Saturday, September 24, 2022

Rodman Gets Tearful About North Korea, Admits Receiving Death Threats

dennis rodman

*Dennis Rodman has been able to weather lots of criticism regarding his trips to North Korea and friend ship with Kim Jong-un.

But apparently all the attention and criticism may have gotten to Rodman, who, according to, opens up about those trips and the response he received for it in the documentary “Dennis Rodman’s Big Bang In Pyongyang.”

In a clip released from the documentary, Rodman stops talking and cries silently for a bit, while talking about North Korea. The athlete goes on to reveal that he’s gotten some death threats and that he got called out by lots of people on his ignorance of what happens in North Korea. Despite the criticism, Rodman boasts how no one more famous than he is goes to places like North Korea to do what he does.

Rodman’s travels to North Korea have included an infamous appearance on CNN in which he went ballistic when he was in the country. Mediaite notes that a movie inspired by Rodman’s adventures with Kim Jong-un is currently in the works.

To see Rodman’s appearance in the documentary, check out the video below, via Deadline:



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