Tuesday, April 20, 2021

‘American Sniper’ Shoots ‘Selma’ From Wknd Box Office Top Spot

selma_american_sniper*The race for the top spot of the weekend box office was a one-sided affair with Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper” easily besting the Ava-DuVernay-helmed “Selma.”

With a three-day total gross of $93 million, “American Sniper” is the clear winner of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend box office, Indiewire.com’s Shadow and Act reports. The film, which stars Bradley Cooper, emerged with the biggest one day take ever in January for any movie, ever, as it took in $30.5 million on Friday to kick off this past weekend (Jan. 16-18).

“Selma” ranked fifth this weekend among the new releases, grossing $8.3 million. As it stands now, the film has grossed almost $26 million, which puts it on course to collect about $50 million domestically, according to Shadow and Act, which predicts the historical drama should easily pull in more money overseas when it opens in Europe and South America later this month, through Feb, on into early March

Coming in at No. 2 behind “American Sniper” was Kevin Hart’s latest film, “The Wedding Ringer,” with $21 million. Last week’s No. 1 film, “Taken 3,” took a 63% tumble in business to come in fourth.

As for Chris Hemsworth’s new film, the cyber-thriller, “Blackhat,” moviegoers did not come out in force as it only took in a disappointing $4 million. The following is the weekend box office totals for Jan. 16-18.

1) “American Sniper” Warner Bros. $90,205,000 Total: $93,630,000

2) “The Wedding Ringer” Screen Gems $21,000,000

3) “Paddington” W/Dim. $19,287,000

4) “Taken 3” Fox $14,050,000 Total: $62,837,000

5) “Selma” Paramount. $8,300,000 Total: $25,964,000

6) “The Imitation Game” Weinstein. $7,192,000 Total: $50,798,000

7) “Into the Woods” BV $6,542,000 Total: $114,296,000

8) “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” Warner Bros. $4,860,000 Total: $244,537,000

9) “Unbroken” Universal. $4,267,000 Total: $108,610,000

10) “Blackhat” Universal. $4,030,000

11) “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb” Fox $3,825,000 Total: $104,773,000

12) “Annie” Sony $1,900,000 Total: $82,000,000



  1. BS!!! If Selma had the same number of screenings per day?, it would STILL be kickin ass! The reality is…the fact that it’s “anywhere neeeeear”!!, the top “10”!!, means it’s no lower than..no.3!!! So they can “pluck a duck” wit dat shyt! But what else should we expect when…”considering the source”.

  2. How tasteless is it that the article is titled “Sniper Shoots Selma”? Even if it’s a play on words due to the plot of American Sniper, it’s common sense that Dr. King was assassinated by a gunman. It’s classless to use those words in any association with something that holds his name.

  3. I agree with you 100% K.

    And who cares about those false statistics any way?

    Everyone knows black films like “Selma” don’t get the same promotional dollars or screens as films like Eastwood’s glorified murder flick.

    Selma had a decent promo campaign compared to most black theatrical releases, but is still pales in comparison with what anglo films receive in any given category.

    We totally understand your politics Hollow-wood…

  4. The caption of this story is in very poor taste, considering Dr. King’s untimely demise.

    Your defense of the caption speaks volumes about your taste, “Greg.”.

    Take your own advice, and get over your callousness, and irreverence.

  5. Selma did not do well, because movie goers have seen this same kind of story a hundred times. Look how well the Wedding Ringers did, also with a black person in the lead. Black people should start telling new stories, because we all know this one. Or at least find a new angle than the “victim” one. It’s as simple as that

  6. “Sue,” for your information, there is no victim “angle.”

    You’re trying to make black people feel guilty about reminding Amerikkka of its past and present. Nice try, but, NOPE…

    Considering the number of screens in play, Selma did fine at the box office.

    What happened in Selma is a historic fact. What happened/happens to black people in this nation is factual.


    Historic events like Selma must be revisited on film to remind young people of our evolution in this nation, and the fact that Amerikkka has NEVER lived up to it’s potential regarding “justice for all.”

    In terms of black people telling new stories, that is happening. Where have you been?

    Regarding “Wedding Ringers,” white folks love to see “darkies” making them laugh, and that’s it.

    They hate great stories like “Selma” because the sting of their barbaric treatment towards their fellow citizens of the darker hue, makes them cringe…

    Given the wanton murders of black people by cops, and other deranged white supremacists in Amerikkka today, my question to you is, what has changed?

    The only person dreaming is you, kiddo!


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