Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Mike Epps on ‘Top Five’: ‘Not One Good Comedian in the Whole Movie’

Mike Epps

*Clearly Mike Epps doesn’t see what the big deal is about Chris Rock’s latest film “Top Five.”

In an interview on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, the actor spoke about his multitude of projects – starring as Uncle Julius on the new Starz series “Survivor’s Remorse, appearing on “Being Mary Jane” and the upcoming Bessie Smith biopic “Bessie” for HBO. He’s also finally going to play Richard Pryor in the biopic helmed by Lee Daniels.

But it was his comment on the Rock film that made headlines.

“I haven’t seen it. I don’t know why they called it ‘Top Five” there wasn’t one good comedian in the whole movie,” he said. “I don’t know why they keep giving Chris Rock opportunities. He’s a great standup and a good Meerkat. When do these white people – they’re blind. They keep giving the wrong dude opportunities.”

On Twitter wars:

“Which war? I had a lot of them. I’m not on Twitter no more. Now, I’m working all the time. When you see me having a Twitter war, I wasn’t working that much.”

On “Survivor’s Remorse” and being on TV:

(Epps says it’s coming back in March) That was my first time really doing television. I guest starred on a television show. It’s work. I was saying I do film and it’s a different type of animal. TV is like a regular job. I haven’t worked since I have a summer job. I’ve been preparing to be Richard Pryor with the great Lee Daniels.

The Richard Pryor biopic:

“I start shooting in March. We’re going to be shooting in L.A. and New York. I’m really, really nervous, but it’s a good nervous. I gotta represent the King. It left me, but it came back. I think I was born to play the brother. Our lives have paralleled in so many ways. I think when you’re a real artist, a great artist, most of them had a problem at some point in their lives. I fight demons all the time. I just think alcohol and drug addiction are hereditary sometimes. We can’t fight it.

“The Richard Pryor will be just as big as Selma or any of the other black history movies. Richard Pryor had almost as strong an effect as Martin Luther King on Black people. He was talking about race. He was talking about cops jumping on Black people back in the day.”



  1. Mike Epps.. is a hatin azz miserable punk! First Kevin.. now Chris….For all that hes done he has the nerve to hate on his peers.. Typical sucka that cant handle fame. Its enough money for all the black comedians. DumbAZZ!! He might want to worry about that bastard baby he bought into the world!

  2. Hey, Mike! How dare you say such negative things about a movie you said you did not see? As for me, I LOVED “TOP 5” and will go see it again because it was so funny. ALL of the players were fantastic. Great acting! You should have seen it so you can learn some acting lessons. I don’t know why they cast you in the role of Richard Pryor because you don’t even come close to his personality. You are NOT funny! And if they really cast you in Richard’s movie, I doubt that I will spend my money to see it, because I think you are a horrible actor. So STOP HATING on the other comedians who really do make us laugh.

  3. Translation?…this hate’en, thirsty, JELly ass NO ACTING nig, ….”didn’t get a “call back”, & now?, is goin in ‘on those ….who diiiiiiiid. This right hurr?, is a suPREME sambo!!!! Hate’en ‘on every successful Black man AND woman, and all b/c….”his” ass ain’t in the loop. And with his bytchass “nigga”tivity”, is STILL too fkn STUpid to realize…”why”! This being just aNOTHER example of why his ass ain’t got NO business!!!!, portraying “Richard Pryor”!!!!, a man who would’ve & NEVer….shytted ‘on his own, just to get a ….”seat at the table”. MuthaFK a M. Epps!!!

  4. It’s time out for Mike Epps, and all of his negative comments. In the pass year it’s always negative. Be happy for your brothers and sisters, who are working. And stop! Cutting off your blessings by hating on other people. You get what you put out.


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