Monday, May 23, 2022

AG Holder Reigns in Controversial Police Practice Civil Forfeiture

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*(Via Newsy) – Attorney General Eric Holder made some sweeping changes to a controversial federal program Friday in a move that could curb cops from seizing people’s property without good reason.

The new measures prohibit local and state police from using the Department of Justice’s Asset Forfeiture Program to confiscate the vehicles, valuables, cash or property of anyone suspected of wrongdoing. Property that poses a public safety hazard, like firearms, ammunition, explosives and child pornography, can still be seized under the law.

Civil forfeiture’s become an increasingly controversial issue over the past few years; if you haven’t been following this particular debate, here’s a brief rundown of what civil forfeiture means and why it’s important.

Civil forfeiture as we know it took off during the Reagan administration, when it was seen as a tool to help fight the War on Drugs. The policy gives police federal authority to seize property from anyone suspected of criminal wrongdoing and split the proceeds with the federal government.

Attorney Brian Kabateck told CNN, “The general core of the civil forfeiture law is to capture the cash or ill-gotten gains or contraband that criminals have used to commit a crime.”

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  1. This is a significant and welcomed piece of work by AG Holder.

    The Klansmen masquerading as cops have been ripping off black people for decades with this ambiguous law.

    Cops have been framing and stealing people’s homes, cars, and other property to cripple black folks economically, and they’ve been very successful.

    This egregious Federal policy has been altered, and it’s about time.

    Similarly, the NYPD’s “Stop and Frisk” policy and any other policy similar to that should never be invoked again.

    These types of laws and policies violate citizens’ constitutional rights, and the dirty little secret with the NYPD was how the cops were targeting black people on pay day, and stealing their money.

    Abolishing “Stop and Frisk” is a very big reason the NYPD is pissed with Mayor DeBlasio. He effed up the cops’ ancillary income via ripping off black and brown citizens.

    Corrupt cops are worse than any street gangs, because they’re given the benefit of the doubt regarding their integrity during any so-called investigation. Without significant tangible evidence (audio/video) of being ripped off by a cop, it’s virtually impossible to prove the cops did anything, and they know it.

    Thank you for changing the forfeiture rules Eric Holder!

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