Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Why No National Outcry After Shooting Death of Black Woman by Ann Arbor, MI Police?

aura rosser & shae ward
Aura Rosser & Shae Ward

*(Via Raw Story) – The day before Aura Rosser was shot and killed by Officer David Reid of the Ann Arbor Police Department in November, she was on the phone making plans for the holidays with her sister, Shae Ward. They were considering cruise destinations far from the frigid Michigan weather that was bound to arrive in December: Florida Keys, the Bahamas, anywhere south. They communicated throughout the day on social media, but that phone call was the last time Ward heard Rosser’s voice.

The next day, Officer Reid and his partner, Mark Raab, responded to a domestic disturbance call around 11:45pm at the home of Aura Rosser, 40, and her boyfriend, Victor Stephens, 54, in Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan and a liberal bastion about an hour from Detroit.

What happened after the officers arrived is unclear. Stephens has said he and Rosser were in a heated argument when he made the call, according to local reports. He says he called the cops to escort Rosser out of his home. When officers arrived, they claim Rosser “confronted” them with a knife. Officer Reid shot Rosser, killing her. Michigan State Police say Rosser was shot once but declined to say where. Stephens said she was shot twice; once in the head and once in the chest. “Why would you kill her?” Stephens said to local news outlet MLive a day after the shooting. “It was a woman with a knife. It doesn’t make any sense.”

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  1. I’ve been extremely busy, so this is the first that I’ve heard of this incident.

    This goes back to my rants regarding why we need police policy and procedures changed ( or at least enforcement of the good ones on the books).

    Cops today are shooting to kill black people whether they’re armed, or not.

    Changing policy to require officers to retreat from knives, bats, or other non-projectile weapons shouldn’t be that hard. They should keep a safe distance and talk… What is wrong with employing that strategy?

    I know one size does not fit all, but cops need to be trained NOT to resort to shooting first, and asking questions later. If they’re that freaking afraid, maybe they shouldn’t become a cop….

    Ever since the two NYPD cops were killed by that lunatic, it looks like the momentum to hold rogue cops accountable is falling off, or is it just me?

    To the black bar associations nationwide, we’re waiting for you to step up and help with addressing this epidemic… After all, legal remedies are a big part of this equation… Thank you!

  2. Cowards that hide behind a badge. Without that badge, they ain’t shit. Punkass demons. Hell is at the end. No one lives forever,

  3. Know what ya’ mean. He should never have called those Punkass demons. He should have dealt with his knife wielding woman himself. He may have wound up dead, but at least she wouldn’t have been shot by demons. That he called. Because he was scared. I think 911 should be dismantled.

    • What about the part where a police officer shots to wound? To do that the gun would not be pointed at her head or chest!

      There is not enough information in this article. Perhaps after an investigation more information will be released! Sad story!

      Now I am wondering what would make her so angry that she would refuse to leave her boyfriend’s home when asked. It wasn’t worth her life!


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