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Sherri Shepherd’s Surrogate: ‘She Acts Like this Baby is Nonexistent’ (Watch)

Sherri Shepherd
Actress and Comedian Sherri Shepherd

*Jessica Bartholomew (Sherri Shepherd‘s surrogate) is blasting the comedian/actress/talk show host for neglecting her child. And now Bartholomew is struggling financially to support the baby.

Bartholomew claimed Shepherd wants nothing to do with baby Lamar Jr. (who doesn’t carry any of her DNA) since she’s going through a messing divorce with Lamar Sally.

Sally and Bartholomew claimed Shepherd gave up on the marriage before the baby’s due date. And now the surrogate is listed as a “noncustodial parent” on the birth certificate.

Not only is she a “noncustodial parent,” but the state of California is pursuing her for child support. She opened up to Inside Edition.

“It’s affected me a lot. I am now listed as a noncustodial parent in California,” she said. “I have a child support case coming against me now.”

She added, “Because [Sherri Shepherd] doesn’t want to be a part of the baby’s life, I have to pick up all the slack with my name being on the birth certificate, a noncustodial parent, medical bills. I’m still considered the mother of a child that’s not mine.”

She told Inside Edition that she is very angry with Shepherd who hasn’t contacted her about what’s happening and for leaving her out in the cold.

“She would call up and check on me during the pregnancy in the beginning,” she said. “At the 20 week appointment, she seemed very excited. She was going to see the baby for the first time…I didn’t see any warning signs right away.”

Watch the interview below:



  1. Sherri has nothing to do with this baby, and especially since there seems that have been a tad bit of fraud. She is acting as she should from a legal standpoint.

    This is not her baby, and that deadbeat so called husband needs to have gotten himself a J.O.B to support HIS son.

  2. This has totally backfired on all parties involved. This is what happens when you tamper with nature and a baby is basically “engineered” as some sort of laboratory specimen. This woman was clearly in it for the cash, after all she was paid $25,000 and so was Lamar a jobless gold digger looking to live large off of Sherri. Now both of their azz’es are stuck cause Sherri , the only one with the funds backed out.

    Not sure why they did this to begin with, there are plenty of African American babies they could have adopted. Asking this white chick to be a part of this ridiculousness was stupid as hell.

    I assume Sherri did this to avoid paying Lamar alimony & child support for the next 18 years. They all better get good lawyers. I predict this will be some battle. This is a damn mess!

    • All this lady did was carry the child. . .Sherri’s eggs were not viable, the eggs belong to someone else, the sperm is Larry’s so, by all things genetic and as lousy as the turn out is. . . Sherri doesn’t have anything to do with tyke. Moral obligation maybe but, not legally. All this because was so desparate to have a husband. Tsk,tsk

      • I totally agree UNLESS Sherri signed a binding contract. Surely a decision this important and this expensive would require a binding agreement. If Sherri signed papers, she would in effect, be adopting the child. All 3 of them should have protected themselves for just this situation. I heard on TV that Sal has taken the child so it will have a biological home. I hope the suragate mom has her best interests protected.

  3. It is one big mess. It’s NOT Nice To ME WITH Mother nature. To bad a child has to be tossed around like a bidding war. No man is worth the foolishness, Sherri, has put herself in. No man! Just be patient and wait on the Lord, to give you, the desires, of your heart.

  4. ..if sherri was a REAL WOMAN? She would work it out with Lamar .. becuz she had a contract to take the baby..a CHILD is a CHILD no matter where the child came from … and I’m certain she signed a contract..all three signed the contract.. and there’s legal standards that should be met with a binding contract, UNLESS, stating otherwise, and who knows this might be the case or may not be the SHERRI or LAMAR is not OFF the HOOK by any means for the Child’s support..Sherri knows this, that’s why she’s working any and everywhere becuz she’s gonna need the money for sure if the court outcome is NOT in her favor.. why should the child SUFFER becuz of their mistakes.. a child is child that didn’t ask to be born? i means sherri has several abortions.. so she’s not the nurturing mother she claims to be IMPO.. if so then why is her Child’s daddy asking for total physical custody? He wants money too from Sherri? is that it?

    ..At the end of the day.. depending what the contracts states..SHERRI and LAMAR are legally binded to the child as husband and wife per contract agreement with the Surrogate.. this HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHOSE EGG IT WAS ..THAT’S OBVISOUS this has no play with the contract.. otherwise, why sign a contract? Contracts are legally binding.. and that’s why we have courts.. where those applicants of a binding contract violates said contract agreement.

    It’s mess becuz neither Sherri or Lamar..both whom on colored folks time.. didn’t do their homework( the what’s) prior to making the final decision to use a surrogate .. now you have what you have a MESS.. and someboby between the both of them or the BOTH of them has to PAY for this baby that didn’t ask to be born..

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