Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Ludacris Wins Primary Custody of 1-Year-Old Daughter


*Family court has spoken.

A judge has given Ludacris primary physical custody of his 1-year-old daughter, reports TMZ.

The decision comes after the child’s mother, Tamika Fuller, testified that the rapper didn’t want the baby when he found out she was pregnant, and even tried to negotiate an abortion by offering her $10,000.

But sources linked to the rapper say the judge reviewed the report from an independent expert as well as the testimony and concluded Luda was the more fit parent.

Luda tells TMZ, “I am gratified that the judge found me to be the most fit and proper parent to have primary physical custody of our beautiful daughter.”



  1. Wow!
    Wade, Usher, Deion … now Luda.
    No way in hell anyone can tell me that money doesn’t talk in American custody cases.

    How can an independent expert conclude that he is the more fit parent, when this woman had the choice to terminate the pregnancy but chose to have her child instead?
    That’s a mother’s love. How can a judge not respect that?

    But it was also an expert witness who concluded that Siohvaughn was crazy in the Wade custody case. A ruling which a later judge said was total crap.

    Warning to all women. You got a child by an entertainer or baller, don’t even think about the money. Unless you want your baby snatched.

    • Im confusee…help me to understand….what your saying because he didn’t want the baby in the beginning because the mother was a side trick..he stated. .”this is bad, the baby will not have family of mother and father together” and she lied about being on the pill.. (she tricked him) that he should not have full custody? Do you honestly think its the money? I know fathers that have full custody of their children because the mothers are unfit. Just because your a woman doesn’t mean your mother material it means you can have babies only. And please lets not talk about Usher wife who gave up custody of her first born children to her frist husband so she can start a new family with Usher now if thats not unfit then what the hell is..note to side tricks..stay in your lane stop trying to make money between your legs because in custody battles your character is on display! IJS

    • When you stop to think about it, this is really an amazing decision. A decision like this almost automatically implies that the mother had some serious issues which would endanger the child. How else could a judge take a barely one year old girl from her mother to give to a father who didn’t want to have the child in the first place, didn’t want to have anything to do with her when she was born (saying she wasn’t his) and probably still hasn’t established any type of bond with the child. And then to break that mother daughter bond at this tender age?!

      The Usher/Wade/Sanders cases don’t even come remotely close to this. Those were all married fathers who were there form the children were born and continued to be in their lives up until that point.

      I’m going to say that America’s judicial system is not that corrupt, and there must be some plausible explanation for this seemingly outrageous decision.

  2. Not to mention… look at his face..he doesn’t even look thrilled he has another mouth to feed.. he didn’t want that baby.. now hes trying to fake the funk.. what an azz!

  3. Like I said previously….Ludacris is s loser..from the minute he came on the scene..disrespecting women, amd now hes using is WIFE to create a better environment to get out of paying child suport. Whatever a break baby is….he still had feeling for another women when he laid down with this babies mother..he has no respect for himself.

  4. Wow! So, Luda (who has millions and publicly denounced the pregnancy) is now granted full custody of this 1 – year old child based on independent sources? With full custody, does this mean he is now off the hook for child support? And, maybe his gesture of throwing Eudoxie a surprise wedding was not so romantic as it was calculating? Could getting married so suddenly have been part of his master plan to get out of paying child support? And, wonder how his new wife is feeling after his surprise wedding and this Judge’s ruling has now resulted in her becoming a new Mother when she has been a new wife less than a month?

    While I never feel that what a parent does for a living is grounds for automatically taking away their child (as long as they take good care of their child) the courts obviously feel differently. Here is the Mother of the child (single and making a living as a Stripper/Dancer or used to) on the one side while Luda and Eudoxie (have millions, live a enviable lifestyle and are married) are deemed more “fit” to raise a child that Luda never wanted from the get-go. This little girl will read how her Father felt about her on the Internet one day, and resent him for taking her away from her Mother. If anything, Luda and the Mother should have shared joint custody not Luda getting full custody. Money truly does talk and especially in American courts.

  5. Are you all saying that there is no reason that a father should be awarded custody of a baby just because of the mother title? That is bull just because a man don’t have the baby or has a little money does not mean that some under handed stuff has went down to get custody of the child remember it is for the best welfare of the child. @Beloved where did he publicly denounce the baby was it in another article? By looking at this it could have just been lie so she could get custody people lie in court all the time. And by looking at a picture you say he doesn’t look thrilled? You don’t know when the picture was took in court so you can’t really know how he was looking when the decision was given. As a man that won custody of my daughter at a young I can tell you all mothers do not keep the child and money has nothing to do with it.

  6. Wow!

    Give the baby to a man that wanted her ABORTED!

    Then… claimed it isn’t my baby!

    Then… oh she’s mines? I want FULL CUSTODY!

    The baby’s mother & Luda were friends since high school…

    To me this means he has had some kind of relationship with her for some time. (on the low)

    This baby will be in the home with her dad’s wife,
    who must feel some kind of way about how he cheated and “THIS BABY” is the RESULT of that BETRAYAL!!!

    There is some UNDER HANDED, SNEAKY, possibly unethical behavior with these Atlanta judges!

    Something is very wrong with this ruling! JMO


      I just read that this woman’s FIRST daughter testified against her.

      She abandoned her daughter with her family… no contact with them!

      Her first daughter is 20 years old.

      The testimony was so emotional they had to have a recess afterwards!

      REALLY SAD!!!

      Also, the baby has been spending time with her father weekly. So… there is somewhat of a bond.

  7. This ruling actually reminded me of the policy in Canada and Australia, where Aboriginal children were taken from their families and placed with a white family. The whole purpose was to rob them of their cultural identity under the guise of civilizing them. And this shit continued up until the 80s. Some of that stuff was also going on in America back then, where black children were taken away from their parents and placed with a white family.

    This judge is basically continuing the same barbaric practices that those aboriginal and black parents were subjected to. Because you are not wealthy or highly educated, you are less qualified to be a parent, so let’s hand them over to the more “cultured” rich or white folks.

    It’s hard to believe that there is still no explicit law in this so called great democracy, that would make it absolutely illegal for a person’s child to be taken from them because of their social class.

    • @Reds: I just read a bit more about this trial. Unfortunately the woman abandoned her first child. The older child (20 yo) was called to the stand. The testimony was pretty damning!

      Really sad!

      • I’m looking forward to getting some more details of this “damning” testimony. But as I said earlier, there had to be some plausible explanation for this seemingly outrageous decision.

  8. People people PEople!!!, he didn’t want a baby with/by “HUH” triflin ass!! And since she diiiiiiid have the baby?, he was start enough (after his stupidity) to get custody OF said child, & NOT allow huh to charge his ass up with the BS position of….”the lifestyle “his child” (code for “HER” lazy ass!) should live, with HIS money!! Sounds to me?, like mofos are just “maaaad like Twan”, b/c this brotha “checkmated that ass” & cut her planned trip to the mall….shorter than a….”midget ‘on his knees”!!!! Yo…..don’t hate the playah, hate the muthafkn….gaaaaaaame! And when you lose that suckah?, don’t bytch & moan, just take yo losin ass out that ring, &….”.back to the drawing board”. Wah wah wah waaaaaah! TJBt/”BOOM”! Ps…hashtag? “Bitter much”!??

  9. People change. I asked the mother of my first son to abort him (although I was 18 at the time) I did a pretty amazing job with an amazing young man who is a college graduate living his dream out in Japan. If a mother considered abortion is she never fit to be a parent? We don’t know the mental state of any of the parties involved. Let’s hope Luda is an amazing pops that guides her to her God given purpose.


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