Sunday, August 1, 2021

Tupac Day Instead of MLK Day? Search for New Black Hero

mlk & tupac
MLK Jr. & Tupac

*Although, many  African Americans are looking forward to the upcoming Martin Luther King Holiday, a NC minister is launching a search for “The New African American Hero.”

Minister Paul Scott, founder of the Durham NC based , Messianic Afrikan Nation says that  based on the recent rebellions across the country following the police murders of Eric Garner and Michael Brown that King’s model of  “racial harmony”  and “nonviolence” is no longer embraced by black youth and perhaps it is time to pick another Black hero to whom to dedicate a holiday.

“Black people never picked Martin Luther King to be our eternal leader, white folk did that,” says Scott. “It’s time for us to pick our own heroes.”

Scott is asking African Americans to post their  nominations on  Twitter, Youtube  and Facebook posts under the hash-tag #newblackhero and on Monday January 19 (MLK Day) , he is asking that the black community name a new  black role model for the youth.

“For the younger Hip Hop generation  Tupac  Shakur is more of a martyr than Martin King , says Scott. “In 2015, a slain rapper is more relevant than a slain reverend.”

truth minista paul scott
TRUTH Minista Paul Scott

Paul Scott is a minster, activist and Hip Hop writer. He has appeared on Fox News, MSNBC and  talk shows across the country discussing race, rap and religion. He is also  a contributing author to the anthology, “Hip Hop and the Black Church: Towards Bridging a Generational Gap.”  Scott can be reached  at (919) 972-8305 [email protected] . Follow on Twitter @truthminista



  1. I could literally feel myself getting dumber while reading this bullshit… How about we ensure today’s youth understand their history, so they will know why MLK is a hero, and understand why the continual degradation of morals and common sense in the black community is only going to ensure that history repeats itself… Stop throwing away the freedoms and opportunities that soo many fought and died for, by not caring about them until they are taken away… Look what “Thug Life” got 2PAC, jail and a bunch of bullets…

  2. Sorry but u missed the mark on this one, While I’ll say 2pac interviews are better than his music, an young people do like 2 pac BUT they like him for the wrong reasons, most have never heard his interviews they just view him as a gangsta rapper, but he wasnt that, he was better than that, but 2 pac does not compare to MLK, 2 pac was young an died from being involved in ignorance an his self control was nowhere near MLK.

    I do believe we should stop letting white people get away, with using MLK against us, our REAL heroes would never get a national holiday, u see white folk never say anything good about Malcom X, they practically ignore Malcolm X. MLK is the safe Negro, but 2 pac hell no he was just a kid, I don’t care how revolutionary he is I will not celebrate a kid who was a slave to sex an drugs he had many contradictions as we all do, I appreciate 2 pac for the knowledge he did leave in his interviews.

    Why not Malcom X? Why don’t we start listening to Farrakhan while hes still alive, Why dont we heed Umar Johnson, Why don’t we heed Claude Anderson? Why dont we celebrate Our Master Teachers like Clarke an Dr. Ben. There are many great black men since an before MLK, I know u meant this for the youth, but even if they did choose 2pac, if they dont know their history an in the procs gain knowledge of self they are doomed anyway.

  3. Tupac is one of the greatest people in history,i as a white european will tell you that,and i will be travelling to the us to withniss the historic day should it ever come,its funny how americans sometimes fail to see truly how great and loved he was around the world,the only real rapper to ever live,he is more then a normal man he was enlightened as you can see from his interviews, he also was good and evil in him,everybody can relate to that,for me he is the greatest american in history


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