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Phil Perry Kicks off 2015 with New Solo Project of Originals & Curtis Mayfield Gems


*All of the great singers possess certain distinctive qualities that cannot easily be replicated or denied. It could be a highly personalized style that makes them instantly recognizable, an unrivaled sense of interpretation and phrasing, an otherworldly sense of soul or an ability to employ subtle vocal nuances that take a song to new heights.

Aretha and Stevie have it and Michael and Marvin did too. Singer Phil Perry, one of the greatest balladeers of our time, certainly fits the bill.

On January 20, 2015 Shanachie Entertainment releases Phil Perry’s eleventh album as a solo artist, and the sixth for the label, “A Better Man. “This album, for me, represents the opportunity to dig deeper into the needs of the people I belong to, and to take a look at the person I am and the person I want to be, and somehow bridge the gap between the two,” explains Phil Perry.

“A Better Man“ is a stellar collection of ten tracks featuring eight originals that prove Perry to be an equally gifted composer as he is a singer. Phil collaborates once again with master producer and pianist Chris “Big Dog” Davis (Kim Burrell, George Clinton, Maysa) who serves as the albums producer and who co-wrote all of the CD’s originals with Phil. “Anytime I get to work with Big Dog, I jump at the chance,” shares Perry.

“He’s a genius musically so I never have any apprehension about where he’s going to take the music. As a producer and friend, he nurtures me into being both the song and the singer, at the same time.  In the years we’ve worked together, the word that best describes our relationship is trust,” Perry said.

The album’s opening number and title track finds Phil Perry confessing his love and devotion and making the promise to turn his ‘wrong into right.” About two minutes into the song he hits one of his signature show-stopping high notes that lets you know that the one-and-only Phil Perry is in the house and he means business!

“As my wife of 30 years, Lillian is much more than a wife. She’s my business partner, my confidant, my sounding board, my strength, and most of all a blessing. She’s the reason I went solo in the first place, and trust me, it took five years for her to convince me to do that. She’s living proof that a man who finds a wife finds a good thing. I’m “A Better Man” now because she is my biggest fan, and my crown.”

The dreamy “You’re The Only One” has all the makings of a classic wedding song and first dance favorite. ‘Big Dog’ strikes all the right chords and Perry delivers all the right lyrics and together they float on a groove that is sure to find its way into people’s hearts.

Trumpeter Rick Braun joins Perry on the seductive “Feelin’ U,” and “Sorry I Let You Go” is an album highlight as Perry showcases his ability to drive a song home and bring every lyric to life with his crystal clear voice, impeccable diction and vocal wizardry.

“A Better Man“ also features the memorable and bluesy “Make It Rain,” which is the album’s first single. Also included on the album are two classic Curtis Mayfield reinventions. “In my youth, Curtis Mayfield was a beacon of quality for me to want to reach,” confides Phil.  “He’s a great singer, a socially aware composer, and one of the premier poets of the last century. He’s one of the artists that paved the way for me to enjoy opportunities that are now available to me. He created his own label and sound, and for a kid growing up in East St. Louis, he gave me a role model, and plenty to aspire to be!”

Watch Phil Perry’s lyric video – “Sorry I Let You Go”

Perry’s stirring version of Mayfield’s “Gypsy Woman” creates a memorable and delightful moment on the album as he conjures up the beautiful imagery of his own “Gypsy Woman.” He also does justice to the Impressions hit “I’m So Proud,” which features the soulful and perfectly paired saxophone of Kim Waters. The original “Beautiful Girls” is a sweet number where Perry sings about the joy in his soul and stirring in his heart caused by the daughters that both he and Davis have raised as fathers.

‘Big Dog’s’ gospel inflected solo works perfectly on this hit-bound Quiet Storm number.  Perry revisits his classic “Dreaming’s Out Of Season” and recaptures the same magic he created when he first recorded it with The Montclair’s. Just as you think things can’t get better Phil Perry shares the mic with Howard Hewett for the timeless “Stand Up.” The song is sure to be a crowd pleaser with its rousing and pulsating groove and inspirational message.  Perry and Hewett croon “Stand up, time to get it right. Stand up stand up for your rights!”  This dynamic duo’s call for more humanity and equality and is the perfect anthem that needs to be heard in today’s troubling times.

Eddie Kendricks, Norman Connors, and Philip Bailey; recorded a duet with Ray Parker; is featured in a GRP Beatles Tribute with Russ Freeman of the Rippingtons; and appeared in The National Touring Company of “The Wiz.”  She appears on her husband’s first five albums, including his hits “Call Me,” “Forever,” “If Only You Knew,” “Love Don’t Love Nobody” and the sensuous duet “Do Not Disturb.”

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  1. Phil Perry is fabulous! I have a very funny, and interesting story about Phil Perry…

    I was in an amazing band back in the 70’s, and throughout the entire seven years that we toured, there was only one group that blew us off the stage, and that was the Mighty, Montclairs, led by the incomparable Phil Perry.

    The year was 1976. The location: “The Cellar Club” in Toledo, Ohio.

    Our group was accustomed to receiving standing ovations for our renditions of New Birth’s version of “Wildflower,” “It’s Been Such A Long Time,” Chaka and Rufus’ “Once You Get Started” “Stop On By,” “I’m A Woman,” the Ohio Players’ “Skin Tight,” “Together,” “Heaven Must Be Like This,” “Fire,” and many more great songs from “A” list groups back in the 70’s.

    On that fateful night in Toledo, Ohio we were giving it all we had, to no avail. The people weren’t feeling us… Keep in mind, in seven years we had never encountered anything like this, and we were tripping.

    Well, after our humiliating set was over, the Mighty Montclairs took the stage and opened with the Isley Brothers’ “Live It Up” and they killed it! When Phil Perry kicked off the Isley Brothers’ version of “Hello It’s Me,” it was a wrap!

    The Mighty Montclairs may not be a household name to many of you, but I can tell you first hand, those brothers from East St. Louis were phenomenal on stage. And the guy leading the charge was Phil Perry.

    From the moment those guys came on stage, until they completed the encores, they had those people eating out of their hands. That was the longest, most miserable night of my years in the band.

    I had no idea who Phil Perry was until many years later when I moved to Los Angels, CA, and frequented a club called, “At My Place” in Santa Monica, CA (during the early 80’s). By this time Phil had left the Montclairs and was a solo artist, and he played this particular club often.

    I came across some biographical material on Phil, and when I read he was the lead singer of the Montclairs, it all made sense who he was, and why we got killed on that night in 1976, in Toledo, Ohio. The man was born to sing – period!

    Don’t get me wrong, my band was incredible. But the Mighty Montclairs, featuring Phil Perry ruled that part of the country. (Plus, they had recorded some of their original music. That was huge back then, and we had not recorded any of our originals.)

    Here’s the bottom line, if you don’t have any of Phil Perry’s music, I encourage you to check him out. The man is amazing!

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