Thursday, September 16, 2021

Steve Harvey Responds to Stolen Music Case With A Denial and Demand to Dismiss Lawsuit

steve harvey*Months after a music publishing company filed a federal lawsuit accusing him of illegally using more than 260 songs for his talk show, Steve Harvey is responding by denying the allegations and demanding the $43 million suit be dismissed. reports the daytime talk show host responded to the suit on Monday (Jan. 12), saying he did nothing wrong and never used any music illegally or without a license. Harvey further stated that the songs were only used on his program with an expressed or implied license and they were used with consent.

In addition, Harvey says We 3 Kings’s entire lawsuit against him doesn’t have any merit and should be thrown out.

Harvey’s response stems from a federal lawsuit filed against him and the production company behind his talk show last year. The suit accuses the entertainer of using a total of 268 unlicensed songs during season two of his show.

We 3 Kings reportedly stated in the suit that they never agreed to let Harvey or his show use their music catalog. The company goes no to claim that Harvey illegally and without authorization choose to play the songs they own.

According to theJasmineBrand, We 3 Kings is demanding $43 million in damages from its lawsuit plus more for each channel that the “Steve Harvey” talk show” is syndicated and re-broadcasted on. We 3 Kings says the damages done by Harvey may lead to all of the company’s executives filing for bankruptcy, in light of them not being able to currently license the songs to other shows, radio programs and advertisements.

In addition to the $43 million, We 3 Kings also reportedly demanded an injunction against Harvey from continuing to illegally use their music. To see court documents related to Harvey’s response, click here.



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