Thursday, August 18, 2022

Wendy Dishes on Parents’ Disapproval of her Radio Career

wendy williams

*One of media’s biggest personalities — Wendy Williams — graced the cover of Uptown Magazine and inside the issue she wore an array of different glamorous gowns.

But glam aside, Williams got pretty personal in the issue.

The media personality dished on her marriage, motherhood, racism and not only her career, but why her parents disapproved of her radio days!

“I regret nothing in my radio career, nothing,” Williams said.

But Williams’ parents regret her radio career!

“My parents were very embarrassed by the way I conducted myself on the radio and I know that,” Wendy admitted to Uptown magazine. “They would fake happy, meanwhile their friends would say, ‘That Wendy is something else.’ But I was getting popularity from being that ‘something else.’”

She continued to talk about her parents’ disapproval.

“I don’t think that was what my parents had in mind when they thought of my career. My older sister is an attorney and my younger brother is a schoolteacher,” Wendy explained. “No, I wasn’t out there doing full splits in Playboy magazine, but it is still not what my parents would have wanted me to gravitate to.”

Although Williams doesn’t regret her radio career, she struggled with substance abuse during that time.

She stopped abusing alcohol to better herself as a wife and a mother.

“I had to be that person back then to be the person I am today. The person who was on the radio then was authentically me. We all have our sloppy, greasy side,” she said.

She continued with, “my original Wendy listeners, here in New York, they grew up with me. They come up to me all the time and say, ‘Oh, I have been listening to you since I was 12.’ I feel proud. I am glad that I have been able to evolve.”

Evolve is exactly what Williams did! She went from radio personality to one of TV’s biggest personalities with the “The Wendy Williams Show.”

Her husband is the co-executive producer of her show.

“He is my manager, co-executive producer of the show and my biggest productive cheerleader. I love him.”

Back in January while on-air, Williams broke down  in tears because she felt her son Kevin, Jr., 13, didn’t like her. She envied the strong relationship he has with his father.

“It’s a great thing, a black boy and his black father,” she said before tearing up.

She continued with, “sometimes, I will stand at our front door and watch Little Kev and his father drive off until I see the last puff of smoke from the car’s exhaust. Then, I say to myself, ‘It’s good.’”

Williams still loves her parents and how they inspired her own black family.

“It makes me so proud that my black mother and my black father can sit in my audience and the camera can zoom in on them and, without them saying a word, the world sees: ‘Oh my God, there is a full black family!’ And my parents have been married for a hundred years!”

She continued with, “and, when my black husband and my black behind can pull up to my black son’s school for a parent-teacher night and they see a full black family, that is really important.”

Williams said discussing race and racism is important.

“We need to discuss race not necessarily because I am being followed in the mall because someone knows that I am Wendy Williams, but because I am a black woman in the mall at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.”

Check out more of Wendy Williams interview in the new issue of Uptown.




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