Wednesday, May 18, 2022

WTF! Willow Smith Seemingly Goes Topless with Instagram Profile Photo

willow-smith*Willow Smith continues to ride the controversy train as she seemingly went topless after recently changing her profile photo on Instagram.

The New York Daily News reports that the photo raised concern among some fans that thought 14-year-old entertainer was indulging in risqué behavior.

Despite what it looked like, the reality is that Smith was wearing what labeled as a vintage Jean Paul Gaultier shirt that was designed to look like a naked woman’s body.

Needless to say, Will and Jada’s daughter did not actually violate Instagram’s no-nudity policy, unlike Miley Cyrus, Scout Willis and Chelsea Handler, who posted topless photos of themselves in the past.



  1. The tee shirt is inapproriate for 14 yr old but it is just an UGLY tee to begin with. Willow is an odd looking child IMO and she nor her brother ever smiles. Sidenote- this is what happens when a child is left to make heer own decsions and basically raise herself.

  2. They are nice looking talented children, but why is grown up media following their every move. Who was the adult that was hired to follow her and how many other minors, that aren’t their children, do they follow? That’s what’s creepy.

  3. They are a weird family anyway. No adult supervision whatsoever, plus their parents have an open marriage to begin with so there you have it.

    • hmm, so we told by them personally their marriage is open or are you one who get their facts from credible sources? i’m just sayin’

      • People say that the Smith’s have an open marriage often, and people are very literal with their interpretation. Jada has already clarified what she meant by open marriage, but I guess continuing to slander their family, for some, is more exciting. Unless, you follow your children around 24/7 don’t think you control their every move. I know a mother who thinks her daughter, who’s 40, has never told a lie.

  4. I think she’s a beautiful child. I knew that wasn’t her body the minute I looked at the shirt. It’s ugly, and it’s not something I would let my 14-year old daughter wear. But this is a mega famous family and the rules are different.

  5. She has an eclectic style! The top is cute (IMO)!

    Funny… if Willow went topless she would look like her brother! She is flat as the plains!

    I would not wish for my 14 year old to wear this top! The Smiths are different….!

  6. Where in the world is this little girls parents? I don’t care if she’s 14 or 114 – she should not be wearing this type of clothing – period! These “celebrity” kids are always to quick to want to grow up and be an adult? I don’t understand why? When you are an adult, life changes for you – you have to pay bills – be responsible and most importantly – hold down a job! This little girl looks completely lost and her parents don’t seem to care one way or the other. Too much money and they don’t have time for this dazed and confused twitter/face book troll? They need to concentrate on family values and give up that allege “Scientology” affiliation!”

    • “Completely listed”? Wow, I guess it doesn’t take much for a black kid to do that now days. How can you “give up” a religion you “allegedly practice”?

  7. I’m convinced that Willow has an awful disease and they don’t know when her time will come. Therefore, they don’t stifle her. They allow her to do whatever she wants because she doesn’t have much time. Why else would parents demonstrate such lack of parenting. I dont know if they love this child. Only parents who don’t care about what their children do would allow this. This child is a minor and excuses are constantly made for these folks…ok, well it’s Hollywood – it’s different, it’s not your child so move on, etc. Everybody wants to say mind your business when they’re little but then when they grow up and become non productive, menaces to society whose behavior may/could affect us or even someone we know – then folks wanna know what’s wrong with them. What’s wrong with them and her in particular is that her parents have no standards or boundaries. These people still live in our world. They are not isolated, therefore those boundaries need to be put in place because it’s only a matter of time before they actually do have to deal with society. These children become adults who marry and have children, then their personalities, ticks – lack of discretion etc becomes other people’s problem. If she werent the child of an A list, blockbuster and a celebrity – we’d all be saying who are/ and what’s wrong with her parents. So, for all those who feel like what does it matter to you…? I’m a fellow human being who sees a young lady going down the wrong path – that’s what it matters to me.

    • well said – don’t know if she’s got health issues but she does have issues, what with being raised without a proper education by two parents who have more money than talent or common sense, and if the scientology thing is true then they’re all in trouble … they need Jesus … and that picture is busted …

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