell us one of the cousins, Shayne Brown, called Bobby’s older sister Tina … “a crackhead” … and then she went off.

We’re told Tina spit in the cousin’s face and cracked a bottle over his head — multiple punches were thrown … and one witness says there was “blood everywhere.”

When the dust settled … 3 people were injured and we’re told Shayne had to get stitches for the cut on his head.

Police responded, but Tina is said to have already been ghost by then. No arrests were made.



  1. If I recall, wasn’t Tina the one who sold pictures of Whitney’s bathroom to the Nat’l Enquirer in an ‘attempt’ to ‘save’ her from her addiction??? Ugh. Bobby needs to realize there are family members that you need to leave at home.

  2. Shayne is actually his nephew and Tina is his (Shsyne’s) mother. Not that any of that matters, it actually sounds worst when you think about it. In any event, just praying for Bobbi Kristina. That’s what’s important

  3. Why a party at all? Bobbi Kristina is fighting for life and they are having a party??? Sounds like a bunch of leeches looking for free food and liquor. Praying for Bobbi Kristina.

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