Saturday, September 24, 2022

Mike Epps Catches it for Pic of Black Man Whipping White Slaves

mike epps  (blk man whipping white slaves)

The truth is it’s a fantasy a lot of black folks would like to experience. You know, flipping the script on white folks and making them slaves.

Apparently comedian/actor Mike Epps went ahead and made it happen. Sorta. And of course the blowback from white folks came hard and fast.

Yep, Epps got blasted on social media for posting a photo of a black man whipping white slaves in a cotton field.

He posted the pic on Instagram and Facebook late Thursday night; the cotton field scene also included an image of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. floating above … and smiling.

Epps captioned the image, “I am so proud of you bro! Lol.”

(Mike, you is crazy, dude!)

Epps — who’s playing Richard Pryor in an upcoming biopic — quickly took down the photo, but not before getting an earful from angry fans, according to TMZ.

But Epps says don’t trip, he was just funnin’ around. Remember, he’s a comedian.  On the other hand,  he understands why some people were angry. Ultimately, he says that’s why he deleted it.

As for where the controversial picture  came from, check out his answer:

One last thing. Epps has a new AOL series called of all things,  “That’s Racist.”  It debuts Monday and he’ll be interviewing people around the country about stereotypes, but insists the photo was  not for promotional purposes.



    • I wouldn’t know because I as a white person like all American white people these days we never owned slaves. Most white people dont even have slave owners in their family line. I never wore that shoe and to assume I did because i am white is racist. Racist idiot.

      • You don’t no what the hell you talking about , first you say white people didn’t own slave, and now all white people own slave. No one is talking about in this day and time dumb ass .

  1. Why should whites be offended by a fantasy and dare us to be angry about a truth? Epps should not allow those bastards to make him bow down. If a job in Hollywood means losing your right to express truth, then what is the uproar and defense about the journalist in France and The Interview all about? White America is a hypocrite and despised for the arrogance of the double standard. They can mock Muhammad, blacks and Asians but, are outraged by Epps?

  2. Liz has some legitimate points…

    White folks can make fun of anyone, at any time, and its called exercising their first amendment right. But when any one caricatures them… That supremacist side just rises like a mofo! 🙂

    Please hurry up and get over yourselves white people, you’re not that effing important!

  3. Bet has a cartoon that come on sat morning at 8 it shows whites doing all kinda mess up crap to black kids an yall have a problem with the shoe on the other foot I would not have taken nothing down

  4. You dont see anything wrong with it? So all whites deserve this. Must be justice because we know white people all own slaves. You voted for obama because you are racist you dont find anything wrong with this because you are racist

  5. Meth-head troll has entered the building… A little pissed, are we?

    Now maybe your dumb ass has a clue about how black people feel regarding all of the sick jokes racist white folks have been planting and then offering fake apologies, for years.

    That reverse racist humor shit is a bitch, ain’t it?

    Racist for voting for Obama… Little boy, please go directly to rehab… No less than 60 days for you, “Jared!”

  6. I am white and don’t find that picture offensive. Did I own slaves?…nope, would I ever own slaves?…nope, the thing is that picture was meant to be taken lightly and in my opinion not so damn literally. For a generation of people who grew up watching south park and family guy we certainly get offended by the littlest things. Frankly it’s a good eye opener, a simple way to put the shoe on the other foot and why not if it would help ease things I’ll take a whipping.

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