Friday, October 7, 2022

Nikon Taps Gay Black Dads from Viral Video for New Ad (Watch)

kaleb and kordale

*Kordale and Kaleb were a pair of gay dads quietly raising their three kids and going about their business when Kordale decided to take a photo of their morning routine for Instagram — and everything changed.

Now, the family is the focus of Nikon’s “I Am Generation Image” campaign, which features the family sharing their inspiring story through a new video.

Watch below:



  1. nothing inspiring about homosexuality; just sad for the children to be raised by people who are gender-confused – one more company on the boycott list …

  2. Nah, you got it wrong, bruh. They’re just gay. Ain’t my cup of tea, but they’re just being who they are. I see no confusion about them being men. And if they’re 10% of the population, they’re still a minority – given our current society,their kids knowing about LGBT is just keeping it real at this point.

  3. I respect all opinion … and they are confused, or they’d be with women or celibate if they can’t get it right … and it is sad that children are being forced into having to live that way – be as gay as you want to be, for we choose our own sinful path, but you don’t drag an innocent child into that kind of life, no child should ever be exposed to homosexuality – and who gives a damn about the lgbt crew, they’re all going to hell if they don’t get right … and they do not cover 10% of the population, though they want you to think the numbers are larger; and yes, I thank God they will forever be the minority because this fallen world is bad enough without them making so much unnecessary noise and wanting so much undeserved special dispensation – saying that while knowing it will only get worse until Jesus comes back …

  4. rj, I once read in a psychology text that the one in a crowd pointing, and disparaging homosexuals, is likely a homosexual. You give yourself away! And I’m sure God doesn’t perpetrate hate or bigotry. Unlike yourself, these little girls will always remember their dad’s as probably the best dads in the world. Only stooges like you might cast negativity into their perfect lives. And no doubt you are a republican, and on the wrong side of history! Queen!!! LOL!

    • call me every name in the book, but know that I am a real, God-fearing Christian who follows the King James Version of the Holy Bible – if you don’t know what God says in the Bible about homosexuality you need to read it; it’s in there several times … it’s an abomination, not just a sin … I feel fortunate that I have never, ever had a homosexual thought or urge or inclination in my entire life; if anything I wonder just what took place to cause a person to think that way and then to act upon it … sorry but homosexuality will never exist in my life, other than to speak out against it – I go from calling it sad to calling it disgusting back to calling it sad; either way it is unacceptable and for all those who are homosexual or condone it, time to stop ignoring the word of God; he can heal that and anything else, and whatever you do call me, don’t call me a homophobe, that marked me laugh – if anything I’m afraid for what will happen to all those who are gender-confused and committing homosexual acts if they don’t repent – there is redemption through Christ Jesus …

      • correction on the typo: don’t call me a homophobe, that makes me laugh

        beyond that, those poor little girls are not living perfect lives and you know it; they are being raised in the midst of confusion and without the true word of God and without a mother … Jesus … I pray for them and all others who are lost …

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