Friday, May 20, 2022

Ben Carson Here to Remind Us that Obama is ‘Half White’ (Watch)


*Possible Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson pointed out Monday that President Barack Obama might not have ruined the opportunity to elect future black presidents because Americans knew that he was “half white.”

To mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day, C-SPAN’s Washington Journal invited Carson to talk about the legacy of the Civil Rights movement.

One of the callers said that he had seen Carson on Fox News, and had decided that the former neurosurgeon “should have been the first black president.”

“You embody what MLK wanted for the black community,” the caller insisted. “If you run for president, I’ll spread the word for people to vote for you.”

After thanking the caller, Carson explained that Obama had not spoiled a chance at the presidency for future black candidates.

“People say there probably won’t be another black president in our lifetime because of all the things that have happened under the first one,” he noted. “But my answer to that is, isn’t he half white?”

“So, that means we’re not going to have another white president either. That’s kind of a stupid argument.”

Watch below:



  1. Now he has removed all doubt! This man is stupid! I can’t believe he said such non-sense. He is no doubt a brilliant surgeon but that’s where the buck stops. Although I don’t think he has a chance in hell of getting the nomination, because he’s not half white! LOL!!! But he is a perfect candidate for the republican/t-bagger party. They like them stupid, it’s easier to control them.

  2. I ain’t goin to job doesn’t pay well. I work with my hands. I would NEVER go back to school because Benny Carson told me!!!! I’d rather be poor and happy!!!!!

    • Yo….yall DO know that “I” DIDN’T post the BS above, right!?? THE EUR EDITOR DID!!! They have been impersonating me by posting “BS like that ^^^^, for a few months now. Purrrrely the sign of an ignorant unprofessional WEAK twisted feminine …FK!, who’s “ignant lonely ass lives AND acts vicariously through this site”, tryin to FK with posters, when they see some shyt posted that….”READS” THEIR ASS”!, rather than having a fkn life “outside” it. And so, as you see this BS about?, please note that THE EDITOR is what she is, & WILL DO “this” BS, when they’re made to feel like…..WTF they are. Now…”I” affectionately refer to this “dry twisted cunt” as…”Tracy” (i.e. “tryin to “trace” me/Wink!) So just know that…if you have the intell to see & post against “BS/BS artist”?, “YOU TOO” made start to get visits from this …gutless groupy bytch. SMH! Juuuuust thought I’d remind, identify & expose the BS again, for those who may’ve….”skipped an episode”. Wah waaaaaah! So let Us all say….”Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Traaaaacy, fuuuuuuk youuuuuu, Traaaaaaaceeeeeeey”. And again….you ain’t fadin SHYT over here, & are merely exposing yo STUpid unprofessional ass, to Us all. But hey….”Bon appetite” muthafkah, ….”have it”, as I’ll continue to “enjoy the show” of one saaaaad silly bytch.

  3. It’s amazing to me how some white folks believe they know what person best represents OUR interests, and that candidate is always someone THEY’RE comfortable with. Mind you, the dude who made the comment about him being the first Black president said he saw him on Faux news. That alone speaks volumes. Ben Carson is nothing more than another example of a white man’s n****r that’s afraid of being black.

  4. Those $50,000.00 a night honorariums, and hanging out with Armstrong Williams have groomed the good Dr. to be the Teapublican’s token superstar.

    Sell out is a gross understatement… and it’s a damn shame.

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