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Attorney Derrick McDaniel, Slates Book, ‘Eldercare’

unnamed (20)*Derrick McDaniel, JD, MBA, PMP, is the author of “Eldercare: The Essential Guide to Caring for Your Loved One and Yourself. On sale now, “Eldercare” was written for those with responsibility for caring for their elders while caring for their own households. Including jobs, children and social obligations.

McDaniel, the principal and managing director, of S.E. & D. Enterprises, a  privately owned and managed company focusing on the Senior Care industry, is also an attorney and former New York University professor.

McDaniel has consulted for corporations and provided professional advice to countless families over the past 15 years on issues related to caring for loved ones. His first exposure to the eldercare industry came as a long-time caregiver to his grandmother.

His book attempts to tackle every aspect of caregiving for the elderly, including such topics as: talking to the care recipient; developing a game plan; handling stress and depression; dealing with siblings; preparing necessary documents; handling the transition and stretching one’s money. “Eldercare” also provides a special section on home healthcare.

Below are a few observations about caring for elders and family caregivers, as found in McDaniel’s book, “Eldercare.”

  • Eldercare is like being on a plane in a time of crisis – when the oxygen masks come down, you have to care for yourself first. You can’t care for others if you have passed out from oxygen deprivation.
  • People should contemplate caring for their elderly parents the same way they contemplate having children.
  •  Recent statistics show that over 65 million people in the U.S. are unpaid family caregivers –and the value of this work has been estimated at $350 billion annually, according to AARP.
  • While paying for caregiving services can be expensive, the personal cost of caregiving can also be significant: higher rates of serious illnesses; increased levels of stress & periods of depression; relationship loss, etc.
  • 3 out of 5 caregivers develop significant signs of depression.
  • The financial impact of caregiving – without proper planning – can be catastrophic. People frequently quit or lose their jobs (and healthcare benefits); drain their bank and investment accounts and/or ultimately end up selling or losing their homes.

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