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Exec. Producer Phil Thornton Shuts Down ‘R&B Divas’ Rumors

phil thornton & michele

*There are many rumors about “R&B Divas,” but executive producer Phil Thornton  (pictured above with Michele) shut down some of the nonsense drama built around the show.

The biggest rumor is that the original series has been cancelled and the spinoff,” R&B Divas: LA” remains successful, but this is untrue, according to

“‘R&B Divas: Atlanta‘ has not been cancelled. There has been no definitive decision made by the network,” he said. “Yeah, contracts have expired. We have not renewed any of the cast contracts. That’s no secret. We’re in discussions now, but the show is absolutely not cancelled. I was on the phone with the network today and the show is absolutely not cancelled.”

But the cancellation rumor isn’t the only drama that’s not so behind-the-scenes. Former star and executive producer Nicci Gilbert has a bone to pick with Thornton, but he could care less.

“I don’t care! I’ve done shows and films since R&B Divas. No one else I’ve worked with has an issue with me,” he said. “I was the person that sold what was an idea for her and made it a reality. I gave her money out of my own fee to basically accommodate and up her producer fee.”

He added, “Faith was making significantly more because of who she is. Nicci’s fee did not match that. Nicci was upset. Myself and my partner said, ‘Instead of bumping our fee, give that money to Nicci Gilbert.’ Tell that part! I don’t worry about what her feelings and her thoughts are of me because I’ve done right by her.”

Gilbert said she doesn’t like the direction the show has gone in, but Thornton didn’t like it when she was part of the show causing drama.

“The direction that Nicci turned the show. If you look at the drama and conflict in season 1 and season 2, it was mostly by one individual. We removed that individual. It was so dramatic, it was so negative, but it was coming from primarily one individual who was coincidentally an executive producer on the show, so go figure,” he said.

He added, “her antics were not instigated by that of myself or the rest of the production team. Everyone wants to blame…it’s production, it’s production. No, it was actually you! Tell the whole story. You did that. Tell the whole story! That wasn’t production instigated. That was you!”

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