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Angela Bassett on the Moment She Got Whitney Houston’s Blessing for Biopic

angela-bassett*Call it divine intervention or in Angela Bassett’s case, a blessing from Whitney Houston to move forward with directing her biopic, “Whitney.

While promoting the highly anticipated Lifetime movie, Bassett detailed the moment the late singer gave her a green light to bring her story to the small screen.

“Driving to work to the production office about 4-5 weeks before we started filming….we’re trying to get everything together with everyone who’s going to be filming with you,” the actress-director shared during an appearance on “Live with Kelly and Michael.” “So I’m driving off the exit and her song immediately comes on. It comes on every day on the radio but it comes on at the exit. Traffic slows down and I see this huge bus passes by and on the back of it, I see this huge writing saying ‘WH’ and it’s in her favorite color, which is purple, which I read in her mother’s book. With her music playing, I see her initials, in her favorite color. I have trepidation, how will this play out in the end.”

Bassett’s appearance on “Live” comes after weathering criticism from Houston’s family, among other types of adversity while helming “Whitney.” To receive a sign from Houston was an emotional moment.

“We all have great hopes in the beginning. I just started crying–I’m glad I was at the exit because I couldn’t see–I was laughing like, ‘Okay girl, I hear you, I feel you, thank you, I know it’s going to be okay and it’s going to work out,’” she said.

Bassett provided more details of her time with Houston during another appearance on “Good Morning America.” While opening up about her experience with Houston on the set of “Waiting to Exhale,” Bassett confessed that spending time with the music icon ultimately prepared her to take on the biopic

“I was fortunate to be able to work with Whitney on ‘Waiting to Exhale’ and before I met her I was enthralled by her, by her gift, by her talent, but to work with her, be able to tell her that… to be able to observe her, work around her, observe her generosity, her regularness, her joy, her easy laughter…I thought that maybe that moment just prepared me or gave me insight to be able to tell part of her story,” she revealed.



  1. That’s LA it’s so spooky on a regualr on the minds of those who resided in LA(smh)..

    I lived there for years and trust.. everything is made out to be a GOD.. but not the true and living God.. the Angelos take “signs and wonders” to a new level in LA..Lol..

  2. A group of super women who encourage other women watch the tv show “Whitney” was quite dismay with the way a super Icon like Whitney was portrayed . We agreed with her Mom and love ones leave Whitney at peace. Angela B.
    certainly had her own agenda ,it Did Not work Angela. Nothing decent or respectful was revealed. Angela, you need to apologize to Whitney’s Mother and Daughter. Rating surely was 0 throw the film away ,just a insult. Sex and drugs was Angela’s direction, Angela failed to bring out the love n compassion Whitney had for countless people ,humanitarian contributions, sharing her life and successes with friends,family and hundreds of others. Whitney had a serious drug addiction the people already was aware of,so what was Angela’s true purpose? To all women ,let us pray for each other,we all have some addition to be addressed n seek ways to heal ,not judge. Dignity is the key my Sisters,whenever we speak of another sister. Angela, money n a little power destroys the best of people .
    My prayers, Whitney’s Mom and Daughter will forgive you.

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