Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Lee Daniels is Set on Showcasing Homophobia in Black America with ‘Empire’

lee-daniels*Lee Daniels is using the success of his hit show “Empire” to “blow the lid off homophobia” in the Black community.

Daniels addressed his intent to dive into the issue at a recent television conference as he noted the depiction of the relationship between “Empire’”s lead character, Lucious Lyon, with his gay son Jamal. The topic strikes a person nerve for the filmmaker, who admitted that his own father’s hostility toward gays frightened him.

As a result, Daniels is keen on the fact that the same attitudes his father displayed are being passed on from one generation to another with families around the world.

“What we’re trying to do is to give people the opportunity to see that what they’re doing is painful,” said Daniels, who believes if his father would have evolved in his thinking if he were alive today.

During the “Empire”’s first episode, Lyon’s open hostility towards Jamal is seen in a flashback as he is shown stuffing Jamal into a garbage can when he sees the young boy trying on his mother’s high heels.

“I’m glad that I can show the African-American community that this is what you’re doing to your son, this is what you’re doing to your nephew, this is what you’re doing to the kid down the street,” Terrence Howard, who stars on “Empire” as Lyon, told the Associated Press.

Jamal’s story has apparently captured the attention of viewers who have expressed their feelings about the character to the actor portraying him, Jussie Smollett.

, the actor who portrays Jamal, said he’s been overwhelmed by the response to the story line that he has seen in social media.

If there are viewers who can see themselves in Jamal, “that’s incredibly dope and I embrace that,” Smollett shared with the AP while noting that he’s been overwhelmed by the response Jamal’s story line has received on social media .

“Viewers want to see people who look like them on television,” he said. “They’re also interested in people that don’t look like them.”

“Right now we’re seeing people enjoy the culture of America, the culture of the world,” Daniels added. “We’re showing real life now.”



  1. This show is a major break though. Thanks to the hip hop culture, there is a universal language that has allowed this show a great crossover appeal. And hopefully the black Christian community will learn from this show that homosexuals are like everybody else, and not the monsters created by poor interpretation of the bible.

  2. That’s great that he is trying to make others understand the homosexual life style. I agree that homosexuals are just like everyone else in the sense that they are human beings. I may not agree with their lifestyle, but I will fight along with them to obtain their rights.

    That being said, Mr. Daniel’s and others need to understand that there are people who do not embrace their lifestyle, and nothing he does will change that!

    You don’t have to have hate against a group simply because you may not agree, and you don’t have to shove your lifestyle on others.

    • thank you so much for what you said – we as true Christians do not show hatred toward homosexuality; we simply refuse to ignore what God and His word says about it, that it is an abomination, and try as you might, you will never make homosexuality acceptable to the majority, using God’s rainbow does not help the situation – we know homosexuality exists, we don’t need to have all media suffocate us continuously on the subject as if it’s something brand new, and there is no such thing as homophobia; who in the world is afraid of a homosexual? – if anything be afraid of how the media is working so hard to lead people, especially our youth, away from morality and away from God and His word … gender confusion does not have to lead into the practice of homosexuality; that is weakness of the flesh, and God can heal that and any other illness, and there is always celibacy, that earns some respect …no element of homosexuality will ever play in my house, TV, music or otherwise …

  3. Well I am one of those people who don’t accept that life style, I think it’s a disgrace to All men and I don’t want to be looking at no man acting like a woman. Dressing like women, thats sick .two men together that’s nasty , I don’t care what y’all say, y’all no that is not right. Its abomination to God. ,I pray that they turn around before it’s to late

  4. It’s great that Mr. Daniels and others are using their access to the media and public to make people realize the diversity that’s in all communities and that gay people, black people, Hispanics, and every other ethnic, gender or religious group — guess what — they’re not going anywhere and are here to stay, agree with it or not.


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