Friday, August 19, 2022

Chris Brown Has Probation Revoked; Faces Possible Jail Time (Watch)

chris brown in court

*Uh oh. Chris Brown‘s problems just got taken to the next level.

According to TMZ, earlier today, Brown had his probation in the Rihanna case revoked.

The report says it was because he on the scene at 2 separate nightclubs when people inside were shot, and officials are worried about more shootings and think Chris should serve time behind bars.

Chris showed up for a progress report Thursday, when the judge told him the probation report presented multiple problems. First, the report mentions the shooting last Sunday in San Jose when Chris was on stage. Five people were injured.

The judge also said the probation report expressed concern over another shooting at 1OAK during VMA weekend last August. Again, Chris was on stage and several people were shot, including Suge Knight.

And the judge said Chris left the county for San Jose without getting the court’s permission, which is a violation of his probation.

As for why the shootings are an issue, they were raised in the probation report. The judge noted so far there’s no evidence Chris was criminally involved, but the probation officer says, “There is also concern that when he performs or attends at some of his public events, people will get shot or seriously injured.”

The probation officer also notes Chris has been arrested twice while on probation — once for assault in DC and also for throwing a rock at his mom’s car in rehab. And the officer notes Chris was “making comments about knives and guns during a group [rehab] meeting.”

Everything is on hold as of now, but on March 20 the judge will make a ruling that will determine if Brown “willfully” violated probation. If so, he could find himself behind bars … again.

Watch it go down in court:



  1. Chris is looking like a little scared kid!

    So different from the SMART AZZ… he is on Twitter!

    His azz may need to be locked up.

    He does so much better after he is held against his will!

    I think he is very talented… I also think he is very TROUBLED!!!

    He is a non-respecter of women! 🙁

  2. Chris has had several GF since his incident with Rihanna years ago..and not one of his ex GF has anything to say negative,so what are you talking about? Chris has a terrible lawyer..who only goes after black celebs with money but yet can’t keep his clients out of jail for the simply things like this BS..a shooting at a Chris Brown concert..what does that have to do with Chris?..Nothing
    .and so he goes back to jail for that as an revoke of his probation? That’s BS…Chris fire your lawyer..he’s only with you for the money you’re paying him by the hour..

  3. Anywhere else in the world, and this would have to be considered a joke or misprint.
    Only in America, can a black man be charged for being an innocent bystander. The world is watching, and they are finally figuring out what it means to be black in Amerikkka, the country that ranks first in the world on the percentage of its citizens behind bars. A statistics based solely on the number of blacks it targets for incarceration.
    To consider that a probation officer would bring some BS like this to a judge to revoke someone’s probation, then for the judge to even consider it. Only in Amerikkka. Nowhere else.

    I’m thinking somebody may intervene. seeing how much of a black eye this will be for Amerikkka, right after Ferguson and the Garner homicide.

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