Saturday, August 13, 2022

Golden Globes Snub DuVernay, Oyelowo and ‘Selma’

oyelowo & duvernay
David Oyelowo & Ava DuVernay

*Earlier we reported that on Friday the Golden Globes website had inadvertently reported that “Selma” and “Into the Woods” were the winners of the Best Motion Picture, Drama and Best Motion Picture, Musical Or Comedy, respectively. At the time we noted that it was just a simple mistake, but we were hoping that as far as “Selma” was concerned, it would be turn out to be a good omen.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case … for either film. In fact, Ava DuVernay‘s “Selma” which received 5 nominations, was all but snubbed except for winning the Original Song category for John Legend and Common’s “Glory.”

The film, which focuses on Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic march from Selma to Montgomery in 1965, lost in all three of the major categories for which it was nominated, including Best Motion Picture, Drama, which went to “Boyhood.”

David Oyelowo, who portrayed Dr. King in the film and was nominated for Best Actor, Drama … was beaten out by Eddie Redmayne for “The Theory of Everything.” DuVernay’s nom for Best Director was overlooked in favor of “Boyhood” helmer Richard Linklater.

The Hollywood Reporter pointed out that some claim the film’s prospects for future awards may have been hurt by questions about its historical accuracy. A Lyndon B. Johnson scholar criticized its portrayal of the former president, while a history professor called it out for misrepresenting a number of facts.

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  1. This questioning of the historical inaccuracies burns me up! I think of Schindler’s List and all of their stolen history movies that go on to accept awards – none of this crap comes up. This was a damned good movie on all fronts, Acting, Cinematography, Direction, Storyline, Music – the perfect storm of brilliance. LBJ wasn’t the focus. Hell, Im sure folks could argue that MLK wasn’t 100% accurate. This is Hollywood. Why is it black excellence must be triple filtered for white acceptance. I feel like this is the same isht that happened to Annie Lee Cooper in the movie. She got everything together and then they change the damn rules.

  2. Why are people getting so bent out of shape about Selma not receiving a GG? Everyone has a different opinion about what constitutes a good enough movie to get a nod. It’s just that the people who’s opinion matters the most are the ones that decide who gets nominated, with the possible exception of the People’s Choice Awards. Save that energy and passion for something that matters more than a Hollywierd portrayal of an event that probably no one, except the people who were actually there, could give a 100% accurate account of. It’s entertainment, not a section of a proposed history school book. Priorities, people, priorities.

    • Have you even seen the movie? Are you White? If the answers to my questions are: No and Yes, then your response makes absolute sense. HOLLYWHITE is historical in one thing…….no movie that has black actors will EVER be good enough. This movie needs no endorsement from the Golden Globe……it’s better than anything that HOLLYWHITE could put out historically or otherwise.

  3. This is THE reason why We as Black people, have to stop looking at ourselves, through “OTHER’s” eyes. B/c “they”?….will NEVer see, acknowledge or RESPECT Us!!! And the only reason a Black film IS “acknowledged?, is usually when some “connected to big wigs in H-town “White” man, is the director or producer. This reminds me of how they did the saaaaame daaaaamn shyt to “Eve’s Bayou” which ALSO just happened to be directed by?….a “Black” woman. “Coinkeedink”??, yeeeeeah “ok”! And even though MLK STOOD & FOUGHT FOR “ALL”!!!!!!!?, they STILL won’t give his life the respect & status it damn well deserves!!! Without HIS balls to “MAKE”!!!!! America change??, it prolly wouldn’t even “still be”! Sigh/SMDH! But again…we gotta start “VALUING OURSELVES” MORE”!!!, & NOT GAD about “their” assessment OF Us….waaaaay less!!!! TITMFB!!

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