Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Omarosa Not Surprised By Cosby Allegations: ‘I Have Lots of Stories to Tell’

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*Omarosa was on “Access Hollywood Live” yesterday talking about the man she loved dearly, Michael Clarke Duncan, this season of “Celebrity Apprentice,” her work with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and the time she spent working for Bill Cosby.

Years ago, Omarosa worked for Bill and Camille at The National Visionary Leadership Project, and without saying much about the allegations, she actually said a lot.

Kit Hoover asked, “Did you ever see anything, hear anything?”

Omarosa: “Now you know, they make you sign a document the size of a phonebook, so I signed a document, I can never talk about my days at the Cosby’s foundation…I have a huge nondisclosure there, but if I didn’t, I have lots of stories to tell.”

Kit: “Really?!”

Omarosa: “Yeah, not that happened to me, let me be clear, but yeah, the things that I’ve seen.”

Kit: “Were you surprised with the allegations?”

Omarosa: “I can hear my phone ringing now, my attorney is going to get me in trouble. But no, I wasn’t surprised.”



  1. Omsrosa, is never to be believed, about anything she says. She is truly an opportunist. When it benefits her, or can place her in the lime light, she will always find a way to benefit from it.

  2. Aah..the question was asked to her..she didn’t make a statement on her own prior to the allegations made public….she’s a force to be reckon with..becuz if these allegations go forward with BC..Omarosa could be a witness to the allegations as liable against BC in a court of law.

  3. But….I wonder…(not really”/winking @ ladyells!)/Lmao!) why are all these ppl are seemingly “NOT” afraid of the rath of Cosby/being sued for everytaaaaang they got!!?? Now….just “what kind of armor” could they all possess???? Hmmmmmmm.

  4. I takes it everyone has forgotten she came out on the 1year anniversary of Michael Clarke Duncan’s death to announce she had a new boyfriend. She is still riding the coat tails of a deceased man & yes, she STOLE from his family!
    Omarosa Manigault Goes Public with New Relationship with WWE Star

    Photo Credit: Instagram/Facebook/Urban Belle
    Photo Credit: Instagram/Facebook/Urban Belle

    By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

    Omarosa new boyfriend revealed? Omarosa Manigault came bursting on the scene when she made her first appearance on Donald Trump’s hit reality show and competition, “The Apprentice,” the first season. Omarosa didn’t make too many friends on the show because she was extremely competitive and cutthroat, and by the end of the season she had been labeled as one of the season’s biggest villains. So for many, it was a shock that she dated and eventually got engaged to one of Hollywood’s sweetest actors, Michael Clarke Duncan. Duncan passed away from a heart attack in 2012, and Omarosa’s been at odds with his family ever since because they believe she forced him to sign away all of his assets to her while he was on his death-bed and not in his best state of mind. Omarosa has continuously denied the allegations, but Duncan’s family still seems to think she’s an evil gold digger. Omarosa’s former friend and “Celebrity Apprentice: All Stars” cast mate Claudia Jordan revealed recently on her Twitter account and the Wendy Williams Show that she agrees, and that probably led to the red carpet scuffle with Omarosa’s mom at the 2013 BET Awards.

    We told you in July that one of our readers told us exclusively that they saw Omarosa boo’d up with some new man at a club in Atlanta called Vanquish Lounge. Our reader wasn’t able to make out the man’s face but here’s what they told us:

    “Omarosa came to Vanquish and she was holding hands with some man. Everyone was shocked to see that she has moved on so soon after the passing of her fiancé. Someone even said loudly, ‘Are you serious?!’ because they just couldn’t believe it. They acted like they were dating. Wasn’t she just saying recently she’s still mourning and isn’t ready to date? It really didn’t look that way to us.”

    Looks like our reader was spot on. Omarosa’s camp confirmed to PEOPLE the other day that she is in fact dating WWE wrestler Titus O’Neil. The insider tells the publication that the couple met via a mutual friend at the WWE Superstars of Hope Party in Beverly Hills in August, and they are making their long distance relationship work thanks to video chatting.

    We’re going to have to trust that our reader was right when they told us these two were a couple before August, considering they were boo’d up at Vanquish Lounge back in July and acted as if couple status wasn’t new for them then. Nonetheless, congrats to the happy couple.


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