Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Bobby V Points Out How Popular Music Shifted Away from R&B

Bobby V

*Many of popular music genres (hip hop, dance pop) include R&B elements, but R&B isn’t as popular as it used to be.

We’ll leave it to Bobby V to point out what happened to R&B since the 90s.

“R&B is in a weird place. Me being a real singer and playing piano and stuff like that and trying to be one of the forerunners [who are] bringing R&B back; and seeing the business and game where it is now … I’m not giving up on it —but I’m just sitting back a little bit and reevaluating things. I’m seeing where urban music is going,” he said.

He further pointed out urban music is more about hip hop now than R&B. Remember in the 1990s, when both genres were arguably as popular?

“I don’t really think it is R&B. R&B is more of a black market, kind of. It’s [gone] all the way hip-hop. The rappers are singing,” he added. “So if rap is more popular than R&B and rappers are singing, then it kind of leaves us out the door — those that really do real R&B.”

Bobby V added urban music’s themes are all about sex: side chicks, main chicks, cutting of chicks and degrading women all around.

“Of course, you can make an R&B song degrading women and saying some negative things and that may work,” he continued. “Because it seems like those are the R&B songs that are working now, which is a little sad to me. But I’m not that kind of guy.”

90s-styled R&B was a defining moment in Bobby V’s development and for the genre of contemporary R&B.

“[’90s] are the years when I was really interested in R&B. The 90s are when I learned a lot … about R&B,” he said. “I saw it change a lot between 2009 and 2010; it started to change. That’s when the AutoTune got really big which made everybody able to sing. That’s when R&B changed.”

Well, here’s to the “Slow Down” singer joining a resurgence of R&B.



  1. RnB is not dead. It’s just gone underground and is being ignored by radio. We still have artists like Angela Johnson, Eric Roberson, Rahsaan Patterson, Andy Allo, April Hill, Chaz Shephard, Julie Dexter, Mike Hicks, Trizonna McClendon…do I need to go on? These people are doing REAL RnB, but they unfortunately don’t get mainstream coverage.

    • R&B “IS DEAD” !!! Don’t nobody under 35 want to hear all that church type wailing
      in R&B songs anymore! That “OLD SCHOOL CRAP IS BORING”!!!

      We been hearing the same love songs from them old crooners for TOO LONG!!!

      You got artists like “TANK” crying BOO HOO TEARS cause aint nobody buying his crap,
      but your music AINT BANGING PAL !! We dont wanna hear that TANK shit!’

      Go on tour and sing for the grandma and grandpa crowd and leave radio to the youth !
      You old crooners HAD YOUR DAY now go RETIRE and sing to your old friends!

    • Rock hard Compton is RIGHT!!

      We young people dont want to hear all your church singing in every song!

      We dont wanna hear how much you love your girl! She probably cheatin on your old ass anyway!

      You had the old crooners around for 50 years!! GO SIT DOWN NOW AND DO OLDIE SHOWS!

      And WHO are those TIRED ASS SINGIN ACTS that dude was talking about?

      They aint nothing but OLD FAT CHURCH WOMEN and GAY CHURCH MEN and WANNA BE

      WE ARE TIRED OF IT !!! Cant you tell yet ? WE AINT BUYIN THE SHIT!!

  2. That dude who sent in the comment named FUNK SOLO sounds like a 50-60 year old R&B head who is cryin because he cant hear his old school style R&B music on the mainstream radio shows when he turns on the radio. WELL TAKE YO ASS TO THE INTERNET U FOOL!
    YOU CAN HEAR ALL THE R&B crooners u want all day!

    We as YOUNG PEOPLE and me as a 23 year old girl… WE DON’T WANT TO HEAR R&B on our stations! We wanna TURN UP AND HAVE FUN!!! We don’t want to hear some fat old crooner talk about how he loves his girl! WHO CARES!

    If me and MY FRIENDS had OUR WAY… WE WOULD BAN THAT R&B SHIT FROM THE MAINSTREAM! Get outta here with that croonin shit!

    The only chance an R&B artist got to get on is to do a hook on a Rappers song!

    get real cause times have changed and old school R&B is dead.

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