Thursday, January 21, 2021

‘Empire Recap’: Celebrity Cameos, Hakeem’s Mommy Issues and Lucious’ ‘Darth Vader Ish’

lee-daniels-empire-terrence-howard-taraji-p-henson-the-jasmine-brand*Celebrity cameos. Mommy issues for a certain son. A father who’s on some “Darth Vader ish.” It’s just another enjoyable episode of Fox’s hit show “Empire” as it remains the talk of the town.

To recap, Wednesday’s episode was filled with appearances from a trio of well-known celebrities.

Gladys Knight’s soulful performance “Leaning On the Everlasting Arms” at Bunkie’s funeral proved the veteran vocalist was still a force to be reckoned with. Then there was Cuba Gooding, Jr., who came on the show as Puma, a music writer with a longstanding crush on Cookie from back in the day.

While Gooding and Knight were more than enough to fill this week’s celebrity quota, the kicker came with Naomi Campbell, who brought it and then some as Hakeem’s secret lover Camilla. To sum it up, it takes a mean woman to get a man to call you his mama when you aren’t the woman who gave birth to or raised him. Camilla is running things and Hakeem got some deeper issues.

In other “Empire” developments, Cookie is under Anika’s microscope as she has taken to hiring a private detective to spy on her. Crazy, ha? How about the revelation of Lucious not even being the focus of Cookie’s alliance with the FBI? Good thing  Lucious is still in the dark about that since the FBI agent pretended to be Cookie’s parole officer.

Speaking of the matriarch, what “Empire” episode would be complete without some one-liners from Lucious’ better half? Although she delivered some good ones, the one took the cake:

“Lucious is on some Darth Vader ish.”

Let it be known that the hip-hop Force has awakened

As for Cookie’s other classic moments, Twitter applauded her line about forgiveness (“Just cuz I asked Jesus to forgive you, doesn’t mean I do.”), her memorable dinner prayer (“Please do not withhold your blessings even from hos that hire skanks to spy on me.”) and her 90’s style in the flashback scenes.

So where do we go from here? Things are starting to get interesting with the homeless witness. The question is who’s gonna go under first. Lucious or Cookie?

Also, will there be any chance of Jamal making nice with Lucious and moving back into the loft? Does anyone out there wonder if  Hakeem and Tiana are a fictionalized versions of Chris Brown and Rihanna? Just sayin’.

And how freaky can Dre and Rhonda get, especially when his infidelity turns her on? Crazy.

So what say you? Did “Empire” deliver for you this week or was it weak overall. Weigh in below:



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