Thursday, September 29, 2022

Tamika Fuller Testifies Ludacris Offered Her $10K to Get Abortion (Watch)

tamika fuller & ludacris (court)

*Rapper/actor Ludacris and his baby mama Tamika Fuller are in court for a custody hearing and Fuller’s testimony is revealing some interesting stuff.

She’s saying it’s basically ludicrous of him to be demanding full custody of their daughter Cai Bella Bridges because he desperately wanted her to have an abortion to the point he even bribed her.

Fuller says that when she told Luda she was pregnant, he cried, but not because he was happy. He said it would ruin his life and he then urged her to get an abortion.

Fuller says she first learned of her pregnancy while seeing a doctor for unrelated reasons.

“I told him the same day that I found out,” she explained. “He was not happy. He cried. It wasn’t that he wasn’t happy because he did say, ‘This wasn’t something that we planned. Let’s move forward and get an abortion. We’re not going to have a family. The baby is not going to be with the mother and the father in the same house. This is all bad.’ [He said] it would ruin his life. It’s going to ruin his career.”

Fuller alleges that Ludacris attempted to bribe her into having the pregnancy terminated. She says he initially offered her $10K and a house if she lost the baby.

“He never changed his mind. He did not. He did [attempt to get me to have an abortion]. He gave me the money for an abortion, actually. It was $900 and some change. We were having a conversation and he was like, ‘I can take you back to the house. I got 10 grand. I can help you out. I’m going to work it out. I can help you out with whatever it is you need. I can help you with a house. We’re going to work together.”




  1. She said, “Fool I’ve got bigger plans than a house and ten thousand dollars! Are you trying to low ball me?”.

    • Oh well she got him for 18 years, he should put a cap on it. You play now you gonna pay for 18 years. You have fun getting the baby now put the baby 1st and make it work. Lots of babies were not planned and do just well. Pay for your baby just like other celebrity fathers.

      • “You play now you pay is welfare mentality”. Children require, need, and desire more than that, but usually when it’s all about the money and only about the money for the mom, the child suffers. Children are not lotto tickets, or come ups.

  2. It always fascinates me, how most people only “go in ‘on” the male, but hardly EVva address the blatant “WHORISM” these lazy skanks reflect exhibit. I mean SHYT!, it would be more respectable of them to simply take their “egg pimpin” asses, to a fertility clinic, or Google a “couple in need”!! And I ALSO thinks it’s fkd up, how despite the OBvious “ulterior motives” of these “conniving cunts”, how the “male ONLY”!!, is made to financially provide for the child. Like what?, females can “independently decide” to haaaaaave the baby, but STILL get to “demand assistance” for the decision “THEY ALONE” make!!?? WTF kinda hypocritical BS is…”THAT”!!?? Now….doooooooN’T get it twisted!!, I DO agree Luda or ANY man who knows dey g’on be “swangin that bat” & doesn’t “put a sock ‘on dey shoe, while dey kickin it”!!, is just aaaaasking for a prollum, ok!?? But after BOTH people are irresponsible?, it seems the bulk of that responsibility soley lands at the feet of the male, & NEVer the FEmale who deciiiiiiided to get knocked up & KEEP the child….alllllll ‘on huh own!! These & other contradictions can be found?, at the new website…..”BS.COM”!!! Wink/FOH!

    • They need to find something to hustle besides these children who are going to end up bitter and confused, after the mom fills their heads with a bunch of b.s..

    • He just won primary custody, so let’s see if the women want the mom to pay for playing. We never got a dime from my step-daughters mom, but before she lost custody, she and her home girls were in court hollering, “child support, child support”, like some clicking chickens.

    • Actually, in Georgia, both parents are assigned a percentage of the child’s upkeep based on each parent’s income. The custodial parent is not paying anything to the noncustodial parent but that amount is subtracted from what the paying parent actually has to pay. I know several instances where the woman is ordered to pay a larger percentage of the child’s upkeep and I also know more than one instance where the father got custody and the mother is paying child support to the father. In my opinion it is the responsibility of both partners to protect themselves and whenever you have unprotected sex you should expect that a child can come out of it. After a certain age, I don’t believe a man has been “trapped” unless they discussed it and the woman put a hole in a condom or pretended to take birth control pills. People need to start being more responsible period!

  3. Safe sex is paramount. What kind of woman would want a baby from a man that doesn’t want her to have a baby with? Your morals can’t be that high for having unprotected sex in the first place!! Look at the outcome now.

    • You didn’t know? That’s the problem..many shelfish immature females do this not women..they chose a man to have a child with yet not discussing with their male sex partners..and then the males are not responsible for their own birth control… Houston..we have a child not planned due to reckless behavior..

    • Also sounds as if they weren’t a couple? Just randomly a drive by on occasion? Becuz what she states as testimony..sounds like he wasn’t in love with offer her 900.00 for an abortion she claims she didn’t want but took the money anyway? Naw take her to the clinic and pay for it don’t give no female you are doing as in a drive to get an abortion. .for baby you don’t want….he’s reckless she’s planning it..

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