Wednesday, December 1, 2021

2 Chainz Vs. Nancy Grace: The Great Weed Debate (Watch)


*2 Chainz, no stranger to weed, wants the substance legalized in all 50 states. Nancy Grace wants to keep it illegal, so producers of her HLN show convinced the rapper to take part in a televised debate on marijuana.

The rapper, wearing a sweater and glasses, expressed his points with a calm demeanor while Grace was…well, Nancy Grace…self righteous, cutting her guest off mid-sentence.

2 Chainz (real name Tauheed Epps) argued that legalizing weed across all states could reduce the overcrowding of prisons, and help smokers from blighting their lives with criminal records.

“We’re in a deficit. We’ve got to find ways of getting out,” he explained. “If we got half of the states legalizing pot, if the rest of the community legalizes pot that frees up taxpayers money, that’ll allow us to do something with this extra with these funds from fixing potholes in the street to building stadiums. I’m down with it.”

Grace insinuated that, should everyone have access to the drug, little kids across the country would soon be lighting up. By way of evidence, her team played multiple clips of parents pushing pot on their youngsters. “Anybody that loves their kid definitely knows not to put them in harm’s way…I don’t agree with that at all. (The mother) might have mental issues. It may be something deeper than a joint,” 2 Chainz responded to one eye-opening video.

2 Chainz also discussed his bust and brief incarceration in 2013, which ultimately meant he missed playing Live Nation’s inaugural Movement festival in Sydney. The promoters cancelled the show just weeks out, blaming his no-show among the reasons. The hip hop artist was later acquitted of drug charges.

And why is he down with pot? “It helps with anxiety. It helps with being someone who has shows in front of 50-60000 people, who has to do meet and greets and be friendly and cordial to thousands of fans, it helps with relaxation, it helps with appetite. It helps with nausea, when you’re on a flight from here to Africa…it helps with rest, with sleep.”

Afterward, 2 Chainz embraced the weed debate and looked forward to another one with a certain Fox News host.



  1. Wow , some of my family membes are pot head and no I don’t like it, I don’t see were it does them any good. Its not good at all for them so I don’t agree with 2 chainz. Sorry all I see is these young boys smokeing looking crazy don’t no if they are comeing or going. Sad


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