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Full Force & Friends Help Swizz Beats Surprise Alicia Keys with ‘House Party’ (Pics/Video)

alicia keys - swizz & alicia

*So January 25th is Alicia Key‘s birthday but Saturday night her husband Kasseem “Swizz Beats” Dean threw his wife a surprise House Party Pajama Jammy Jam which featured hot energetic performances by the classic movie cast members themselves of Kid N Play, Full Force, Tisha Campbell & A.J. Johnson.

As the guests partied to the DJ sounds of Kid Capri & Kool DJ Red Alert, the music simmered down as all the guests who were dressed in pajama’s including a still shocked Alicia Keys who wore matching jammies with her husband Swizz Beats, all gathered close to the performance area as DJ FunkMaster Flex introduced the House Party Bullies themselves, Full Force as the 3 brothers of the group (Paul Anthony, B-Fine & Bowlegged Lou) ran onstage to DJ Runna’s music cue, they started to sing their hit song ” Aint My Type Of Hype” which is the dance battle theme song of House Party.

As the 2nd verse approached, then out of nowhere came Tisha Campbell Martin & AJ Johnson who just promptly re-created some of their classic House Party dance moves that they did 25 years ago. They did not lose a step as they both twisted, turned, rocked & moved to the crowd’s delight.

As that segment ended, Full Force then guided the enthused guests into a delightful classic musical call & shout audience response routine which was met with loud crowd participation. After Full Force ended then Kid N Play’s DJ Wiz struck the turntable intro as Kid N Play glided on stage to do a medley of their hits which included “Aint Gonna Hurt Nobody” & “Rollin Wit’ Kid N Play.” Needless to say, they both climaxed their set with the classic Kid N Play Kid N play Kick Step. As their set came to an end, the guests roared with approval.

ak - ff group & swizz
‘House Party’ cast members, Full Force and Swizz Beats getting ready to surprise Alicia

The birthday girl, Alicia Keys & her hubby, the birthday giver, Swizz Beats, were thoroughly satisfied with their very own House Party Pajama Jammy Jam Concert which featured the actual cast members of the iconic movie House Party. The idea & brainstorm to rock a House Party pajama jammy theme came from the innovative mind of Swizz Beats who wanted nothing but the best for his wife. Alicia was so surprised & happy as she danced while taking pics with lots of her guests & even partied with the House Party cast members. As Bowlegged Lou aka Pee Wee would say in his high pitched squeaky voice, Everyone at the Party was kickin some f**kin assssssss !!

For Swizz’s last Birthday, Alicia surprised Swizz with a beautiful “Coming To America” themed birthday party. Swizz got her back with one of her favorite movies. The party guest-list included Busta Rhymes, La La Anthony, Carmelo Anthony, Angie Martinez, Ebro Darden & Oprah’s best friend Gayle King.

Watch as the “House Party” family gets ready to surprise Alicia:

Check out video from the event:

Shout out to Swizz for orchestrating such a hot surprise party & shout out to Swizz’s super assistant & coordinator Monique Blake. If a concert tour is birthed out of House Party’s 25th Anniversary this year, Kid n Play, Full Force, Tisha Campbell Martin, AJ Johnson & other possible acts will have Swizz & Alicia for cultivating that idea !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALICIA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!

Check out some snaps from the event:

ak - aj & tisha
AJ Johnson & Tisha Campbell Martin

Alicia keys, Paul Anthony, AJ Johnson
Alicia keys, Paul Anthony, AJ Johnson

Bowlegged Lou, Carmelo Anthony & Paul Anthony
Bowlegged Lou, Busta Rhymes & Paul Anthony

Bowlegged Lou & Alicia Keys
Bowlegged Lou & Alicia Keys

Paul Anthony, Gayle King, Paul Anthony's wife Michelle
Paul Anthony, Gayle King, Paul Anthony’s wife Michelle

Paul Anthony, Carmelo Anthony & bowlegged Lou
Paul Anthony, Carmelo Anthony & bowlegged Lou



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