Sunday, August 14, 2022

The FLY Life with Deya Direct! Re-Up

Deya Direct

“If only we could redo the past” is a wish that can never be fulfilled, so why ponder on something that you can’t change?

The good news is revealed in the serenity prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

So, what would you like to do better, smarter, faster, fly-er?

In the English language, the term ‘re’ is a prefix indicating the return to a previous condition. It indicates that you have an opportunity to do something again and again. Having been married and divorced twice before the age of 40 and moving across the country to restart my life several times, I know quite a bit about what it takes to ‘Re-Up’. Here are three of my tips:

To recharge, I had to reconnect with my source – God and the power given to me to own my truth and seek help from others. I had to let my false pride and guard down long enough to be honest. As good as I may have looked on the outside, I had low self-esteem on the inside. After a few more bad choices, I finally went to counseling.  That is one of the best and healthiest things that I have ever done. No shame, no shade, you deserve it. It’s an upgrade. I highly recommend it. Check out the Association of Black Psychologists website  to find a doctor near you.

Seriously, give yourself permission to be a human being who struggles sometimes, who doesn’t always get it right and doesn’t always have the answers immediately. Let me tell you, when I finally released the concept of having to be a superwoman, but instead unapologetically be a woman who happens to do super things on occasion. It was very liberating. It may sound crazy to say, but welcome to being a human being. It’s really okay to charge up your battery because if you don’t, you will run out of energy and power.

When you are rebuilding, it may seem like you’re starting from scratch but you’re not. To redo anything means that on some level you’ve already had certain experiences that you can now build upon, so give yourself some credit. These experiences can teach you what to do differently and better. That’s called wisdom. Simply use what you’ve got because it matters and where you lack, be resourceful enough to ask for help.

Renew Your Mind
When you change your mind, you change your life. As a man or woman thinketh so is he/she (Proverbs 23:7). This is not some new age concept and it’s not a secret. It’s biblical. Whatever you think about most is where you put energy. That’s why if you constantly talk about what you can’t do, guess what? You won’t do it. The same is true if you think that you can. Once you think that something is possible, then your actions will follow what you believe. And believe it or not, it all starts in your mind.

So what do you believe?

Reclaim your possibilities!

Deya Direct, the Fly Life Diva, and Go-to-Girlfriend Growth  Coach/Author/Journalist is a highly sought-after speaker who produces media and messages that turn problems into purpose!

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Deya Direct
is a former Miss Black USA and Ebony Magazine’s pick as a “Future Leader.” She brings her unique skills as a National Correspondent; her passion and knowledge as a Social Activist; her charisma and sense of humor as an Actress, Blogger, Personality, Motivational Speaker, and most recently Author; to the world of multi-media. This first time author has been writing blogs for the benefit of millions for over 10 years. Known for her direct, inspirational and provocative style, Deya works as a producer for the nationally-syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS). The TJMS reaches 8 million listeners daily. She is also the creator and host of Girlfriend FM, a short-form video show-commentary-blog targeting female-driven hot topics on Tom Joyner TV and DEYA DIRECT! whospeaks directly to the hearts, minds and souls of women, pulling no punches with her engaging approach--is becoming a powerful voice to be reckoned with. And now with the debut of her life-changing book Touch Yourself, 30 Ways to Boldly Live, Love and Let Go!; Deya not only pours her heart out but she will empower women to confidently take responsibility for their lives, their bodies, the love and the dreams their hearts desire. Originally from New Haven, Ct. Deya now resides in Dallas, TX. She is a graduate of Howard University.




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