Sunday, August 14, 2022

Exclusive! Anthony Mackie Rips Reporter of His ‘Dreadlocks/Profiling’ Comments (Watch)

anthony mackie

*Days after Anthony Mackie made eyebrow-raising comments regarding the Oscar snub of “Selma” in the major acting and directing categories, he’s  really catching major heat for his take on the topic of police violence against young black men in that same interview.

And although the actor didn’t mention the name of the website he gave the interview to, he identified the reporter/interviewer as “Mr. Witherspoon,” a reference to Chris Witherspoon of According to Mackie, he didn’t realize his comments were being used by Witherspoon for his story, which turned into a headline grabbing newsmaker.

“I felt that we could sit and have a candid conversation about race and he wouldn’t take soundbites. He would let the entire conversation live. And he didn’t. And that’s what frustrates me…Mr. Witherspoon really pissed me off because I trusted him and he lied.,”Mackie told EURweb associate Fahnia Thomas on Wednesday while promoting his upcoming new movie “Black or White.” (See the Mackie/Witherspoon interview here.)

Via Gossip Cop (Anthony Mackie critics):

Mackie is now taking a lot of flack for his remarks, with most Twitter users blasting him for seeming to sell out and turn on his own community. “Anthony Mackie, what are you doing? Please stop,” wrote one person. Another joked, “I just want to send out a HUGE thank you to Anthony Mackie for solving racism and police brutality. ‘Don’t get locks.’ Who knew?!” A third person cracked, “White supremacy is a hell of a drug.” “Didn’t Anthony Mackie play Tupac? Somebody needs to get sued for that lol,” wrote another critic. Yet another detractor tweeted, “No, Anthony Mackie doesn’t have a point. Acquiescing to the idea that it’s ok to qualify humanity based on hair isn’t a point.” Someone else said, “I don’t want to hear anything from Anthony Mackie but Capt. America details.” Another comment: “Anthony Mackie should just be quiet be the good lil house negro that he is since doesn’t have anything intelligent to add.” What do you think about what Anthony Mackie had to say about Selma and the police?

Since news of Mackie’s comments surfaced, the actor has been hit with criticism on social media. Clarifying his remarks, Mackie mentioned that what he said about dreadlocks was an example illustrating the perception of those wearing the hairstyle among police officers, not a slam towards anyone with dreadlocks.

“I said ‘My nephew came to me and he said I’ma grow dreadlocks…So speaking as someone who had dreadlocks, I sat my nephew down. I turned on ‘First 48’ because it’s one of my favorite shows. So there are all these young black men being arrested, being killed. The majority of them have dreadlocks. It’s a phenomenon now. Young men want dreadlocks because it’s cool.

“So I told him ‘You will be perceived as this. If you wear your pants hanging off your behind, if you wear your shoes a certain way, if you got tattoos all up your neck. I’m not saying that’s what you are, but you will be perceived as this. And with perception comes profiling,” Mackie continued, while expressing concern as he compared the tense relationship between law enforcement and black men to being in “shark-infested waters.”

As the nation continues to be divided over race, Mackie offered a simple solution he feels could help things progress. The key, according to the entertainer, is to listen, something that may not be easy to accomplish in this day and age.

“Noone’s listening….Everybody wanna hashtag, but nobody’s listening,” Mackie said.

“I don’t know how white people feel about what happened in New York or Ferguson because they haven’t been given an opportunity to speak. And that’s what’s so scary. I feel like we just all need to stop and listen,” Mackie added.

“You want to do a good protest? Set up four booths in Times Square with a sign over them that say ‘Talk to me’ and put two black people and two white people in each booth and talk. Talk.”

Watch Anthony Mackie’s response:



  1. That’s why some entertainers do very few or no interviews..I don’t blame them..this media today is so irreponsible with reporting factual info and taking out sound bites that make for the more catchy headline, ignoring the fact that a person reputation can be irreparably harmed off some taken out of context bs…like this Mackie has come out and explained the point he was trying to make and it’s actually a very intelligent and logical explanation, but the damage has been done..there will be those who will vilify him everytime they see his name associated with anything from now on and the media will move on to the next reputation to tarnish..

  2. The entire video interview was posted with the story on giro. He needs to have several seats. I hope he continue to get dragged. it is not Black people’s job to dispel stereotypes about us. If you are stereotyping, you’re the one with the problem not me. Some Black people don’t want to accept than white people have a problem with your BLACK SKIN. Eric Garner, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, Amadou Diallo. Tamir did not have dread, but one thing they all had was BLACK SKIN. Should we hire white cops to go over our fashion to tell us what not to wear so they wont harass and kill us? He is very ignorant and needs to have several seats on the coon train. He was not set up. He gave an interview and said some dumb shit. Instead of owning it, it tries to blame somebody else.

    • Libby you are so right, but it is obvious that Anthony has the best seat on
      the Coon train,…..because he is the conductor .
      The idea hat he is driving this train through our living rooms via t.v……makes me disgusted
      How dare Mr Anthony Wackie send the message, that young black men need to give up their identity to conform to what white racist cops are comfortable with?
      It’s not our coif that they’re uncomfortable with, they’re not comfortable with us!!
      If dreads are so offensive, so should be long witchy, stringy, un-kept ,mass murder looking Caucasian hair ,yet i have never seen that offensive look racially profiled.

      Ive never particularly been a fan of Chris or mediocre actor Anthony Wackie, and watching them together look like a pilot for a new new game show called “Battle Of The House Niggers”)
      For Anthony not to know his history or even his current events, where so many young black men have been murdered by the police, with hair that was cut and styled just like his…….., all I can say is somebody needs to put his dumb ass in a choke hold.

      • Now see?…I’m WIT “that” shyt YOU stated!! This was nothin BUT…”tap dancin”!!, & prolly?, some BS hate against a movie “HE” auditioned for, &…didn’t get that “caaaaaaall forrrrrrrrr”. “Yep yep”! (said like Teddy!)

    • YOU KNOW, as a non-american and a male i can’t speak thoroughly for women or black americans. I am just saddened that one minute we were all celebrating Anthony Mackie and now we are tearing him down because of a faux-pas. Here is the thing,
      1)I personally do not take this interview as a representation of his character. He has several interviews and is usually in a light-hearted and jovial mood. Therefore i can’t take all his words at face value. Also, even if he feels that way about women, has the standard of feminism in this part of world gone so low that saying “I enjoy seeing a woman cook for me” is demeaning? Some women choose to do that and isn’t feminism suppose to be about individual choices? Heck Kelly Cuoco got a lot of flak for the exact same thing. My own mother is an accomplished lawyer, entrepreneur and mother yet she cooks for us and taught me, my siblings and my uncles how to cook. Maybe he had a similarly upbringing and is just use to that. Does that really make him a misogynist?
      2)Racism exists and will continue to do so but is that any reason to say that Blacks do not need to do some self-searching and house-cleaning of their own? The truth is we blacks have to improve on ourselves. Complaining endlessly never solves anything. In Rwanda, after the genocide the entire population decided to move forward and better their country rather than complain about the world not caring. But apparently if someone says this to Black americans they call you a house nigger.
      3) Finally, celebrities are entertainers. Stop holding them to a higher standard than you should. They are still human and make mistakes. Your own life is yours and no one asks you to be a defacto role model for anyone. He is a celebrity and i see him as that only.
      I know this comment will most likely be ignored but i had to write these words. You all can go on with you fickle witch-hunt. I and others will be just admiring this fine actor and focus on his return as Falcon.

  3. …AND THE SIT THE “F” DOWN AWARD GOES TO…..Mr. Anthony Mackie

    Dude is sounding clueless & is now using the ole dont blame me blame the messenger play
    out of the house negro playbook. Dude has
    made himself look more bad by saying we really don’t know how white people feel about Eric Garner & Mike Brown. I could be wrong but I think most of mainstream America has made
    its feelings known & support the corruption of
    AmeriKKKa’s judicial system. The voices of the black communities are the ones continuously
    being hunged from trees, set on fire, drowned
    in rivers, caged, water hosed, attacked with dogs, tear gassed, maced, stun gunned, raped, bludgeoned & murdered unarmed by your beloved AmeriKKKan system.

  4. Anthony Mackie was finally getting the level of respect in Hollywierd – and in a quick second about to lose it with his ill-advise remark(s)! I cannot understand how people in the public eye love to voice their concerns – yet they are really not versed in what they are talking about. For him to make that statement about Selma – especially being an African American male, the Ferguson debacle – Michael Brown fiasco – Eric Garner massacre and a host of other ailments that plagues us as BLACK people – what in the world was this dude thinking? Not only was his statement in bad taste – this is during the MLK, Jr holiday, the creation of Civil Rights and finally the plight of black people being profiled coming to the masses. If it wasn’t for these strides – this young fool would not be acting in Hollyweird! Once again, how people can be so ignorant and oblivious when it comes to the plight of their own race is truly astonishing and downright asinine! I am sure someone in Mr. Mackie’s family household is frowning on this ignorant brothers statement! Once again – if you aren’t informed – keep quite and mug for the cameras!

    • Re: “…Once again, how people can be so ignorant and oblivious when it comes to the plight of their own race is truly astonishing…”
      Trust me, we see this more and more every day. These new age parents are not teaching thier kids ANYTHING about the struggles and plight of yesteyear. They won’t touch slavery in the public school textbooks; the parents won’t talk about it…or don’t know enough to talk about it…so the kids grow up to be like Anthony Mackie…all while pushing the “there is no color” campaign, and their brothers and sisters are getting shot in the back, drug behind pickup trucks, hung from trees, raped, beaten, etc. But, Anthony wants people to “Talk”…he needs to stop talking and read!!!!

  5. He can speak the way he feel people do not no the depths of what a person is feeling. Mlk always spoke on peaceful march, boycott not burning down blacks community. Stupidity will get u in jail think before act be smart and do things, people will u as a person of reasons.

  6. All yall overly sensitive negroes can STFU. Just looking for stuff to be offended by day in, day out. How do you live like that? Are we all supposed to be on one accord? So what if his opinion differs from everyone who wants to be offended all day, everyday. He is his own person unlike a lot of you bandwagon, keyboard activists who rally behind something for all of 48 hours until a newer shiny red ball is thrown—then you simps go chasing after that. Celebrities are allowed to have an opinion just as much as you flock-ankled e-activists can on these keyboards. Y’all kill me. “Who does he think he is?!” An ACTOR. Fcuk. The FALCON—with far greater finances, leverage, and footing than any one of you razorback’d scalliwags can muster. Just seriously STFU and have a stadium of seats.

    • Sir you are my mofuckin hero right now..I love when somebody post the same shit I been thinking..can’t nobody tell these militant Black Pather wannabes nothing without them callin them coon, uncle tom, brainwashed , etc…not Bill Cosby, Pres Obama, Oprah Winfrey, now Anthony Mackie..all folk that at some point said “black people we need to do better” in some form and were pounced on just like Mackie is now…they so mad at Bill Cosby they can’t even see or look for how his whole thing could definitely be perceived as racism..I have never said Bill Cosby was innocent or guilty, just like I will not publicly vilify those women as liars , it’s irrelevant to me at this problem is its just unfair how he was publicly lynched by the media and then the people..even blacks …and I felt this way even before I came across the news release about Woody Allen last week getting major deal to make show for Amazon..and I asked myself why is Bill Cosby still being villified, losing endorsements, being trashed by some of these same “black activist” on these comment sections but Woody Allen never missed a,beat..not losing work but getting new work..but these” find racismunder every rock folk” missed this blatant double standard because they too busy hating him for telling blacks they need to do better in how we present/represent our race in this society that some already have us stereotyped as lazy, criminals, living on welfare ..”he has no right to talk down to us like that” is what you will hear….first off he wasnt talking down, just said some real shit without sugarcoating it and the same overly sensitive mofos couldnt take it.. If Bill Cosby doesn’t have the right, if Barack Obama doesn’t have the right..who the fuck does…who has earned the right ..unfortunately for some of us the answer is nobody…smh

      • I’m sorry I mentioned Woody Allen in my post and realized everyone might not know his story..last year new allegations came out from one of his step daughters claiming Woody molested her as a kid..was reported by all the major networks/news outlets, but his story just fizzled out and died. Now I’m not hating on Woody Allen, simply question the unfairness as it pertains to Bill Cosby who got no such pass as he’s been crucified…smh

  7. I respect the umbrage he took to his statement being edited out of context, but nah, still can’t co-sign.

    Mackie showed his nephew a few bytes from First 48 (in essence giving his nephew example without context himself), and failed to acknowledge the history of black men and women being brutalized and killed outside of his assumptions on perception. What was Mike Brown wearing? Eric Garner? Emmit Till?

    The only profile criteria is the color of our skin, anything else is a cheap excuse made by oppressors and apologists, the way an abuser makes up excuses to savage a spouse; they target us because we’re black. Simple as that.

  8. Mackie can voice his opinion all he wants. No one has denied him, or is denying him that right. But it would be wise if he knew what the hell he was talking about. But he doesn’t.

    None of his comments were taken [edited] out of context. Those words flowed in complete unaltered sentences from his own mouth. So stop trying to cover up for this ignorant negro.

    It does not matter what black people are doing, or wearing, the common denominator for being profiled and molested by white folks, is being black. So all of you apologists trying to spin old boy’s B.S. can STFU!

    The “reporter” didn’t do anything to Mackie except let him talk.

    Even in his scapegoating, Mackie is a damn fool. Talking about, “We [black people] don’t know how white people feel…” The hell we don’t. They make how they feel about us known every day, in every way. When was the last time this d-ck head was on social media? White folks are constantly stating how much they’d love to see us molested, murdered, etc., and they state it with such glee…

    They make stupid statements like, “If Trayvon wasn’t wearing that hoodie.” “If Eric Garner wasn’t resisting” (and he wasn’t). “If John Crawford would have dropped the [toy] gun” (in an open carry state).

    Please shut the eff up, you idiots. Black people are some of the most patriotic people in Amerikkka, and it means nothing to racist white people. Our history of defending this nation against enemies domestic and foreign is impeccable. Yet, we are still treated as non-citizens, and “others.” Hell, look at how they disrespect our current president.

    I don’t know what kind of evidence Anthony Mackie, or any of the other defenders of the fake “color-blind society” need, but the evidence of this nation’s love for “Jim Crow” is there if they’d open their effing eyes.

    All of you twisted MFer’s trying to defend this ill-informed knuckled head need to join him in the same “stupid line” that his lame ass is in.

  9. i saw this coming when i read the article in question, and my mind went back to all the other out of touch brothas and sistas in hollywood who think that assimilation is the key to “ending” racism. that’s the insidiousness of self-hate, you don’t even know that’s what you’re doing until somebody else calls you out on it, and even then your first reaction is to blame the person who sees you for what you are. locs or not, mackie needs to see himself in the mirror the same way white folks see him – as a black man.

  10. I completely understand what Anthony truly means, and it’s sad that a News reporter would try to damage his reputation. We need to support our Black brothers and sisters that make it in Hollywood. We shouldn’t bring them down, but lift them up.

  11. Sure “Stanley,” sure… “You completely understand what Anthony truly means…”

    Please enlighten us, because the last time I checked, there is absolutely nothing a person can do to appease a racist.

    I find it amusing how folks love to tell black people how they have to change whatever, but none of you sorry MFer’s ever feel the need to tell racist pigs that they need to change anything.

    Truly effing amazing!

  12. Again, like so Many Black Hollywood folk, the point of racial profiling is mis understood, you should be charged and convicted for a crime, not your looks! Point Blank!

  13. Right on point Jzzyj!

    I never hear people telling anyone else in this nation how they MUST conduct themselves, or what they can, and can’t wear, etc. Amazing how some black folks keep falling for the “what massa” says B.S.

    You hit the nail on the head Jzzj. If there is a crime, charge and convict, but this B.S. of “He looked like a thug wearing that hoodie” or “dreads,” is nonsense. Some of us don’t use “Brillcream.”

    I was in the mall yesterday, and I watched this Asian kid wearing his hoodie, walking free and easy all over that mall. He wasn’t apprehensive about anything, and the reaction from the merchants was not weird towards him either. I observed him for quite some time, and no one molested him at all.

    So all of the sick bastards talking trash about what we can and can’t wear need to STFU, regarding dreads or anything else. There are certain people in this nation who just don’t like black people – period. They’re cowards, so they will never just admit that it’s that black skin that they hate.

    I’ll be damned if I’m going to make my self neurotic trying to appease someone who doesn’t mean jack crap to me. Folks need to learn how to live and let live, and call it a day….

    Translation, mind your own damn business, and leave others alone…

  14. Not in the 21st Century Michael…

    If I perceive you as a dude who is out of touch because you where a wide tie, instead of a narrow tie, does that really make you less informed? Please… Reality is reality. Not your so-called perception. For me, your answer is too arbitrary, and pat.

    No one wants to address the more relevant question regarding why racists don’t have to change anything, but black people must change everything to try to appease racist white folks. GTFOH!

    Your “treadmill thinking” won’t work, because there is absolutely nothing a black person can do to appear “okay” in a racists’ eyes.

    Be the beautiful people that you are black people. The whole world copies our trends and styles, and then profits from them big time. As long as you’re not breaking the law, be free to be you!

    There is not one race or culture on the planet that can’t improve in some way. My point is this, why is it that black people are the only one’s in the world relegated to “change everything” in order live unmolested by some racist freak?

    Final examples of excuses used for molesting black folks: “I shot him because he was running.” I shot him because his hands were in his pockets.” “I shot him because he looked suspicious.” I shot him because the music was too loud. “I shot him because he didn’t drop the [toy] gun” (in an open carry state). “I killed him because he was selling illegal cigarettes.” “I shot him because he looked like a demon.” “I shot her because I thought she was banging on my door so hard, I thought she was trying to break into my house.” “I followed him, and confronted him because he looked suspicious in that hoodie.”

    The list of B.S. goes on, and on regarding “the special rules” that only black people must follow.

    Wake the eff up people. They will find every excuse in the world to kill our people, and we’re going to aid an abet them with B.S. comments to justify their murderous rampages?

    Not me…

    • All the racism and victimization you are naming seems to have happen to someone else. It seems that racism today is very selective; it skipped you and others like you. In addition you and others like you seems to have no record of opposing it except anonymously in social media.

  15. I am not inclined to nor do I care about making white folks comfortable around me. I will not dumb down my intelligence, I will not straighten my hair, change my voice to cushion their comfort lever. They’ve had 400 years plus to get comfortable. What’s taking so long? Hell, It was white folks that brought our blackness over here (as if we need reminding). I have no desire to set up a booth and sit with a white person and say talk to me. Mr. Mackie doesn’t know how white people feel because he chooses not to know. Since the incidents with the police have taken place, anyone can go to any website that has a story about the killing of black males at the hands of police and scroll down to the comment section. One will have a good idea of what whites think. I’ve listened over the years as white folks have talked over me, under me, through me, and about me. They have yet to talk to me and they for damn sure are not listening. I will not drink their koolaid laced with lopsided studies about African Americans, filled with THEIR truths about my African American race, trying to convince me that it’s right and just. I have my own koolaid, flavored with truth about my people, filled with reality(the good and bad), and sugared with a whole lot of love for my people. My parents made that koolaid and I like it just fine. If white folks want to get the know the me I won’t stop them, hopefully it will help them abandon their stereotypical views about me. What I won’t do is initiate. We’ve held that olive branch out for far too long as it is.

    • YOU KNOW, as a non-american and a male i can’t speak thoroughly for women or black americans. I am just saddened that one minute we were all celebrating Anthony Mackie and now we are tearing him down because of a faux-pas. Here is the thing,
      1)I personally do not take this interview as a representation of his character. He has several interviews and is usually in a light-hearted and jovial mood. Therefore i can’t take all his words at face value.
      2)He was most likely trying point out that blacks need to do some internal house-cleaning and he said it wrong. Racism exists and will continue to do so but is that any reason to say that Blacks do not need to do some self-searching and house-cleaning of their own? The truth is we blacks have to improve on ourselves. Complaining endlessly never solves anything. In Rwanda, after the genocide the entire population decided to move forward and better their country rather than complain about the world not caring. But apparently if someone says this to Black americans they call you a house nigger.
      3) Finally, celebrities are entertainers. Stop holding them to a higher standard than you should. They are still human and make mistakes. Your own life is yours and no one asks you to be a defacto role model for anyone. He is a celebrity and i see him as that only.
      I know this comment will most likely be ignored but i had to write these words. You all can go on with you fickle witch-hunt. I and others will be just admiring this fine actor and focus on his return as Falcon.

  16. Excellent prose, and analysis Bobbie! That’s what I’m talking about!

    “They’ve had 400 plus years to get comfortable [with black folks].” Touche’! Your commentary hit it out of the park!

    No one took Mackie’s comments out of context at all. The young fellow just doesn’t know what time it is, but Bobbie and a few other folks on this thread do!

    Black is beautiful, and always will be, baby! Keep your heads up black people!

  17. Whatever “Egie.” (Is that troll for “EDGY”?)

    Like you said, you’re not “American” so you probably know NOTHING about the “special rules” black people are supposed to follow in “Amerikkka.”

    So maybe you and Mackie should do some homework before you start making ignorant comments in public.

    There is always room for improvement for EVERYONE on the planet, not just black people. But people like you, and a host of white folks keep ignoring the relevant question, which is, “When are people going to start holding racist people accountable for their B.S.?”

    No one else in Amerikkka has to conform to the “special rules” except black people. GTFOH!

    If you can’t comprehend the litany of excuses cops, and racist white folks use for murdering and molesting black people in this nation, then there’s no hope for you. It has been spelled out very well for years in the media, and on this very thread. Are you paying attention? Where have you been?

    To say that we’re wrong because some of us are not letting Mackie, or anyone else off the hook for trivializing the wanton murders and molestation of black people, is more than disingenuous.

    The barbaric treatment of black people in Amerkkka is way too serious to let your ignorance or Mackie’s ignorance go unchecked.

    You, and anyone else who enjoy preaching to black people regarding what “they need to do” without addressing the fact that racist people are the one’s in dire need of “change” can take a hike…

    Our people have paid their dues in this nation many times over. We are NOT second, or third class citizens by any stretch of anyone’s warped imagination!

    We don’t have to bow down to any of the white supremacist B.S. that people are trying to make us swallow.

    Special rules my ass… Live and let live MFer! This shit ain’t complicated..

  18. please white people and coons, stop talking for us like you understand what our lives are about. Perception is reality but America is the land of fairytales. Their is no reality here. It was built on fear(NOT REAL), racism(NOT REAL) and superiority(NOT REAL). Racism is a fantasy but its the most dominate façade known to the American populace. A persons hair shouldn’t automatically make them a target, because dreads have been here for over 6000 years, and they aren’t going anywhere just because white supremacy is getting uncomfortable lol……reality doesn’t exist in amerikkka, the land of nightmares

    • Well rather than go back and forth trying to prove I’m just as black as the next man I will instead pose a question…What is the solution…you guys have the problem down, there’s racism in America and black people are getting the worse of it…but what is the solution ,not ending racism nobody is naive enough to think that’s gonna happen anytime soon, but what do you wanna be Black Panthers propose we do so the next time a black man is gunned down by some cops using excessive force in a situation that coulda been handled where the black person is apprehended but not killed we don’t end up with some media coverage, angry black folk, but the same outcome ..cop goes free. Answer that, because unlike some of yall who seem to enjoy the whole “woe is me black man “..some of us coons, traitors,uncle toms don’t have the patience or the time for that mess. Anthony Mackie simply looked at these situations and came up with one way that might prevent another young man from dying..his take serves a twofold purpose..the big one is it might save a life..if you not presenting urself in the stereotyped way that young blacks have been portrayed in this country, cops don’t approach you, you live..pretty simple…now is it true..will it help save a life..maybe..The second purpose it serves is it makes for a stronger argument if a shooting happens all the recent cases they had bullshit justification for why the victim deserved to die..oh he was wearing a hoodie, he accosted the clerk, he resisted arrest…so suppose any of the recent victims had listened to advice like Mackie or others that say if u approached just comply , live to fight another day..and they did ..and they were still shot..wouldn’t the cop have more trouble justifying his killing…that would at least give a grand jury more reason to send it to a jury…instead ur guys advice is keep on dressing, acting crazy all on YouTube and internet, doing what we been doing and when you get shot we will yell and be angry, and march and give fiery speeches until the next man is gunned down using excessive force and we will go through the same tired process again…I’m waiting for a response from you name calling militant mofos that think nobody can have an opinion of how to change shit that’s different from yours..which by the way if you get the feel of my post you realize I don’t think you guys have a solution or are interested in a solution..just happy to be “angry black man”..smh

  19. Prisoner 11, you totally missed the point, as usual… You are so far removed from reality it isn’t funny…

    No one has ever stopped you from voicing your opinion, and you know it. So stop that B.S. Just because people don’t agree with your POV, you’ve still voiced it.

    Here is the point, racists don’t give a damn about black people complying with anything. Why is that so hard for you to get?

    And for the record, we’re not into the “woe is me” crap either, so please stop citing that tired shit, when we voice our concern about black people being harmed by white trash. You sound like Hannity when you say that stupid shit.

    People like you, and Mackie always want to trivialize the barbaric treatment of black people as if we deserve to be molested by white trash. Well fuck you, Anthony Mackie, and any other poop butt who doesn’t get that we are outraged by this nation’s willful acceptance of violence toward our people in the 21st century!

    BTW, God bless the Black Panthers. I grew up in the 60’s, and they were heroes whether you want to recognize that or not. I’m not going to let you take a swipe at those courageous brothers and sisters who put their lives on the line back in the day without setting the record straight.

    You fail to realize that racist white folks hate black people no matter what a black person is wearing. No matter what a black person is saying. No matter what a black person is doing, etc., etc. They use any excuse imaginable to justify their B.S. against us.

    When Dr. Henry Louis Gates was disrespected by the cops at his home, he wasn’t a dread-lock wearing, pants sagging, tatted up guy. Yet, he was blatantly disrespected, so what the fuck are you talking about?

    There are many respectable black people like Dr. Gates who are molested by the usual suspects, but people like you and Mackie always go to those tired stereotypes to justify your pacifying massa. As if the only black people catching hell from those savages are black people wearing dreads, tats, or sagging. Get a clue man…

    Black people will become just as neurotic, and paranoid as racist white people if they bow and scrape to try to “make white folks feel comfortable” with our black skin. That’s impossible.

    You are crazy Prisoner 11, because there is absolutely no way to make a racist comfortable.

    That’s why I said earlier, black people should just be the beautiful people that they are. As long as we’re not breaking any laws, we have the right to live like anyone else in Amerikkka.

    To answer your question more directly, everybody should live and let live. Translation, mind your own effing business.

    If George Zimmerman would have minded his own business, Trayvon Martin would still be alive. Trayvon did not need George’s permission to be in that development. He was an invited guest.

    If the cops in NY would have allowed Eric Garner to breathe, he’d still be alive today. Do you get my subtle nuances? Barbarians are fucking barbarians. They love to kill… us.

    I’m so tired of people like you and Mackie blaming black people for their murders, when all black people are trying to do is just fucking live. Period, the end.

    The racists are the ones who need to change, Prisoner 11, NOT black people. Wake up.

    You and Mackie are spitting on the graves of too many innocent black people with your, “We need to find a way to make massa more comfortable with us,” B.S.

    That’s impossible Prisoner 11. The murdering swines are natural born killers, and that’s the deal.

    If there really was a thing called justice in this nation, the rogue murderers would be arrested, prosecuted, and convicted, and that would stem the tide of this murderous trend that is taking place. That’s another answer to your question. Are you following?

    Study this nation’s history dude… and figure it out…

    • So your solution is just wait for racist people to wake up one morning and decide they just need to stop being racist..hmm..sounds a little defeatist bro..there’s no hope, nothings gonna change, just keep on doing or not doing anything to change things about our young men getting killed with excessive force..just don’t sound like a good solution bro.. so I’m gonna pass..and your extreme attitude that black people don’t have to do anything to get us in a better place to change things is kinda depressing..but let me know how that works out for you..10 yrs from now we will still have people getting gunned down unjustly and no one bought to justice with your solution..I need to believe something can be opinion is its gotta be done through the law..and plz dont come at me with the justice system is unjust..maybe it is , but we have clear examples that changes to laws can get results, and you don’t have to go back to the civil rights movement of the 60s either, the LGBT gay community have demonstrated a perfect blueprint what a modern day movement needs to look like to get changes through the courts..I know blacks have a problem with the LGBT being compared to the civil rights movement of the 60s..ok..our civil rights movement is different from theirs..but whatever you wanna call it they have gotten results ..there is a way’s not hopeless..the LGBT folk.have given us the proof that goes directly against your theory that nothing can be done and we might as well not even try…we just need to get on message, organized and united on a National level..Oprah recently said something along those lines and of course she was attacked by blacks just like Mackie on here..

  20. If that’s your interpretation of what I wrote, you’re a bigger ass hole than I imagined…

    I’ve written extensively on these threads regarding changing police policy and procedures. I’ve written just as extensively regarding the lack of arrest, prosecution, and conviction of rogue cops and other white supremacists who kill black people.

    What you don’t like is the fact that I place the blame squarely where it belongs – on the Neanderthals who think they still own us. The delusional bastards who think they can impose some “special rules” on us, that no one else in this nation has to conform too. That’s the same Jim Crow B.S. that was implemented back in the day.

    You want to suck masters balls, and keep “blaming black people for making white people kill them.” Well, fuck you!

    We’re not murdering ourselves you idiot. The people who have the problem with our beautiful black skin are doing that.

    There is nothing that you or 50 white men are going to do to appease racists.

    You fail to realize that we can’t walk straight enough. We can’t be clean cut enough, and wear enough Armani suits. We can’t be forthright enough as President of the free world. We can’t work enough jobs, or anything else to appease racist white folks, because its’ not our problem, you idiot. It’s their mental illness. Why can’t you see that?

    The fact that you’re a Johnny-come-lately regarding legal remedies that I’ve previously cited, is not my fault. All of my aforementioned posts are still one EUR’s site…

    Do some homework “my brother.”

  21. The post I’m replying to is an example of where racism gets its life and Kryptonite like strength from. Black people defeated Jim Crow and black elected officials went from 54 to more than 8000. In addition every law we want is on the books, a Black man was elected President with both houses of Congress controlled by the party black people support. Police department that we claim are killing black people are in cities were black people are either in the majority or the party the help elect are in power. On top of that is a giant statue of Dr. King on the mall in DC to document this victory. Most people would see this as a victory over racism or acknowledge that the country has moved towards a more perfect union but not us. With all of our people in power, we don’t make a single demand. As a matter of fact, Black people abandon their own agenda then claimed the people that lost were racist and holding us back. Our problem is not racism but refusing to let that plantation mentality go. Until then, I guess the Last Poets will be right: Racism is dead and its ghost is killing us.

  22. Extremely flawed analysis, my friend…

    Especially your mythical quote, “Police department that we “CLAIM” are killing black people are in cities where black people are either in the majority, or the other party the help elect are in power.” WTF?!

    What the hell do statues on the mall in DC have to do with the topic at hand?

    You have so many errors in your commentary it isn’t funny. Another example is your statement, “Every law we WANT is on the books.” Yes, there are plenty of “laws on the books” but they’re NOT being enforced. Please stop spreading half truths…

    How many murderers of black people have we witnessed going free? Especially just recently. No indictments, etc. Yet, Michelle Alexander went through unholy hell for firing a warning shot to ward off her abusive spouse. While social retards like George Zimmerman was allowed to go home the same night he murdered Trayvon Martin…

    Please peddle your trite, shallow, pseudo analysis somewhere else, because you are totally out of touch with what is going on in Amerikkka.

    Makes me wonder if your one of those toothless hillbillies creeping around this site doing the mental masturbation thing…

    Nice try, but your attempt to “sound authoritative” failed. There’s absolutely no substance to your web of deceit…

  23. “”You will be perceived as this. [,,,] And with perception comes profiling””

    Now the quote makes far more sense, thank you for getting the real word out Eurweb. But once again it is the internet picking and choosing what they want to hear/see and (ironically) profiling people for an opinion or even daring to think differently0,- this in spite of black people becoming upset at being thought of as “monolithic” thinkers.

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