Saturday, August 13, 2022

Report: ‘R&B Divas Atlanta’ Cancelled by TV One

r&b divas
The original ‘R&B Divas Atlanta’ cast: Monifah Carter Nicci Gilbert,Faith Evans, Syleena Johnson and Keke Wyatt

*Well, it’s a wrap for “R&B Divas Atlanta.”

At least that’s what Jawn Murray’s AlwaysAlist is reporting. Murray says that on Tuesday afternoon (01-13-15), several members of the cast were notified that the show was officially cancelled. The story also noted that last week, at the Television Critics Association in Los Angeles, TV One’s new President, Brad Siegel, did not present “R&B Divas Atlanta” as one of the returning series.

The situation is also kinda messy because of litigation surrounding the “R&B Divas” franchise. Nicci Gilbert, former executive and creator of the show filed a lawsuit about the spin-off “Hollywood Divas.” We’ve also learned that there could also be additional litigation from the existing executive producers, who were initially told that “Hollywood Divas” was not a spin-off of “R&B Divas,” but then the network released a press announcement calling it a spin-off.

“R&B Divas Atlanta” came to be in 2012. The original cast members were Faith Evans, Nicci Gilbert, Syleena Johnson, Keke Wyatt and Monifah Carter. Angie Stone joined the cast in season two and appeared for two seasons. Additionally, Xscape member LaTocha Scott, original Destiny’s Child member LaTavia Roberson and former 702 lead singer Meelah Williams each appeared for one season.

AlwaysAList says it reached out to TV One, but the network would not confirm the cancellation. However, a spokesperson did reply with this message via email:

“Both ‘R&B Divas’’ series are important to TV One and at this time, the network has made no definitive decision as to the future of ‘R&B Divas Atlant.,’”



  1. The show is possibly cancelled??? Well Goodbye!!! I seen thsi show only once and that was enough for me. PS. TV One and VH! and BET and Oxygen etc needs to cancel all of the other silly ratchet reality shows also.

  2. It’s about time. They behave like low class, ghetto women. It’s shameful, and disgusting. Who cares that the show is cancelled, I for one am ecstatic. As for Nicci’s personality, she came across as vile and evil. It doesn’t surprise me that she would initiate a lawsuit. Good riddance …

  3. I don’t understand how people of our race is always trying to bring something down. Many people go through the same thing they go through the only difference is that its on tv. Just because they are black does not mean that it reflects our whole race because the last time I checked we are all different. If you want to stand for your community, take a stand with the families of Travon Martin or Mike Brown, not how someone is acting on tv. We are officially the crabs in the bucket.

    • I’ve never seen anyone go through day, after day, after day of the kind of drama portrayed on these fake unreality shows. If you really think that these people actually live the lives they act out on tv, I’ve got a beautiful babbling brook deep in the Sahara I want to sell you. Black people don’t bring these clowns down, they do the job quite nicely themselves. Not supporting this particular brand of coonery is the one thing the black population does that shows how much we care about the way the world views us.

  4. This was really a good show.Its all for entertainment.If it does not entettain you for whatever reason ,turn the chanel.its really just that simple.people get they selves all worked up over dumb sure if some normal people really looked at they own lives ,they would see they do alot of shit we would call rachet,unbelieveable,ect …ect…

  5. Sorry I misspelled entertainment all the ladies can sing they asses off if yall ever come to Dallas im buying tickets luv yall sean mcintosh

  6. How can this show be canceled, I love the show! It was a lot of positive moments that occurred. This show was the first. How can you cancel the first show.

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