Thursday, December 9, 2021

‘Afraid Of Dark’ Doc Explores Black Male Endangerment (Watch)


*In modern times, many black males have fallen victim to their criminalization based on systematic forms of racism.

Mya B. is honoring these young black males — Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Sean Bell and Oscar Grant — with a documentary about this fear of the black male, which has led the tragic, unjust deaths of so many.

Afraid Of Dark” highlights the many racial stereotypes black males face and the fear of  black masculinity based off of these stereotypes.

The film interviews rappers, politicians and actors who have gone through it all — the ones who have been discriminated against and racially profiled based on this societal, unjust fear of black males.

The Brooklyn-based filmmaker Mya B. wanted to shed light on the criminalization of black males, which ultimately has led to violent acts committed against black males — a historical, systematic form of racism from slavery to Jim Crow — leading into the Civil Rights Movement that has continued to endanger black males into the 21st Century.

Indiewire’s Shadow And Act reports, “I wanted to analyze the damaging stereotypes of black men which has led to them being murdered and criminalized,” she said. “I also wanted black men to receive their glory outside of all the bad things you hear in the media and profile the amazing black men I know and who are in our communities.”

She recognizes many black males — the ones in the first paragraph who received heavy media attention — never got the justice they deserved.

“More importantly I wanted people to never forget those black youth and men who never got justice in death by honoring them in the film to keep them alive in our memories.”

This film will celebrate black men who defy such racial stereotypes and racially profiling based on inaccurate (historically placed) ideas on their masculinity.

The film will be touring the festival circuit this year. Be on the lookout for the film.

Watch the trailer below:



  1. I’m giving Mya B one thousand standing ovations!

    I’m feeling everything Mya is striving to do.

    Demonizing black folks is Amerikkka’s favorite pass time in order to justify their barbaric acts against us.

    We are NOT responsible for the paranoia of racist white people, they are…

    Like Bobbie said, on another thread, “They’ve had 400 plus years to get comfortable with us.” But it seems that because of our beautiful black skin, they simply refuse to accept us as equals. And guess what? That’s their problem, not ours.

    We need to continue celebrating our beautiful blackness, and ignore those who attempt to denigrate the voluminous contributions our people have made, and continue to make to the world.

    Do your thing Mya B, and make sure to inform us how we can purchase your invaluable work so we can continue to support your efforts to uplift the race!



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