Tuesday, January 19, 2021

ATL Mayor Kasim Reed Catching Heat from APD Over ‘Hands Up’ Pic

kasim reed (hands-u)

*It’s hard out here for a mayor. Just ask NYC’s Bill de Blasio and now the ATL’s Kasim Reed.

Reed, like de Blasio, finds himself in hot water with his police force. They are objecting to a photo the mayor took.

So what about the pic is upsetting the folks in blue? Well, in the picture, Reed, along with several celebrities, has his hands raised in the symbolic “hands up, don’t shoot” pose, which became a symbol following the decision not to indict a police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO.

Of course the police and its union, the International Brotherhood of Police Officers, don’t have a problem with Mayor Reed exercising his First Amendment rights, according to union pres. Ken Allen. But as far as the cops are concerned, Reed’s participation in the pic sends a mixed message to Atlanta’s police force and its citizens.

“Having the mayor of our city participate in what can only be described as ‘controversial support’ can easily be misinterpreted and conclusions drawn that police brutality is a problem in the Atlanta Police Department,” Allen said. “Such conclusions are dangerous for the citizens, the officers and counterproductive to our great city.”

In response to the union’s concerns, Mayor Reed’s office issued a statement saying the mayor’s commitment and support of his officers is “unquestionable.” The statement cites the mayor’s recruitment of more than 900 new officers and creation of several task forces as evidence of Reed’s support.

“His participation in the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ photo addresses his disagreement with the grand jury’s decision in Ferguson,” said Reed spokeswoman Anne Torres.

Torres also notes while Reed has spoken several times on Ferguson, he repeatedly expresses his appreciation of APD officers.



  1. Grow up APD…

    The Mayor expressing his solidarity with the people who believe Michael Brown was murdered has absolutely nothing to do with you.

    Do you really need someone to tell you that? Or do you stand with Darren Brown and his firing multiple rounds at an unarmed teenager, and committing murder in the process? Get the point?

  2. Michael Brown was not murdered. He was a criminal who tried to take Officer Wilson’s gun away and was subject to acceptable use of force. Actions have consequences. Period!

  3. Here we go with the troll patrol. wmorg5 or MORON 5, GTFOH with your B.S.

    Michael Brown was murdered by Darren Wilson.

    If Wilson was so “justified” in killing Brown, why did the DA cover up his [Wilson’s] crime?

    More specifically, the DA brought an avowed white supremacist [Sandra McElroy] before theGrand Jury to perjure herself on Wilson’s behalf. There is a record of the prosecutorial misconduct throughout this entire matter. Or haven’t you been paying attention?

    You and fifty other white morons will never convince me of the following:

    A teenager unaccustomed to being shot actually turned around to charge his assailant after escaping said assailant, to get more hot lead pumped into his body. GTFOH

    That is some George Zimmerman fairytale shit that racist white folks love to perpetuate in order to justify their wanton lust for killing black people.

    Regarding Brown and Wilson’s gun, Michael Brown was stopping Darren Wilson from murdering him at the police SUV, you idiot. Darren Wilson drew his weapon on Brown, and Brown struggled to save his life at that vehicle.

    I know you toothless hillbillies are devoid of critical thinking, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why Michael Brown struggled with Wilson over his gun.

    Wilson is right handed you dummy, and Brown was on Wilson’s left side outside of the vehicle. Hence, Brown had to reach in the vehicle in order to keep from being shot at point blank by your creepy hero. Anyone in their right mind would have tried to stop from being murdered at the vehicle.

    Fortunately, Brown wasn’t mortally wounded, and he was able to escape. But your hero fired repeatedly at an unarmed teen-ager who was actually surrendering at the time of the fatal wounds.

    Even if Brown was turning to charge Wilson (as you spin doctors like to say), the distance, and the fact that he was already wounded and unarmed did not pose a grave threat to Wilson or anyone else. Wilson could have taken cover in his vehicle. What was Brown going to do? Bite him to death?

    Darren Wilson is a murderer. I don’t care how you creepy freaks try to spin it.

    Isn’t it amazing that a guy in Israel stabbed 9 people the other day, and the Israeli police shot him in the leg and took him into to custody?

    Why can’t these paranoid white cops wound their alleged suspect? Why? Because they don’t want to. A dead man can’t testify to anything, which leaves everything open to the rogue cops’ interpretation.

    But more importantly, what you morons fail to realize is this, the cops are killing white folks big time too. The dirty little secret is they want dumb asses like you to believe they’re only killing black people so fools like you won’t care.

    Don’t believe me? Go Google YouTube and look at all of the white folks being slaughtered by your “heroes.” The videos will lead you to more and more videos of murderous cops than you’ll ever want to see.

    Get back with me after you’ve done your homework, fool.

    • You must be a bit angry that even the Administration in Washington decided not to go after Wilson. Even Eric Holder realized that the overarching belief in certain communities that Wilson murdered Brown was not true, otherwise, he would have gone after him.

      Brown- not murdered, but a victim of his actions.

      Now, Eric Garner is a different story- he was a victim of at least involuntary manslaughter.

      You see, I, UNLIKE YOU, look at the evidence at its face value and leave preconceptions or biases out of my interpretation.

  4. You must be a true neanderthal who lacks comprehension and critical thinking skills…

    And yeah, I am angry that rogue cops like Wilson are getting away with murder, because Amerikkka can’t handle the truth that officers on our police forces are out of control.

    Anyone that can’t see that the cops need reigned in doesn’t want to see that truth.

    It was easy for your silly butt to comprehend Eric Garner’s incident, because it was laid out nice and neat for you on video. But a matter like Darren Wilson/Michael Brown requires you to use that cerebral matter between your ears, and that’s where you fail. I get it. That’s just too deep for your shallow behind.

    You didn’t even bother to check anything that I said regarding the arbitrary summary executions taking place in this nation. They’re laid out nicely for you on YouTube, but you’d rather rant, than be informed.

    And that’s cool… I get it. That challenge was way over your head, just like the facts that I cited earlier.

    Tell you what moron, I hope you (or your relatives) won’t ever fall victim to “your heroes’ gun play.”

  5. @ wmorg5 you’re the type of creep who probably thinks it’s okay for the Florida cops to use black people’s photographs during target practice.

    BTW, they did the same thing with photos of Trayvon Martin…

    Remind me again how this murder spree by cops has nothing to do with race…

  6. Ah, resorting to name calling, as is normally the case for those with intelligence-envy such as yourself. BTW, you coined him/them “my heroes,” I did not. If the officer was even thought to be guilty in the Brown matter, as you incorrectly and repetitively assert that he was, the DOJ would have filed charges. You see, not only do you possess intelligence-envy, but are not adept at logic. You use your emotion to rule your thoughts and clearly always look at things from the conspiracy side. Your diatribe is useless and illogical.

  7. Back at you Moron 5… You can’t handle the truth, and I get it… You introduced a false statement by saying Michael Brown tried to take Wilson’s gun away.

    Nope. I’m not buying that B.S. for one second… And quite frankly, most reasonable people don’t either.

    I didn’t let you slide on that lie, and you don’t like it. Don’t blame me for your lack of critical thinking skills…

  8. You laugh because you can’t debate facts.

    Again, I get it. Who you are was always transparent, fool.

    It was apparent to me when you accused Michael Brown of trying to take Darren Wilson’s gun. In fact, I’d venture a guess that everybody smelled the stench from your stank ass when you made that erroneous statement.

    The next time I see you butting in on an adult conversation, I will make sure to side-step your brain-dead ass… Chuckle, chuckle….


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